So as of 9th May 2019 this blog will no longer be covering WWE. If you want to know the ins and outs of my logic behind that decision then please check out my 100th blog post entitled: Dear WWE, I quit. But now lets talk about the future…

So from now on I’ll be covering… well right now I’m not too sure outside of it will be some form of professional wrestling and not the WWE. Wrestling outside of the E is probably stronger than ever so I see this as a perfect time to write about some of it. I’ll do my best to cover the biggest events in the business outside of the E but aside from that maybe I’ll try and introduce some great stars and promotions to a wider audience. A negative of the blog’s previous form for me was it had a stringent structure whereas now I can blog about this event there and that event over there. So stay tuned and please give me any feedback you feel would be beneficial. And if there’s a promotion, a show or a particular professional wrestler/s you’d like to know more about let me know.

I intend on NobodyisReady.com being a free and open blog where I can honestly talk about professional wrestling and (hopefully) how great it is. And if I can make one person watch a show or a match or google a professional wrestler they hadn’t previously really looked into then my job is done.