Royal Rumble 2020 – Review

OK so firstly, yes I’m a day late with this, but I had very little sleep after watching this show live. So by the time it came to do a write up about it, I was way too tired to do so! Instead you’ve got a PPV review on a Tuesday. But for anyone who didn’t see this incredible event, it was well worth the wait to read all about it, TRUST ME! Secondly, It’s very easy when you write about (and watch a lot of) professional wrestling like I do to overstate and exaggerate how good or bad something is. But in this case… FUCK, THAT! If you didn’t love the 2020 Royal Rumble, and didn’t come out of that show as a fan feeling happy, fulfilled and excited by what you had seen, then you really need to find something else to be a fan of. This may not have been the best PPV of all time, but in time it could well be remembered as one of… but for now, in recent memory at times at least, it was certainly one of the coolest. And for every Seth vs Fiend @HIAC, we have the 2020 Men’s Rumble match. For as long as I live I will never ever forget the 2020 Royal Rumble PPV. So let me shut up and get cracking talking about it. Enjoy!


Sheamus defeated Shorty G

This was exactly the sort of match you’d expect these two to have. It was the epitome of a pre show match, it felt at the time it went way too long but in fact it went about 12 minutes. And that, feeling like a match was longer than it really was, is not a good sign. Sheamus looked just like Sheamus in what was his first match since WrestleMania, so that was good at least. Sheamus eventually won with a Brogue Kick. Yawn.


Andrade (C) with Zelina Vega defeated Humberto Carrillo to retain the United States Championship

It appears Tom Phillips and Jerry Lawler will be calling the Raw branded action for the show. This was a really fun match, but they didn’t go as full-on as you’d expect and think these two could go, but what they did was great in-ring. Andrade got what appeared a sneak win with a form of roll up.



We were gifted with a quite brilliant video package previewing the Royal Rumble, narrated by none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. If the goal of this was to hype us up for the show, mission accomplished.

Roman Reigns defeated King Corbin in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

They went all over the place, as you’d expect, which was fine for people watching on TV but for those in the arena I’m not sure they had too much fun trying to see what was going on in this match. The tag teams that had helped both guys in recent weeks both made appearances during the match, so at times it was as much a 6 man tag (and even a straight tag match at times) as a singles match. KING Corbin had a big grandeur entrance with his own thrown and everything, so Roman had seen enough of this and went to take the fight to him outside the ring. There were so many spots in this match so I’ll just list those best I can:  Corbin hit a Deep Six (which continues to be the most underutilized move in the WWE) for a nearfall, Corbin chokeslammed Roman through an announce table for another two count, They went deep through the crowd and Roman hit two Samoan Drops through some conveniently placed tables for a nearfall of his own, Ziggler and Roode came out and tried to handcuff Reigns to some railings before The Usos made the save (this was when Corbin and Reigns, the two guys IN THE MATCH, seemed to disappear for a few minutes and let the tag teams fight), Jey Uso was being double teamed until Jimmy Uso came flying off a big scaffolding-type structure onto everyone in what was a pretty cool looking spot in fairness, Corbin reemerged to attack Jimmy Uso, then Roman came back out and hit two Superman Punches, then Roman put Corbin into a PORTAPOTTY (Portaloo for us Britsh people) because of course there was a portapotty and he then tipped it over… and for the finish they were on top of the dug out (they were in a baseball stadium) Reigns gave Corbin a Superman Punch after Corbin was stood over him gloating, and then a Spear for the win. The crowd loved this in fairness. This went over 20 minutes and as there was always a chance this would be, it was a tad-overbooked but it wasn’t bad so to speak… it was, fine.


Backstage we had Kevin Owens talking with Samoa Joe. Owens reminded him he had a good history in Houston (Owens has won the IC and Universal titles in the city in the past), and said he would throw Seth Rollins over the top rope and win the Royal Rumble here too. Joe came back by saying that he (as was stated on Raw) would go through Owens to win the Rumble for himself if he had to.

Elsewhere, Sonya Deville (with Mandy Rose by her side) was spoken to by Kayla Braxton. She said she and Mandy Rose were not like Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. And Sonya even said she would eliminate HERSELF if it came down to her and Rose as the final two. Deville then left as the camera panned to Mandy.

It looks like they may be going back to some form of Romance/infatuation angle here… interesting.

