Basically those of you who I often send long and often never ending messages about Pro Wrestling to will be pleased to know I’ve decided to create an outlet for my thoughts rather than bore you with my ideas and opinions on the wonderful world of pro wrestling.

The posts will all be something about pro wrestling, be that a review of a recent event, match, the week that has past or even a random opinion piece on something current or historical.

I’m hoping this will be quite a natural thing in terms of what I actually write about. For those wrestling fans who know me you’ll know I am a fan of not just WWE but New Japan, ROH and I’m aware of the main goings on in TNA/Impact/GFW (or whatever the hell it’s called these days) as well as the various UK and US independent wrestling promotions and events. So if  I write about something or someone you have absolutely no clue who they are then my apologies. If that is the case, nothing would please me more than if I inspire you to go and look into whatever you’ve read me bleat on about enough for you to seek out more of them.

Also please note whatever I write is solely my opinion, you may not agree but I’m happy to take on board any feedback and am always pleased to talk about and debate the crazy goings on in this mental world we all know and love that is professional wrestling.