Elimination Chamber 2019: Preview and Predictions

We are now on the road to Wrestlemania. And history tells us that the PPVs between Rumble and the big one often aren’t much more than filler or stop gap shows that are often predictable in results and finishes. And whilst once again Ruby Riott fills hear yearly spot of fodder for the Women’s Champion to give them something to do before their inevitable huge match (Riott was Charlotte Flair’s challenger last year before Asuka made their Wrestlemania match official), this show does feature a couple of very compelling Elimination Chamber matches that will be historically significant in one case, and potentially superb in-ring wise in the other. So as quote “B” PPV shows go I actually don’t think this line up is that bad. So without further or due here is my preview of the 2019 Elimination Chamber PPV. This marks a significant milestone for me as it is the first time I have covered a show that I did last year, so an anniversary of such.

Cruserweight Championship: Akira Tozawa V Buddy Murphy (C)

I’ve little doubt this will be a good match. The contract signing segment between the two on the go home episode of 205 Live was excellent so they’ve done a decent job in a relatively short time of going into this match hot. Murphy will win of course but expect the in-ring action to be entertaining to say the least with this one.

Prediction: Buddy Murphy retains the Cruserweight Championship

Women’s Tag Team Championship: ‘The Riott Squad’ (Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan) V Nia Jax & Tamina V Bayley & Sasha Banks V Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville V Naomi & Carmella V ‘The IIconics’ (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay) – Elimination Chamber Match

I really, really, really hope this is good. But I’m very pessimistic. They might surprise, and of course it has high historical significance as it will crown the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. So the match itself may not be great, but I’m more interested to see who they out those belts on. Me personally I’d go for Bayley and Sasha but that seems the obvious pick, there are many pluses and negatives for each potential winner and I’d say this is the hardest match on the show to call result wise. But looking ahead to Wrestlemania I see Bayley and Sasha as champions going in will lead to the biggest women’s tag title match possible on the grandest stage.

Prediction: Bayley & Sasha Banks win the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Championship

Intercontinental Championship: Finn Balor V Bobby Lashley (C) & Lio Rush

A handicap match. Sp a cleaver way to get the title on Finn without pinning Lashley? Or a more allowed way of screwing Balor over? That remains to be seen but I like this dynamic more than a standard singles match just because of the added intrigue we have now. I would like Finn to win of course, but I also want him to have a big Wrestlemania match. Sure it would be a bigger moment if Balor was to win the title at Mania, but who right now would you have challenge an Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor? I have a dream scenario, but it may be just that… Demon Finn Balor defending the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania… against… KEVIN OWENS!!! Keep the dream alive WWE PLEASE?!?!?!?

Prediction: Finn Balor becomes the Intercontinental Champion… if not now then at some stage between now and Wrestlemania…

Smackdown Tag Team Championship: ‘The Usos’ (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) V The Miz & Shane McMahon (C)

As much as it pains me that in 2019 Shane McMahon is a title holder in WWE, I must admit him and The Miz as an act are greatly entertaining. I have trust in The Usos maybe more than any other tag team to make this match work somehow, but whilst it seems the ending of this story is inevitable (with a split and a heel turn form one of the champions) it is a matter of when they pull the trigger. The Usos would make more than worthy title holders, but I just don’t see it happening here.

Prediction: Shane and Miz retain

Baron Corbin v Braun Strowman – No Disqualifications Match

At least now it is No DQ we know to expect interference rather than have it factor in to a bullshit finish. It does seems that the people involved in this are just lost souls at the moment with not much direction, but I’m sure the cream will rise to the top in that sense at we get towards Wrestlemania. As for these two men it will be business as usual, Corbin will be in the Andre Battle Royal and be one of the lats men eliminated. And Braun will once again be the backup plan should anything go wrong with matches higher up the card whilst being in some silly angle or worthless Wrestlemania match. Sadly. But they do to be far like to protect Braun, so expect Corbin to take another L in this match.

Prediction: Braun wins

Raw Women’s Championship: Ruby Riott V Ronda Rousey (C)

This is the absolute lock of the night that Ronda Rousey wins this match and keeps her title. 0.01% chance Ronda loses here. It is still a big occasion for Riott although I’m unsure how the match will go in-ring wise but Ronda almost never dissapoints on PPV so fingers crossed. Everyone will of course waiting for front row ticket holder Charlotte Flair to make her presence known. But equally as likely will be the crowd’s disdain for Rousey’s CURRENT Wrestlemania challenger and their obvious love for a certain MAN…

Prediction: Ronda Rousey retains

WWE Championship: Jeff Hardy V Samoa Joe V Kofi Kingston V Randy Orton V AJ Styles V “The New” Daniel Bryan (C) with Rowan – Elimination Chamber Match

This SHOULD be really really good. I recall 2 years ago when Bray Wyatt won the title that that Chamber match was very good. and with all due respect to those men involved in that (Wyatt, Miz, Ambrose, Corbin, Styles and Cena) I would say on paper the quality of in-ring performers is higher in this years match than that of the 2017 event. It is a shame Mustafa Ali had to be replaced but the inclusion of Kofi Kingston in his place us both interesting and exciting. One would presume it’s a straight swap and however Ali was going to be booked now applies to Kingston (this was further backed up by his incredible performance in the epic gauntlet match on Smackdown this past week). But Kingston who has been a predominant tag team star for years now is suddenly in a huge WWE Championship match, and that itself is intriguing. I would strongly expect though that the exceptional Daniel Bryan will keep his eco-friendly championship belt after this one is done. But his Wrestlemania opponent still remains fascinatingly unclear…

Prediction: Bryan retains

So you would be right in thinking there are less matches on this WWE PPV than usual. But also be aware that both chamber matches could go between 30-45 minutes each (I’d recommend the women’s is closer to 20-25 but we’ll see). I recall last years Elimination Chamber PPV seeing me get close to 100% of my predictions correct, so don’t expect too many surprises on this show. An don’t be dissapointed if it just is… a show… rather than as being great. However we do have a great WWE Championship chamber match to look forward to. And a fun fact is that since the inception of Raw’s Universal Championship in Summer 2016 the Smackdown WWE Championship has not yet main evented a DUAL BRANDED PPV… Fingers crossed this show breaks that unfortunate tradition… Shows are often remembered for their main event so I would strongly recommend they put the WWE title match on last.


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