Both of these segments were really good.

Michael Cole talked about the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. They then showed a graphic for Kobe.

Charlotte Flair won the Women’s Royal Rumble Match

This was a fun rumble with lots of NXT surprises. Bianca Belair got the elimination record, then so did Shayna Baszler later on from the number 30 spot. Beth Phoenix came in as a surprise, and despite being busted open bad to the back of the head, looked great. Charlotte won by last eliminating Baszler. Alexa Bliss was number 1, and NXT’s Bianca Belair was number 2. Number 3 was MIGHTY Molly (whom got a good pop coming out, but was not good in-ring wise really, she was banged up after I’m not sure when but she did little and what she did was not good here), Nikki Cross was number 4. Lana was number 5, and to the joy of nobody watching I’m sure was carrying a Mic. She cut a heel promo on her way to the ring. Recent new WWE NXT signee Mercedes Martinez was number 6, and of course with Lana in the ring already it was Liv Morgan at 7. Liv almost immediately eliminated Lana, and not long after Lana pulled Liv down from off the top rope to eliminate her and the two brawled on the outside. Number 8 was Mandy Rose. Candice LeRae (whom was VERY popular with me and the people I was watching with) was number 9. Bianca eliminated Molly. And then in a FANTASTIC spot that got a massive pop from the crowd in the arena and the people where I was, Alexa Bliss looked to have eliminated Mandy Rose, but Rose fell to the outside and landed… ON OTIS! This giant man appeared to be perfectly placed laying on the floor for his precious Mandy to fall onto him and stop her from being eliminated. Otis then carefully lifted Mandy back into the ring. An AWESOME spot. Conveniently Sonya Deville was number 10. Fire and Desire teamed up to eliminate Mercedes Martinez. Kairi Sane and her spinning Umbrella were number 11. Mia Yim was number 12. Kairi hit a great Insane Elbow to Candice LeRae. In another good spot Bianca Belair utilized her strength to lift up Alexa Bliss and use her as  a battering ram to inadvertently knock her tag team partner Nikki Cross off the apron to the floor and Cross was gone. Then with Mandy nearing elimination her tag partner Sonya Deville almost sent her out by accident… only for Mandy to fall into the arms once again of Otis (who had stayed outside of the ring ever since his first save of Rose). Bianca Belair then threw Sonya into both Mandy and Otis and this led to them all falling down and both Mandy and Sonya were out. Number 13 was Dana Brooke, as Belair eliminated her fellow NXT superstar Candice LeRae with a press slam over the ropes. Alexa Bliss then hit Kairi as Sane was on the top rope and now she was gone. Tamina was 14 and (thank GOD) was out again almost as quick as Belair eliminated her. At the half way stage the only women in were the 1&2 entrants and the number 15 Dakota Kai after Mia Yim was eliminated by Alexa Bliss. Number 16 was NXT’s Chelsea Green (who came out with her manager Robert Stone) and got out Dakota Kai, but was immediately after that eliminated by Bliss, and then Belair eliminated Dana Brooke and now we were just left with the 1st and 2nd entrants remaining in the ring. They had a pretty fun exchange and back and forth on the ring apron that saw Alexa trying to grab Bianca’s famed hair, only for Belair to use this to pull Bliss into the ring post hard and this caused Bliss to fall out after entering at Number 1 and lasting a solid 26 minutes. This left Bianca all on her own until of course number 17… was Charlotte Flair. In a expected (by me) yet cool surprise entrant we had number 18 as the returning Naomi (sporting a great big afro hairstyle) who got a huge pop. Charlotte and Naomi teamed up on Belair. Number 19 was Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Toni Storm was number 20. Charlotte eliminated Belair with a big boot as she was on the top rope. Belair lasted for 33 minutes and got 8 eliminations, which was the most in one rumble match in the short history of the Women’s Rumble… for now… Number 21 was Kelly Kelly (urgh). Sarah Logan was 22 but was out right away by Charlotte. Kelly Kelly tried to eliminate Charlotte, only for Charlotte to throw out her. Natalya was number 23 and she soon reunited by her tag team partner Beth Phoenix (who was bleeding heavily from the back of her head and had blood in her hair, apparently after colliding with a ring post) to give Charlotte Flair a powerbomb. NXT’s Xia Li was number 24. Zelina Vega was number 25. Shotzi Blackheart of NXT was number 26. Charlotte Flair had Phoenix’s blood down her arm now. Natalya throw out Naomi… but Naomi landed on the barricade and balanced so that she clung on and was not out of the match. Because of course she had to do a spot like this, it would be rude not to. She eventually made her way to the top of an announce table as Number 27 was Carmella. Charlotte went out BUT via the middle ropes as Natalya and Beth Phoenix launched her to the outside. Number 28 was Tegan Nox.

