30 Day Wrestling Challenge: Day Eighteen = One You Love To Hate

This may be an unpopular one today with most, and I can see why, but for me that’s the whole point. Since he first came in to WWE Baron Corbin has been liked and been pushed. When he was the absolute prick, non-caring, arrogant fucker in NXT, and then when he came up, and immediately won the Andre Battle Royal at Mania 32. Then after the brand split he was on the verge of having that rocket ship strapped to him, he won the money in the bank contract, and a future as WWE Champion looked almost certain… but then… something happened, and as goes in wrestling ‘plans changed’… There’s been a lot of speculation about what led to this (was it some outspoken comments or just general tone online, was it attitude backstage, did people just not like him…), but very quickly he lost his cash-in in ludicrous circumstance that made him look like an idiot, and then he was essentially squashed and buried in the opener of Summerslam 2017 by John Cena. By the time the next brand draft came about, it was widely reported that Vince McMahon had two people on the respective brands he had taken a shine to; for Raw it would be Baron Corbin, and on SmackDown it would be Big Cass… now, one of those got fired, one of those ended up as the acting GM of Raw… so you see how that worked out… The hatred on Corbin from many sections of WWE fans really ramped up when he went over to Raw, shaved his hair and started wearing waistcoats and shirts… now whilst I wouldn’t have him as a main eventer, I don’t mind Corbin as an act… Yeah people hate him, but he’s a heel. he wants and is supposed to be hated. And all the people who say ‘oh its not the right heat, it’s go away because we think you’re boring heat’ you’re just feeding the machine! He’s got you then! So in this blog I’m going to look back at Bald Baron Corbin’s run so far, and explain what I think of some bits and try and explain and justify why he’s someone we and I all love to hate. And why he’s very good at his job.

So Baron Corbin appeared on Raw with his newly shaven head on the June 11th 2018 episode… now known as ‘Constable’ Corbin he had been given a new moniker by Stephanie McMahon to ‘over-see’ Raw alongside Angle… naturally a long running power battle would ensue, but Corbin would still be an active in-ring competitor in that early run as the Constable. And among the babyfaces of Raw that Corbin wanted to play party-pooper too was Finn Balor… eventually this would lead to that years Extreme Rules (which Balor won) and then another match at SummerSlam… A match and build that didn’t exactly set the world alight… And I for one wasn’t buzzing for it…

This here is me. Just prior to Baron Corbin’s entrance. It was very late and I was tired, and wanted to be fully awake for the matches involving Ronda Rousey, and the main event between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns that was to come… so I picked my moment…

That nap didn’t even get started. As a minute or so later… this happened…

So what followed was essentially a squash won for the Demon. But Corbin so far had been a hated heel who would offer the babyfaces a villain to beat up. But having lost again Corbin needed something… and what would follow would begin one of the most hated runs any character has had for some time. The following night on Raw this happened…

Constable Baron Corbin was now in charge of Raw. God help us all. So… how did it go? I’m sure you all recall, but in short: He was in the most segments every week, cutting long and drawn out promos and being a general asshole heel authority figure… In October of 2018 he took a major dislike to Braun Strowman (who had just turned back babyface upon Roman Reings becoming ill). So come the match to determine a new Universal Champion, Raw’s authority figure was in the ring holding the championship for everyone to see… and then he hit Strowman with it and pretty much set Lesnar up to win the match. Then off the back of this he had a feud with Braun that spanned almost the next month and half and culminated in a TLC match was was stupidly over-booked and had Braun have a string of babyfaces help him beat Corbin in a match that if he had won, he would be made the permanent Raw GM. The next night the McMahons came out and took over running both shows, and there was even hints at Corbin being to blame for Raw sucking and ratings going down. And that was the end of Constable Corbin.

Yeah. It sucked.

Anyway… The feud between Corbin and Braun went on… and on… and on… until finally Strowman defeated Corbin in a tables match… So… just for the record… that’s another babyface Corbin has put over and been willingly beat up time and time again by to get people to cheer them and hate him… just for the record… So from there we went into a feud which people really turned on Corbin… because they just didn’t want him to be him… but it tied into a story that Corbin had gone through pretty much since this run for him began…

EVERYONE wanted Kurt Angle’s final match to be against John Cena. But the farewell tour for the hall of famer was indeed ended at WrestleMania 35, against Corbin, it what is arguably the biggest win of his career. And yes Cena vs Corbin would have been nice… but EVERYONE knows the right thing for the business for a retiring legend to put ‘someone over’ on there way out. Say Angle lost to Cena? Is that REALLY going to dramatically change WWE? No. Is Cena going to be able to use that win to further his WWE career after this? No because he’s not going to be around and he isn’t going to use it (being a babyface and all) to get heat. But Baron Corbin is going to be there. And he is going to use it to get heat. For me, unpopular to some, but Corbin was the perfect guy to retire Kurt. We all hate Corbin. We all love Kurt Angle. And that’s why it was so perfect.


Baron Corbin defeated Kurt Angle in Kurt Angle’s farewell match

JBL did guest commentary. Yes the match happened. No interference, no funny business. Corbin pinned him clean and then Kurt took in the applause one last time. Crowd was deathly silent when ref counted the 3. Corbin got the win with the End of Days after Angle missed a moonsault. It was what you’d think. Kurt thanked the fans and asked for a “You suck” chants one last time. I think they might put Corbin against Rollins. This was not a fun watch aside from being able to pay tribute to Kurt before and after. In one of the more poetic moments of the show there was a sign in the crowd you could see when Kurt told people to do the You Suck chants. The sign read “you never sucked Kurt”. He was correct, Kurt Angle has never and will never suck.


After WrestleMania 35 Corbin’s attention quickly went towards the Universal Championship and it’s new holder Seth Rollins. New babyface champion, we need to make him look good and face a bad guy that people don’t like, whilst the main bad guy (Lesnar) isn’t directly involved.. enter Corbin… On the May 27th 2019 Raw he won a four way match to earn a shot at Rollins’ title… only for him to lose at Super ShowDown when an argument with the ref allowed Rollins to win via roll up. The rematch at Stomping Grounds saw Corbin this time be allowed to choose the referee himself… and this time Corbin went personal…

Of course WWE couldn’t resist mentioning and using it in a big storyline that their top two babyface stars were dating… so from here they took Lacey (who people hated) and Corbin (the same) and put them against their loved babyface champion couple. And for Extreme Rules they set up a double title match where Lynch’s and Rollins’ titles would be on the line… and this was a match that was a tad better than expected (to me at least), and also the finish was brought on by possible the best moment (or at least coolest) of Baron Corbin’s WWE career so far…

With Lesnar now back on the scene as champion, Corbin’s attentions went elsewhere, and after being kept off tv for well over a month (some speculated it was because he’d been over-pushed… not WWE, they’d never do that to someone)… He returned to take part in the King of the Ring tournament, and, he won. And so KING Corbin was born. And well… he had that feud with Roman Reigns that went on for what felt like one billion years… but once again at the end Corbin lost to the babyface, and took the L and gained heat and sympathy for the babyface. Even at WrestleMania recently he took the L to Elias the babyface… Baron Corbin is hated by some sure. But for me you need guys like him, you need people to boo to get people to cheer the good guys instead… we need people like King Corbin in WWE. And I for one think he’s pretty good at his job. You hate him. and he loves it.






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