30 Day Wrestling Challenge: Day Seventeen = Favourite Finisher

Yes I know I did a blog of Randy Orton clips yesterday, but my word I don’t think in the modern era I’ve seen a finishing move captivate an audience like the RKO. When Steve Austin used to hit the Stunner, people would go wild. Whatever Austin was doing storyline wise, heel or face, world champion or returning legend, when they saw Austin they wanted the beer bash, and they wanted Stunners… every time the stunner was hit the people would cheer. And everyone sold it a different way… some went Ott (like Scott Hall Mania 18), some went great like The Rock, and then some sold it like Vince McMahon… for me the RKO is the modern day Stone Cold Stunner. Whenever Randy is our that’s all the people want, and given the nature of the move we have seen some pretty incredible sequences and executions of the move… so sit back, and enjoy some more Randy Orton clips, this time a collection of the most unbelievable RKO’s of all time!!!

Lets start off with a historic one… an RKO I don’t think anyone ever predicted we’d see…

This is from a childhood mania of mine so I recall this well… the final one is the focus here…

Not one many will remember, but a really unique set up…

A simple but effective sequence here that they’ve done a couple times since, but this was the first time I saw it…

One of more famous RKO’s because it was really the first time it came ‘outta knowhere’

Another famous RKO sequence that these two have repeated years on as well

Orton and Ali just had great chemistry and between them I could’ve chosen one of many… but I’ve gone with this one…

Just… a madness…

You talk about great RKO’s and people either go this one…

Or this one which for me is the most incredible RKO I’ve ever seen. And one of the craziest moves I’ve ever seen too. The story is they tried this all day in practice and couldn’t get it, and finally when it came to it they actually got it spot on, hence Randy’s over excited celebrating afterwards.


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