WWE Super ShowDown 2020 – Review

Alright, so I’m doing it. I’ve not done a blog post since the Royal Rumble, which ended with a Rumble match I gave five stars and described as a ‘masterpiece’. I had some things going on at the time in my head and personal life I was getting to grips with, and the small fact that I had work the next morning, so this meant I didn’t put out a review of NXT TakeOver: Portland, which was in fact (to the shock of absolutely nobody) another all-time classic show. So better way for me to end my mini-hiatus than to review the latest in (for all the WRONG reasons) the most extraordinary set of shows any company may have put on in the history of the business.

The Greatest Royal Rumble was simply a Saudi propaganda show with some wrestling in between. The 2018 Crown Jewel show was the one where Shawn Michaels came close to ruining his legacy and was a frankly terrible show. the 2019 Super ShowDown was one of the worst PPVs of all time and featured not one but TWO DUD matches (thanks the LORD I was getting drunk whilst watching the show). BUT… the most recent Saudi show (Crown Jewel 2019) Was BY FAR the best Saudi show so far, in that it was ‘fine’ as opposed to terrible,despite getting terrible matches featuring Cain Velasquez and Tyson Fury, we did at least get The Fiend winning the Universal title… so every cloud… But one thing each of these shows have proven is that a Saudi Arabia WWE show will if nothing else be… different…

So I was close to reviewing the last Saudi show, but after hearing about the terrible issues the WWE talent had whilst trying to get return journeys back to America, I heard some pretty weird rumours about the mystery of what was going on, and it just seemed to me that it would be in poor taste to review a show when the talent on it where struggling to get back to their families. But they did have a women’s match on a Saudi show at long last… if you could call it a match… but this time they’ve gone one better and now have a women’s CHAMPIONSHIP “match”, so (for my eternal sins) I’ll give them a chance and see what they put on. My expectations are low to say the least… but they’ve at least now acknowledged that female wrestlers exist and can hold championships now… so lets see…

So the way this is going to work is, as I’m writing this now the day before the show, it is due to start around 5pm UK time which is just around the time I get home usually from work. So I’ll do my best to watch the show as it happens in some form, and I’ll do my best to get some form of review out asap after the show finishes. So it goes without saying please forgive any spelling errors or lack of detail or anything like that. I’ll just give my live thoughts on what happens as I see it, which may or may not make for a funnier review, or lack of if Goldberg beats The Fiend for example…

So………… without further or due here is my review of the 2020 WWE SuperShow-Down PPV… wish me luck…


Watched this at work/on the bus home. I got home and sat ready for the show almost bang on 5 when the main show started

We had Charly, scott stamford and david BORtunga in a studio previewing the show. we had interviews/promos from Aj, Heyman, Naomi, Street profits, miz and morrison at various points.

The O.C. (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) defeated Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) 

Two very good teams in a fine match. Crowd loved Ivar. This was exactly as you’dexpect from a pre show match with these two good teams. An above average match. It picked up well towards the end with Ivar using his freakish athletic ability for a heavyweight guy. OC had to win i guess as they are after all ‘the best tag team in the world’ after winning the bs trophy last time…


THE UNDERTAKER won The Tuwaiq Trophy (featuring AJ Styles, Andrade, Bobby Lashley, Rowan, R-Truth & Rey Mysterio as advertised participants for this gauntlet-style match) 

Cole, saxton and Graves on commentary.

R Truth is out first. I’ve started drinking already (Im going to need it)… he’s doing his rap gimmick on way to the ring… ION his IRL rap song ‘Set It Off’ that is out now is very good to be fair. Crowd like and are reacting to all Truth’s stuff. Lashley out second. Lana is out with him, ofc covered head to toe in clothing… She stood at the ramp top and then went to the back…

Lashley using his power to overwhelm and stop any R Truth offensive spells early on… they promote a 24 special on the network about R Truth that’s on after this show… big delayed vertical suplex by Lashley only gets a 2 count, Truth fights back with strikes and takes him down with a shoulder tackle, Lashley tries to set for a dominator, Truth does the 5 knuckle shuffle and tries an AA but Lashley fights out, he eventually slams Truth down and looks for the Spear… Truth ducks it, gets the roll up for the pin. Lashley is out! Lashley destroys Truth after.

