After much deliberation and after taking a number of things into account (having a full-time job, other things going on and my own sanity), I have made the decision to officially make NobodyisReady.com a blog solely about… NXT!!!

NXT is my favourite brand in the whole of professional wrestling. So why would I not want to talk all about it right? So from this point on I’m firmly pinning my colours to the Black and Gold mast at Full Sail University and will be covering Triple H’s beautiful brainchild going forward. Format wise I’m going to aim to write about each week of NXT TV and anything else that goes on related to the brand in between. As well as that I’ll also do previews and reviews of all the NXT Takeover shows as well as every now and then doing the odd retro NXT Takeover review as well as NXT-related compilation lists, and a monthly blog where I choose people to be a part of a very special class… so stay tuned for that! But if anyone has any requests on old Takeover shows, NXT alumni past or present or any form of compilation list about NXT they wish for me to put together and blog about then feel free to get in touch with me either on twitter @jkheadey or via email at jkheadey@outlook.com.

I can’t wait to see and am excited about what is… NeXT!!!