WWE 2K22 Universe Mode: Chapter 9 – SURVIVOR SERIES!

Survivor Series 2020 Review WWE | Writebase updated. 2022

The original idea for this blog series was not only would it give me a chance to play a mode that I LOVE on a WWE game that’s actually good for once… but also it would give me the chance to right the wrongs of the (at times) abysmal modern day WWE booking… Well… A LOT has changed in the last few weeks (as you may of heard or even read about in my two recent non WWE 2k22 blog posts)… So it only seems fitting now that I have my own creative shift… whereas before I wanted to do things how I wanted to see them booked in WWE, now that WWE is (hopefully gonna be) good, instead of booking how I think things should be, I’m just gonna book how I want. What that looks like I don’t yet know, but I wanna book some really fun stuff. Some really cool stuff that maybe even in a world where a dude can drive a TRACTOR and LIFT UP THE RING you may not be able to witness… Now this blog itself is a big one, and whilst the creative shift I want hasn’t taken effect yet (look for my next blog for my fallout from the ppv and the beginning of the road to my next ‘Big 4’ show when shit starts getting WILD) it’s still a pretty big occasion, as it is time for my second ‘Big 4’ PPV … I’ve gone quality rather than quantity for the show itself, so just 7 matches… but before we get there, here is my build-up (and quite the build if I do say so myself on both Raw and SmackDown) to SURVIVOR SERIES!

Raw (November Week 1)

‘The Monday Night Messiah’ Seth Rollins ‘re-anoints’ ‘The Prophet’ Murphy (Samoa Joe interrupts, runs of the heels)

Walter (with Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) defeated Dominik Dijakovic

Murphy & Seth Rollins take out Samoa Joe backstage

Toni Storm defeated Reckoning

RK-Bro backstage interview

Damian Priest defeated R-Truth (with Carmella)

Liv Morgan defeated Shayna Baszlerby DQ after RONDA ROUSEY interrupts and attacks Liv! Becky Lynch comes out and makes the save.

RK-Bro (Randy Orton & Riddle) (C) defeated The Miz & John Morrison to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship

Rhea Ripley in-ring promo, CANDICE LERAE interrupts!

AJ Styles defeated ‘The Monday Night Messiah’ Seth Rollins & Omos & Karrion Kross in a Fatal 4 Way match to become the new Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship

SmackDown (November Week 1)

Charlotte Flair… Sasha Banks (with Tamina)… Bayley… Naomi in-ring segment

Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander defeated Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo by DQ after Finn Balor interrupted and attacked Benjamin & Alexander

Finn Balor backstage promo on The Hurt Business

Kevin Owens defeated Angelo Dawkins

Bianca Belair is backstage… Asuka & Io Shirai laugh at her…

Cesaro (C) defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the Intercontinental Championship … RODERICK STRONG attacks Cesaro after the match

Drew McIntyre in-ring promo, Legado del Fantasma interrupt

Drew McIntyre defeated Joaquin Wilde (with Santos Escobar & Raul Mendoza)

Sheamus video package

Sheamus defeated Tyler Breeze (with Fandango)

Naomi defeated Sasha Banks (with Tamina) (Bayley on commentary, Charlotte Flair watching on from backstage)… After the match Sasha Banks and Tamina ‘split’, with Tamina pushing Sasha down and then walking away and to the back…)

Roman Reigns (with Paul Heyman) in-ring promo… they ask ‘who’s next?’ for Roman… BIG E answers the call! E cuts a mega PASSIONATE promo, Roman and Paul eventually leave (the segment isn’t physical at all, but both men are very passionate in their promos)

Raw (November Week 2)

Edge in-ring promo, AJ Styles interrupts…

Candice LeRae defeated Carmella (with R-Truth) – Rhea Ripley watching on backstage

RK-Bro (Randy Orton & Riddle) defeated Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan Miz & Morrison attack RK-Bro after

Edge backstage interview, introduces Robert Roode (with Dolph Ziggler) as his tag team partner for the main event…