Number 29 was Santina Marella. they did a spot. Marella eliminated themselves. I can’t be arsed with this spot. FUCK OFF IT’S 2020.

The final entrant, was SHAYNA BASZLER. She went on an absolute TEAR; attacking Charlotte on the outside, and then very quickly eliminating: Xia Li, Tegan Nox, Zelina Vega, Shotzi, Carmella, Storm and Naomi (who did by the way make her way back into the ring with some parkour type stuff). In a great sequence we had Beth and Natalya team up on Baszler to give her a Hart Attack, and then BETH ELIMINATED NATALYA (having herself been eliminated by Nattie in the first women’s rumble)!!! Charlotte came back into the match, this led to a Shayna – Charlotte face off. Shayna eliminated Phoenix (who was really impressive in the match in all she did, and carrying on despite blood coming from her head. They had a brief exchange… but to the surprise of most people (me incvluded) who had Baszler as my favourite to come in number 30 as a shock and win the whole thing… Charlotte used a leg scissors to eliminate Baszler and your 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble match winner is Charlotte Flair. WE had fireworks and everything as Charlotte pointed at the sign etc. Flair was interviewed after and cut a heel promo saying she didn’t care if people liked it or not, but that this was her division. An interesting choice of winner. I’m not sure where they go with this now, given I had assumed it was Becky vs Shayna and Sasha vs Bayley for WrestleMania. Where The Queen fits in to all this remains to be seen. Overall I enjoyed this, lots of fun spots and surprises entrants. Charlotte winning is interesting, but I had assumed Charlotte had to win a rumble at some stage. Baszler also got 8 eliminations to match Belair’s record set earlier in the match. Apparently Kelly Kelly was the one who came in for Sasha Banks, who was not on the show at all even with Bayley as she is apparently hurt or not yet cleared.


King Corbin did an interviewing. He basically moaned about Reigns having help earlier (despite him having help also), but said it didn’t matter as he was going to win the Royal Rumble later anyway. Good luck with that I say…

Bayley (C) defeated Lacey Evans to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship

This… coming after a rumble, was in a tough spot. But as a match it was just as TV match for me. Lacey and Bayley were perfectly fine in their respective roles but the match was nothing really. The finish was so flat, with Evans going up top for a Springboard Moonsault, only for Bayley to get her knees up and then pin Evans for the win to retain. Went just under 10 minutes. Bang Average for me.


‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt (C) defeated Daniel Bryan in a Strap Match to retain the Universal Championship


The Fiend had the custom title with his face on. It’s growing on me I have to admit.

Bryan started off by hitting the Yes kicks in the corner, only for The Fiend to hit a HUGE powerbomb and then hit him with the strap. Bryan looked like he’d been absolutely battered very early on. Daniel Bryan’s elbow was bleeding after being hit in the arm with the strap. Bray went for a Sister Abigail, only for Bryan to hit a kick to the head, and then right after he hit a running knee to Bray to a huge pop and got a nearfall as he came close to the big upset just minutes in. They brawled outside after Bryan hit a big dive, Bray threw him into the steps but then Bryan used the strap to force Bray collide with the ring post. Daniel Bryan hit a running knee off the apron… only for The Fiend to hit a huge clothesline almost right away after. Bray then put Bryan on an announce table, so then the BABYFACE Bryan kicked Bray down low FIVE times, and then a ddt onto the table. He then whacked Bryan with the strap a tonne of times as the crowd did the Yes chants. Bryan then went to town with a missile dropkick, more Yes kicks, more hits with the strap and finished off with a kick to the head… Only for The Fiend to no-sell all of it and demand more, Bryan then hit some nasty looking kicks to the head, and led more Yes chants followed by the running knee… only for The Fiend to catch him with a Sister Abigail for a nearfall that I watching legitimately thought was the finish. After an exchange The Fiend tried for the mandible claw, only for Bryan to get some form of submission, and then Wyatt got the claw.. only for Daniel Bryan to get the Yes lock and used the strap for extra leverage. The crowd went nuts for this willing Bryan on, I as a Wyatt fan was terrified. The Fiend though escaped and just battered away at Bryan. Daniel Bryan got a couple more nearfalls after a schoolboy and then another running knee. Bryan started his babyface spot trying to gee up the crowd, only for The Fiend in the background to get right back up to his feet. Bryan hit a few shots with the straps, The Fiend no sold it. The Fiend then got the mandible claw in again and then hit what was almost a ‘claw-slam’ I guess, and this was enough to pin Daniel Bryan for the 1, 2, 3. After the match The Fiend held up his title then did his lights-out gimmick and disappeared. After he was gone a very beaten up Bryan (who was COVERED in welts from the strap and his body just looked battered) was seen to by officials. The crowd gave him a huge ovation. Bryan sold how devastating this was so well, but also brushed off the help and limped to the back on his own will. I’ve absolutely no idea where he goes from here but I’m intrigued.

