I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling for the majority of my life. In February 2018 I began to channel my passion into regular blogs. I began writing reviews of WWE shows, as well as list-type posts on various topical subjects. I have also blogged about AEW briefly before moving to just covering NXT weekly shows and TakeOvers. When NXT moved to the USA network in America it was no longer possible for me to definitely watch the shows in enough quality and soon enough after it is broadcast for it to be worth me reviewing them. So after that I considered my options with regards to the long term structure of my blogs and what I write about… and since then I’ve done a variety of different posts such as retro PPV reviews, current WWE PPV shows and other blogs which cover a variety of Wrestling topics.

One thing for sure though is that as things stand right now, professional wrestling is in an ever-changing and unique place, as is the rest of the world also. I have written around 260 blog posts now, and I’ll be writing about a variety of different wrestling-related topics going forward so keep an eye out for any new posts and feel free to offer any suggestions on what you’d like to read about next. I change my mind all the time about what I’ll blog about next, or when I’ll do it… so keep your eyes peeled. And do what you can in the meantime to support and enjoy the wacky and wonderful world of Professional Wrestling. I may from time to time also do blogs on all sorts of non-wrestling related topics… so stay tuned….