Andrade comes out next after Lashley’s attack is done. US Champion in his first appearance after his wellness suspension was served. Andrade attacks on truth right from the start. Andrade is targetting Truth’s left arm and shoulder and he’s dominating so far. Truth dodges out the way of a running knee in the corner, after Andrade had exposed his knee as well so he goes flying to the outside. Truth brief comeback but Andrade to the shoulder again before Truth goes back on the attack, in a weird spot both men bumped heads… and Truth fell onto Andrade who was laying hurt on the mat. The idea is truth didnt have a clue he did it so it protects Andrade a little and plays into Truths gimmick.

Rowan is out next. Rowan slams and dominates Truth. Truth somehow sends Rowan to the outside. Then launches himself over the ropes onto Rowan. Rowan moves so Truth goes into the steps and the cage falls off. Rowan was pissed that the cage fell on the floor so went back to attack Truth. He smashes Truth with the steps amd Rowan is DQd… Truth is gonna lose to AJ last isnt he… Rowan attacks Truth some more… Rowan hits the claw slam and shouts ‘dont touch my stuff’… he then takes him and his cage to the back…

AJ is out now. Gets a big pop. Aj looks very cocky and is laughing. crowd chanting for aj styles. AJ mocking truth. aj dancing mocking truth begging him to fight him… before then kicking the injured Truth down again… Styles locks in calf crusher and Truth taps.

Rey Mysterio out last. He doesnt come out… Music plays again… (crowd are chanting lightly for undertaker…) … Still no Rey… we cut to the back and the oc are attacking rey… AJ gets on the mic… and eventually after we are told the opponet has til a 10 count to get to the ring we see gallows and anderson attacked… and then some black boots and a coat… DONG… out comes Undertaker!!!!!!!! Crowd goes NUTS ofc! Taker chokeslams AJ, Taker pins him 1,2,3 still with his coat and hat on!!! FML AHAHAHAHAHA. Taker wins.

This was fine for what it was. It was obviously ALL about the Taker v AJ mania set up so yeah whatever.


New day cut a promo backstage.

I’m off to get some food so apologies if the next match or so doesn’t get much of a review. …

John Morrison & The Miz defeated The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) (C) to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Miz and Morrison won the titles after Big E was taken OOA, Kofi and Miz were in the ring, ref didn’t see Morrison using a chair and hitting Kofi, allowing Miz to roll up Kingston after. These two teams had really good chemistry and this was a fun watch.


Saxton did a backstage interview with Murphy and Seth

Angel Garza defeated Humberto Carrillo

Garza won a really fun match. This really could be a world title match in future years, Garza is going to be a huge star, he just oozes charisma. Not sure the crowd knew who these two were to be honest, but I can tell them that they are both really good.


Saxton did a backstage interview with Bayley

Seth Rollins & Murphy (C) defeated Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship 

I returned from eating my tea half way through this one… It looked really fun from what i did see of it… These four are so so good!!! Rollins hit Dawkins with a stomp off the apron allowing Murphy to get the pin to retain. A really fun and good match, I hope we get to see it again and again… FYI they made ZERO reference to Rollins being ‘The Messiah’… cause you know… saudi…


Mansoor Vs Dolph Ziggler with Robert Roode 

I’m actually writing my review of this match on the morning of the show UK time, I am 95% sure that it will be a perfectly accurate description of how the match goes later… ZZZzzz… 

Mansoor won an above average match. Dolph did most of the carrying but Mansoor was fine to be fair. Naturally Mansoor got a huge reaction from the locals and they were delighted when he won. Dolph worked his ass off to make Mansoor look good and was a great heel, bumping like Mansoor was Hogan during the peak Hulkamania years. This was OK for what it was. 



Brock Lesnar (C) with Paul Heyman defeated Ricochet to retain the WWE Championship

Brock got a huge reaction coming out. Bigger than Ricochet the babyface for sure. Ricochet is wearing regular pants as opposed to his longer normal tights he’s wore for a number of years. Ricochet charged at Brock as he tried for an immediate dropkick and Brock just battered him with strikes and Germans after. He then hit an F5 and got the pin. Absolute squash. FUCK OFF.