This was BY A MILE the best Fiend match so far. Daniel Bryan is one of the very VERY best in the world. He’s up there with the top stars in New Japan and AEW. Just the most unbelievable professional wrestler, The Fiend played his part too, but Bryan was incredible in his role in this match.


Becky Lynch (C) defeated Asuka with Kairi Sane to retain the Raw Women’s Championship

This was fine. But I can’t help feel underwhelmed by it given the great build up. It may have suffered going on after the match prior, and the fact that the live crowd seemed to think Asuka stood no chance of winning, which kind of took away from the atmosphere. Asuka missed her green mist spot and this led to the dis-arm-her to give Becky the win. Towards the start, Lynch got out the way of a hip attack from Asuka and applied a dis-arm-her whilst in the middle of the ropes, and then hit a dropkick for a nearfall. They then traded nearfalls after a shining wizard by Asuka and then a bulldog and low dropkick from Becky. Becky hit a suplex on Asuka off the apron, and Lynch followed up with a dropkick and Exploder suplex into the barricade, and then a leg drop back in the ring to get a nearfall. Asuka then hit some strikes, a hip attack on the apron and then Lynch hit a kick and a  Uranage off the middle rope for a two count. Asuka caught Lynch coming flying from the top rope with what looked like a codebreaker and then tried an armbar but Becky countered into a pinfall attempt. Asuka then got an Asuka Lock but Becky got to the ropes. Asuka then hit a German Suplex and then a HUGE kick to the head that lynch sold like she was knocked out (you definitely could’ve convinced me the way she went down). The referee even went over to call the match off, but Lynch grabbed his leg to stop him. Asuka hit a series of kicks to Becky’s chest and then one to her head for another nearfall. She then countered another dis-arm-her to a schoolboy pin for a two count, Lynch though came back with a type of ddt. Becky then almost collided with the ref, and then as she turned around Asuka went for the green mist, only for Becky to kick her in the chest and this made Asuka spit her mist into the air. Straight after she applied the dis-arm-her and Asuka TAPPED OUT. I actually really liked this finish, and Lynch seemed emotional after and sold this as a huge win for her. Who and what now for both of these women going forward remains to be seen.


Street Profits did their typical promo stuff hyping the men’s rumble. It was hilarious.

