BLOG 100: Dear WWE, I quit.

Before rumours begin to spread, let me set things straight ahead of time: 

As of this evening, I have requested a release from WWE. The past 15 months have been simply amazing and I have written about some wonderful things. Things I am very proud of and will never forget. I am proud of it all. I feel at this time the decision, as difficult as it was, feels right for myself and WWE. My goal in the future is to continue to grow, to continue to make my family [aka anyone that cares enough to read my blog] proud and offer those [not paying hard earned money] reading a blog I write, a little more of myself. Thank you. From the top to the bottom of WWE. I have written about unquestionably, some of the greatest [and some not so great] talent on this earth and the pleasure has been [mostly] all mine. Thank you to the fans for your undying support. I wish you all the very best and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. Thank you everyone. 

I would finally like to thank Luke Harper and Tye Dillinger whose own statements announcing they had requested their release from WWE I have 100% combined and ripped off in a (hopefully) comedic way to basically let everyone know I will no longer be blogging about WWE. I have a full time job, I’ve just joined my local Gym, and above all else I just don’t feel passionate enough to blog about WWE in it’s current state. Hopefully those that read my blogs will continue to enjoy whatever I put out in the future. This IS NOT the end of the blog but more me making the choice to write about the wrestling I enjoy, and right now that’s not on the whole WWE. It will also allow me to watch WWE PPVs and more importantly from a personal viewpoint NXT Takeovers stress free and without the knowledge that I’ve got to write a full review on the show immediately afterwards. NXT is the one part of WWE that is always excellent yet even they have recently been raided by the main roster and some of their top stars whisked away to… mid-card mediocrity… I’ll still follow WWE of course… for now… but as far as committing to previewing and reviewing their PPVs and doing other blogs here and there about modern or past WWE related topics then… well… I guess there’s only one way to put it… have come to terms on the release of WWE. wishes them the best in all of their future endeavors. 



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