1/2* (0.5) 

Roman Reigns defeated King Corbin in a Steel Cage Match 


Roman bought his own chain and lock with him to make sure the door couldn’t be opened mid-match… Corbin attacked Roman from behind as he was doing this… Crowd is absolutely dead as Corbin is on the attack early on… Corbin then tried to escape the cage over the top but Roman climbed after him and tried to climb down himself, Corbin hit a headbutt, roman came back with elbows and Corbin pulled Roman down, then looking at hitting a powerbomb only for Roman to hit a series of strikes. Roman came off the top ropes for a 2 count. Roman tried the superman punch, but after a reversal himself then got hit with a deep 6 to give corbin a nearfall. Corbin hit a chokeslam type move for another nearfall. Corbin got the key to the door chain lock from Roman’s pocket and tried the padlock, Roman caught him in time , only for Corbin to rain down elbows. Crowd is still fairly dead. Corbin again tried the door, Roman again stopped him. Corbin got the officials to open the door as he beat on Roman, but Reigns stopped him again. and again. Roman smashes the door onto Corbin’s head, tried a superman punch but got hit with a chokeslam for another King Corbin nearfall. Corbin used Roman’s chain and wrapped it round his own fist, he set for his own superman punch, but Roman hit the superman punch for a 2 count. Corbin tried to climb the cage wall, roman slowly followed… both men were perched on top of the cage… exchanging strikes, roman was outside the cage dangling but was dragged back over the top and back inside the ring… both men were on the ring ropes hanging onto the cage wall, corbin smashed romans head off the wall, roman though yanked corbin down onto the ropes. Roman hit a superman punch as Corbin was trapped, then another. He then picked up his chain and wrapped it round his fist for a ‘super’ superman punch. He then pinned corbin 123. This was… fine tbf… PLEASE BE OVER NOW FGS!!!


Bayley (C) defeated Naomi to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship 

Naomi did her glow entrance, but ofc covered neck to toe in clothing with no body being shown or shown off at all… cause… saudi… Bayley’s heel theme song BANGS by the way… Bayley was covered up fully as well. Bayley is smiling… HEEL bayley… fgs here we go again… crowd chanted for naomi and bayley told the crowd off… I mean… it seems like a regular-ish match between these two as they may have in the USofA… so…… I would love to know how the saudi commentary team are calling this one… Bayley is getting the best of it so far with her agressive heel style, Crowd is DEAD… The Lacey Evans rumble match was kinda boring, and for me this one is heading the same, Bayley on offence as a heel here is kinda dull. Naomi is fun when she does her acrobatic offence but im bored stiff right now ngl… Naomi hit a big knee to try and get back into it… a clothesline and a dropkick and a jawbreaker and a kick and a springboard kick from Naomi followed… another springboard attack got Naomi a nearfall. a roll up followed by Naomi and then a submission hold, but Bayley got the ropes. Bayley hit the bayley2belly but NAOMI KICKED OUt!!! Could we get a title change??? They exchanged strikes, and later Bayley bit a back suplex to stay in control. Bayley hit a big running knee in the corner as Naomi looks to have a hurt leg, Bayley went up top but Naomi kicked her and tried the split leg moonsault but Bayley moved… and then trapped Naomi’s leg in her own shirt, then used some kind of facebuster move to slam Naomi to the floor and get the pin. Bayley retains… this was certainly better that I though it would be, but then again I didn’t expect a proper match… so yeah… Bayley vs Sasha at Mania PLEASE!!!


Goldberg defeated The Fiend (C) to win the Universal Championship 

crowd did the GOLDBERG chants and cheered him loudly as he came out. He looks in amazing shape. My guy Bray is making his entrance and im so so nervous… The Fiend’s entrance is an absolutely unbelievable watch by the way, maybe one of the best ever. They are doing the introductions and SO FAR we have no red light… They had a staredown… Bray took off the jacket, Goldberg spear, bray kicks out… Fiend got the claw… Goldberg powered out, another spear, and another… and another, 2 count… Bray got the claw… it was in for ages, Goldberg headbutt to get out of it and knees, looking for jackhammer, hits it, 123. Goldberg wins the title. FUCK OFF.


Fiend got right back up after the pin and the lights went out as goldberg celebrated with the belt and the fiend was gone… Goldberg won the belt…

Roman vs Goldberg for the belt at mania then

NGL rn im fuming. Maybe its the beers or the shock but rn im fuming. I know whats next or apparently next for the fiend so maybe that’ll cheer me up… but yeah rn you can FUCK RIGHT OFF!!!








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