Drew McIntyre won the Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Booker T (in his hometown of Houston) came out to a big pop beforehand to do commentary. They announced before the match that Rusev and Lashley had been in a serious brawl before the show tonight, and neither were cleared to be in the rumble match… so we have two slots that have now opened up… hmmm… Anyway to being with here we had the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar came out first as number one, with his advocate Paul Heyman with him at ringside looking after the WWE Championship belt. And number 2 was… Elias. He came out and sung us a song about a “sacrificial lamb”… turns out HE was that lamb. As he was singing away Lesnar decided he had had enough of this crap and ran outside to ‘greet’ poor Elias. He battered him into the ring and smashed Elias’ guitar over him as the match officially got underway. Brock then eliminated Elias. NEXT. Number 3 was Rowan. He lasted 8 seconds. NEXT. Number 4 was Robert Roode. He lasted 41 seconds. NEXT. Number 5 was John Morrison. He lasted a measly NINE seconds on his return. NEXT (Brock now had 4 eliminations to his name within a few minutes of the match starting). Number 6… was the man Brock beat for the WWE title Kofi Kingston! This came across as what could be a BIG moment, and as it turned out Kofi was the first guy to stay in the ring before the next participant came out. The crowd were hot as they brawled. Number 7 was another recent enemy of The Beast, Rey Mysterio. Brock seemed to get the better of both men and sent both packing to the outside of the ring, without eliminating them. Number 8 was Kofi’s fellow New Day member Big E. Big E seemed to rally the troops and the three seemed prime to attack Lesnar 3 on 1. I was a little sad at this point that Xavier Woods was hurt, because this would have been even cooler a moment had it been the 3 New day members taking on Lesnar instead. But anyway the three valiant heroes tried, and initially got the advantage with each hitting their finisher (Big E hitting the Big Ending on BROCK LESNAR as if it was the easiest thing he’s ever done was one heck of a sight by the way)… but of course Lesnar eventually marked his territory again… after Rey and Big E tried to hit the classic Hardy Boyz spot with E down on his knees for Rey to springboard off, Lesnar caught Mysterio and threw him out, and then it was in fact Brock who lept off of Big E’s back and clotheslined Kingston before eliminating both Kofi and Big E. This was a quite spectacular sequence of moves. Number 9 was Cesaro. He lasted 18 seconds. NEXT. Number 10 was Shelton Benjamin. He’s Brock’s long time friend so was warmly greeted by Heyman and seemed to form an alliance with Brock in the ring… but as soon as Benjamin had his back turned Brock got rid of him. Shelton went for 37 seconds. NEXT. Nakamura was 11 and lasted 20 seconds. The returning MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter) was number 12. We caught a glimpse of Lesnar bopping to MVP’s BANGER of a theme music. MVP lasted 24 seconds. Lesnar now had 11 eliminations to his name. NEXT… NEXT… WAS NXT’s KEITH LEE! A moment me and all watchers of NXT have dreamed of… we got it. The crowd popped LOUD for Lee, and the staredown between both giants was awesome. Brock even could be clearly mouthing (as Lee was making his way to the ring) that Lee was a ‘big boy’ and asked ‘who’s this motherfucker?’ which made me laugh as it was like Brock legit didn’t know who he was. Anyway once in the ring and toe to toe with The Beast, Keith Lee stood tall when Lesnar tried to knock him down, and then lee knocked down Brock with a shoulder block in a HUGE moment which got a massive pop. Then then knocked one another down with dualing clotheslines. With both men down another giant came in at 14; Braun Strowman! He went after both guys and knocked Lee through the ropes. He later went for Brock but got caught with a German Suplex, as did Keith Lee, a couple for each of them. But then as Lee and Braun both brawled it was Brock who went behind them and eliminated them BOTH. The crowd was not happy. But Keith Lee was and is now for me at least a MEGAstar after this performance against Lesnar. Brock now had the REAL record of 13 eliminations. Number 15 was Ricochet. He got beat up. Number 16 was Drew McIntyre. He went toe to toe with Brock, Lesnar removed his MMA gloves… and as he did Ricochet got revenge on Brock for the previous Raw by giving him a low blow… AND THEN… DREW MCINTYRE HIT A HUGE CLAYMORE KICK TO BROCK AND THIS SENT LESNAR FLYING OUT THE RING!!! DREW MCINTYRE ELIMINATED BROCK LESNAR FROM THE ROYAL RUMBLE! This got a MASSIVE POP! Brock went 26 minutes. I don’t ever again want to here anyone criticise Brock, because he was AWESOME in this Rumble. He sold to who he should have and made Keith Lee into a star. And made Drew McIntyre into a legend. Lesnar stayed down on the ring mat floor for about a couple of minutes without really moving after the Claymore. Then once he got back to his feet he staggered away to sell to Drew some more. The crowd gave him the goodbye song. Brock Lesnar is the best seller in WWE, DO NOT DARE @ ME! Drew eliminated Ricochet. Miz was 17, and Drew quickly got him out. Drew then went right back to glaring at Brock. This was fucking awesome and Drew came off as the biggest star you could ever imagine anyone being. AJ Styles was number 18. Dolph Ziggler was number 19 and Karl Anderson was number 20… and then…


