WWE 2K23 Universe Mode – Chapter 2: Crowning A New King of WWE

The simple sell for this blog is… I’m crowning a new WWE Champion. Read on to find out how and WHO…

I did have to book two very different shows for the first month of my universe mode, the tournament for the title was always something I wanted to do, but it was only after I had a bit of a think did I decide upon my first PPV concept. But in this blog I will also cover my SmackDown shows in the same time period that Raw is lead by the build up to my King Of the Ring PPV, where the event will be essentially a tournament to crown WWE’s new King, in the form of a new WWE Champion…

Raw (May Week 2)

The KOTR Tournament bracket (for the vacant WWE Championship is announced…)… AJ Styles then comes out for an in-ring promo… this leads to Austin Theory coming out, and the back and forth sets up the main event…

Bianca Belair (with Asuka & Alexa Bliss) defeated Dakota Kai (with Bayley & Iyo Sky)

Johnny Gargano comes out for an in-ring promo. He talks about the WWE Championship, before moving on to The Miz, who then comes out, and after a back and forth, Gargano punches Miz)

Bobby Lashley defeated Damian Priest

‘Street Profits’ defeated ‘Dirty Dawgs’ (‘RK-Bro’ watching on from backstage)

Carmelo Hayes comes out for an in-ring promo, he talks about the various potential upcoming opponents he could face, saying “I want it ALL”, including all the belts (WWE and US), and also Austin Theory…

Kevin Owens defeated Carmelo Hayes in a Backstage Brawl

‘Viking Raiders’ defeated R-Truth & Akira Tozawa (‘RK-Bro’ watching on from backstage)

Carmella has a backstage interview…

Austin Theory (C) defeated AJ Styles to retain the United States Championship (Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins distracts Styles to lead to the finish)

SmackDown (May Week 2)

(backstage ‘The Bloodline’ jump Drew McIntyre)

‘Brawling Brutes’ in-ring promo. They call out ‘The Bloodline’ (The Usos and Solo Sikoa), which sets up the main event.

‘Toxic Attraction’ defeated Natalya & Tamina (Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez run off Dolan & Jayne after the match when they try and beat down Natalya and Tamina…)

LA Knight in-ring promo…

LA Knight defeated Ricochet (Knight cheats to win)

Rey Mysterio in-ring promo. He talks about the tough times recently regarding his son’s betrayal, and then failing to get an IC Title shot… but then out comes Karrion Kross (with Scarlett), and the two go back and forth on the mic…

Charlotte Flair backstage interview

Charlotte Flair defeated Shotzi

‘Legado del Fantasma’ video package

Braun Strowman in-ring promo… ‘Imperium’ then come out on the ramp, and after Gunther and Braun verbally go back and forth, Happy Corbin tries to attack Strowman from behind…

Braun Strowman defeated Happy Corbin

Paul Heyman backstage interview… Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura enter the scene and Boogs talks up their chances of taking the tag titles from The Usos

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) & Solo Sikoa defeated The Brawling Brutes (Sheamus & Butch & Ridge Holland)

After the match, the heels try to beat down the babyfaces, only for a vengeful Drew McIntyre to come out and run The Bloodline off. Drew poses to end the show…

Raw (May Week 3)

Judgement Day come out to the ring. Each of the 4 cut an in-ring promo, eventually out comes Bobby Lashley. He then entices and goads Dominik Mysterio into accepting a challenge for a 1 on 1 match with him later in the show!

‘Viking Raiders’ defeated ‘Dirty Dawgs’ & ‘Street Profits’ in a Raw Tag Team Championship Number 1 contenders match – RK-Bro are on commentary, and they have a face off with ‘Viking Raiders’ after the match

Carmella defeated Dana Brooke

AJ Styles backstage interview… he is interrupted by The Miz, who proceeds to talk down about Johnny Gargano… who then appears behind him…

Kevin Owens defeated Akira Tozawa – Carmelo Hayes then has to run out to save Tozawa from catching a beatdown from KO, who then runs off through the crowd…

Dominik Mysterio is backstage with Rhea Ripley. He feels good about his match with Lashley later, after Rhea has talked him up… Ripley is then told that she has a match, and is shocked to find out it is NOW, just as she has talked Dom up, he is now fearful again now that ‘Mami’ has had to leave him…

Rhea Ripley defeated Indi Hartwell

We then have a ‘Ding, Dong, Hello!’ (in-ring segment) with Bayley (and Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky), and they welcome out Bianca Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss)

Austin Theory & Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins defeated AJ Styles & Johnny Gargano

Bobby Lashley defeated Dominik Mysterio

Balor, Priest & Ripley all then come out after the match and attack Lashley. Judgement Day all stand tall to close the show.

SmackDown (May Week 3)

Charlotte Flair in-ring promo

Charlotte Flair defeated Aliyah

The Usos backstage promo on Drew McIntyre, with Solo Sikoa looking on in the background (ahead of next week)

The New Day come out for an in-ring promo. Then come out Legado del Fantasma and they go back and forth…

Santos Escobar (with Joaquin Wilde & Cruz del Toro) defeated Xavier Woods (with Big E & Kofi Kingston)

‘Brawling Brutes’ backstage segment…

Shotzi backstage interview… she’s confronted by Shayna Baszler

‘Toxic Attraction’ defeated Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez

Rey Mysterio backstage interview

Imperium backstage segment

LA Knight defeated Rey Mysterio (Karrion Kross is seen after the match with Scarlett in the ‘rafters’ of the arena watching on…)

Braun Strowman backstage interview, Gunther then approaches and they go nose to nose

‘Brawling Brutes’ (Butch & Ridge Holland) defeated ‘Imperium’ (Ludwig Keiser & Giovanni Vinci) & Rick Boogs & Shinsuke Nakamura in a SmackDown Tag Team Championship Number 1 contenders match

Raw (May Week 4)

Judgement Day wake their way to the ring for an in-ring segment… Bobby Lashley then comes out to confront them, and is quickly joined by… MVP!

Bobby Lashley & MVP defeated Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio (with Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley) Rhea is banned from ringside mid-match after trying to interfere, Finn also attacks MVP after the match with a chair, with Priest and Dominik holding back Lashley during the attack

Viking Raiders video package

‘RK-Bro’ backstage interview

Johnny Gargano defeated Austin Theory Miz tries to interefere, but DEXTER LUMIS stops him from doing so

Finn Balor defeated Bobby Lashley in a Backstage Brawl

Street Profits – Dirty Dawgs backstage confrontation

Carmella backstage interview

Carmella defeated Indi Hartwell

Damage CTRL confront Belair, Asuka & Bliss backstage

Angelo Dawkins (with Montez Ford) defeated Dolph Ziggler (with Robert Roode)

Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky with Bayley) (C) defeated Asuka & Alexa Bliss (with Bianca Belair) to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

‘The KO Show’ (Kevin Owens in-ring segment, with guest Caremlo Hayes). Austin Theory, then AJ Styles, then Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins each then come out, a BRAWL starts, as we then see Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor fighting backstage, they then brawl into the crowd area in the arena, as Johnny Gargano then emerges from the crowd to attack Rollins (we basically have CHAOS as we go off the air!)

SmackDown (May Week 4)

Gunther (C) defeated Braun Strowman to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Drew McIntyre backstage interview

Rey Mysterio in-ring promo – challenges Karrion Kross for next week!

LA Knight in-ring promo… then…

Sami Zayn defeated LA Knight Zayn then does a PASSIONATE in-ring promo!

Toxic Attraction backstage promo

‘The New Day’ defeated ‘Legado del Fantasma’ in a 6-man tag match

Sheamus in-ring promo. He talks up Ridge Holland & Butch, talks up Drew, and also CALLS OUT ROMAN REIGNS!

Shotzi defeated Shayna Baszler – Charlotte Flair watching on backstage

Drew McIntyre vs Solo Sikoafinish is a double count-pout. The Usos and Brawling Brutes fight at ringside, and Sheamus is stopped by the officials from getting involved, and so Solo gets angry during the melee and attacks Sheamus behind the ref’s back and as the officials were busy trying to separate The Usos and The Brawling Brutes, and so Drew goes after Solo and this leads to the finish…

And so now… it is time to… to crown a new KING OF THE RING, and the new WWE CHAMPION!!!

KING OF THE RING – Sunday, May Week 4 (Rosemont, Illinois)

I had a few ideas for how I wanted my tournament to go; and after that it was just about thinking of the perfect order for the bracket. I’m really pleased with how it all worked out, and I think I’ve set plenty up for the weeks and months ahead to with it…

“KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT” for the vacant WWE Championship

I decided to kick things off with a bang, a dream match never seen before, and the start of my biggest story thread for the show…

Carmelo Hayes defeated Kevin Owens in a KOTR Quarter Final/WWE Championship tournament match

Somewhat of an upset, but a banger opener with Hayes advancing to face either AJ Styles or his new-Raw rival Austin Theory with a shot at the gold on the line…

Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins defeated Johnny Gargano in a KOTR Quarter Final/WWE Championship tournament match

Another good match, but sadly the hero falls to the villain this time around… Rollins marches on, but don’t worry about Gargano, we got stuff COOKIN for him…

Bobby Lashley defeated Finn Balor in a KOTR Quarter Final/WWE Championship tournament match

Maybe the match that had been built up to the most during the build to this show sees The ALL-MIGHTY advance… But trust me, this is FAR from the end of this rivalry…

AJ Styles defeated Austin Theory in a KOTR Quarter Final/WWE Championship tournament match

Felt right to me this result, Theory still has the US title to fall back on, and Styles can advance as the bigger name, and former champion…

And so with Styles joining Lashley, Rollins and Hayes, we have our semi-final complete!!!

Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins defeated Bobby Lashley in a KOTR Semi Final/WWE Championship tournament match

I like Lashley a lot, and I’ve lots of things planned for him, but Rollins just seems like the guy I should put into the final. His current gimmick is something else for sure, and I LOVE IT! The King of Drip is one win away from being King of The Ring… and we know what comes with that…

Carmelo Hayes defeated AJ Styles in a KOTR Semi Final/WWE Championship tournament match

My logic with this result was two-fold, I wanted Melo in the final to give him the big push as soon as he came to my main roster from NXT, and also I think of all those times we heard people say how Chris Jericho once beat The Rock and Steve Austin in the same night… so beating Kevin Owens and then AJ Styles in the same evening? Not bad huh?… And AJ will be fine… he’ll get his shot soon trust me…

And with the semi finals done and dusted… we have our final set to crown our new WWE CHAMPION!!!

Firstly, I just think this would be a BANGER of a match, and secondly I thought it would set the tone well for my Universe if the WWE Champion was one of either of these two incredible talents.

Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins defeated Carmelo Hayes to win the KOTR tournament and the vacant WWE Championship

Yes indeed, it had to be Seth here. I feel like a run to the final though gives Carmelo the rub he needs off the blocks, but for me my WWE Champion simply had to be Rollins! Got a couple of ideas of where I’ll go with his run, but as the only man that Roman Reigns couldn’t seem to get the better of, it just felt right that he was the man to lead the show on Raw!

And there you have it, my first PPV is in the books, and I have crowned my first WWE Champion. As I move forward now, we will learn who really is in the… MONEY…


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