Professional wrestling has gifted me some amazing moments and memories in my life. Moments that have made me feel so much joy and excitement as if I was a small child at Christmas. The Royal Rumble is prime for moments like this. This one was like no other I have ever witnessed. At Number 21… was EDGE!!! I, the people with me, the live crowd in Houston and I’m 100% sure everybody else watching LOST THEIR FUCKING MINDS!!! He looked in incredible shape, got fireworks in his entrance and… I was beyond words. This wasn’t just the best Royal rumble moment of all time, but one of the best moments in the history of WWE and pro wrestling as a whole. Absolutely beyond our wildest of dreams. He came into the ring and hit Spears to pretty much everyone in the ring. Naturally the crowd was still losing it’s mind as all this took place, as was I.

King Corbin was number 22. AJ Styles was then eliminated by Edge. Number 23 was NXT’s Matt Riddle which was cool. But he got beat up by Drew and then Edge and then tossed out by Corbin all within about 30 seconds. Almost as if he’d pissed someone off… (google it)… Number 24 was Luke Gallows. Corbin hit Edge with a Deep Six, before being eliminated by McIntyre. Randy Orton was out at number 25. He combined with fellow Rated RKO buddie Edge to go at The O.C. and they got both of them out. Roman Reigns was number 26. He quickly gave Ziggler a Spear and got rid of him. Kevin Owens came in at 27 and gave cannonballs all round, pop up powerbombed Drew and gave Roman a stunner. KO then avoided an RKO and hit Randy Orton with a stunner too. Number 28 was Aleister Black. He hit Owens and Edge with high knees and then a Black Mass to Drew. Samoa Joe was 29 and right away he traded strikes with Owens. Number 30 was Seth Rollins. He smugly made his way towards the ring with the rest of his gang in tow… Owens and Joe then went under the ropes and to go fight with Seth’s crew of AOP and Buddy Murphy. The heel group then pulled Orton and Edge under the ring ropes and attacked them. Seth Rollins hit stomps to both Reigns and McIntyre. Murphy saved Rollins from Black. Rollins eliminated Black. Owens hit a stunner on Seth Rollins, he then went to throw him out but AOP were there to catch their leader. Just after as Owens went to attack both Akam and Rezar, Seth Rollins eliminated Kevin Owens. Murphy saved Rollins from a Coquina Clutch from Samoa Joe, and then Rollins eliminated Joe. Then a big brawl began outside that led AOP, Murphy, Joe, Owens and I think Black also away from the ringside area. Rollins no longer had his buddies to help him. As this happened the other four final superstars all surrounded Rollins. Seth tried to pal up with his former Shield buddie Roman Reigns, but Reigns hit him with a superman punch. Orton, Drew and Edge all his big moves on Rollins and then Drew eliminated Rollins. Edge and Orton seemed to again form an alliance. Orton hit an RKO on Drew and then Edge hit him with a Spear. Rated RKO then combined to hit a double RKO. Orton then set up to RKO his apparent friend, but Edge caught him beforehand. Orton tried to act all innocent and jokey, but Edge soon after threw out Orton! Roman Reigns tried to Spear Edge, but he dodged it and hit a Spear of his own. They then traded strikes on the apron, this ended with Roman striking Edge off the apron to eliminate him. The crowd hated this. But Edge was very very impressive in his shock return. The final two were Roman and Drew. Reigns hit a Superman Punch and tried to throw McIntyre out, but Drew managed to push Roman off him. Roman went against the ropes looking to get extra momentum on a Spear… but as Roman came back he got hit with a massive Claymore! The crowd went absolutely apeshit for this… and they only got louder and louder as Drew grabbed Roman and threw him out. DREW MCINTYRE WON THE 2020 MEN’S ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH!!! This was absolutely fucking brilliant. What a moment.

In the build up to this event I’ve gone back and watched most of the previous year’s Rumble matches. The classics and the rest; 2001, 2002, the 2018 Men’s, 1992, my guilty pleasure 1999… I could go on and on. But for so many reasons, this was the best Royal Rumble Match I’ve ever seen. The Brock stuff and the many many stars he made. Drew winning, and the return of EDGE. Absolutely incredible stuff. Bravo WWE. This was a masterpiece.


The road to WrestleMania is well underway. And although they say its more about the destination than the journey, the journey has begun in the most amazing way. This was one of the best and most enjoyable WWE PPV’s for a long long time.


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