Mustafa Ali (with Mace) defeated Ricochet

Seth Rollins backstage promo on Samoa Joe (promotes Murphy vs Joe next week)…

Keith Lee defeated Elias

Keith Lee in-ring interview after, Karrion Kross & Scarlett interrupt on the titantron…

Ronda Rousey defeated Becky Lynch in a Backstage Brawl

AJ Styles & Rey Mysterio defeated Edge & Robert Roode (with Dolph Ziggler)

SmackDown (November Week 2)

Big E in-ring promo

Santos Escobar defeated Drew McIntyre in a Backstage Brawl

Sasha Banks-Bayley backstage segment

Bianca Belair defeated Asuka (with Io Shirai) after Raquel Gonzalez came out to help Belair

Roderick Strong Video Package

Street Profits backstage promo

Montez Ford (with Angelo Dawkins) defeated Sami Zayn (with Kevin Owens) by DQ after Owens got involved

Sheamus backstage promo

Charlotte Flair defeated Naomi after Bayley and Sasha Banks distracted Naomi, but Charlotte wasn’t happy about it though…

Shelton Benjamin backstage promo

Finn Balor defeated Shelton Benjamin (with Cedric Alexander) – Bobby Lashley comes out after and stares at Balor from the ramp

The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) (with Big E) defeated The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)

Kofi & Woods in-ring promo on ‘The Bloodline’, say ‘we want ALL the Gold!!!”…

Raw (November Week 3)

AJ Styles in-ring promo, Robert Roode interrupts…

AJ Styles defeated Dolph Ziggler (with Robert Roode)

Asuka (with Io Shirai) defeated Nikki Cross

Candice LeRae backstage interview

Karrion Kross (with Scarlett) defeated Titus O’Neil – Kross cuts an in-ring promo on Keith Lee after

Damian Priest – Walter – Omos: US Title video package

The Miz & John Morrison defeated Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado)

Ronda Rousey in-ring promo, Liv Morgan interrupts

Samoa Joe defeated Murphy (with Seth Rollins)

Rhea Ripley backstage…

Candice LeRae defeated Rhea Ripley in a Backstage Brawl

Edge in-ring promo… AJ Styles comes out after… ‘very personal’ promo back and forth, develops into a brawl, Edge eventually delivers a CON-CHAIR-TO to Styles!

SmackDown (November Week 3)

Charlotte Flair in-ring promo, Naomi interrupts… Bayley and Sasha Banks come out, stand on ramp…

Roderick Strong defeated Shinsuke Nakamura (Cesaro watching on backstage)

Sonya Deville (with Mandy Rose) defeated Alexa Bliss Natalya comes out to attack Bliss after with Deville and Rose, Nox and Shotzi then come out to even the odds…

Bobby Lashley defeated Happy Corbin – Lashley calls out Finn Balor after during a fiery in-ring promo

Drew McIntyre & Rey Mysterio (with Dominik Mysterio) defeated Legado del Fantasma (Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde with Santos Escobar)

Cesaro backstage interview

Sheamus defeated Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott

Sheamus backstage promo

Sasha Banks & Bayley defeated Naomi & Charlotte Flair

‘The Bloodline’ go out to the ring, in-ring promo by Roman, ‘The New Day’ come out, in-ring promo … ‘After Survivor Series, it’s OVER!’… Eventually develops into a huge brawl!!!…

Raw (November Week 4)

Damian Priest (C) defeated Walter & Omos in a Triple Threat match to retain the United States Championship

Keith Lee backstage interview

(Ricochet in-ring promo before his tag partner comes out…)

Ricochet & Dominik Dijakovic defeated Retribution (Mustafa Ali & Mace with Reckoning)

Liv Morgan backstage interview

Candice LeRae defeated Toni Storm by DQ after Rhea Ripley interfered

RK-Bro backstage segment… // …Miz & Morrison backstage segment

Karrion Kross (with Scarlett) defeated Keith Lee

Edge – AJ Styles in-ring contract signing segment

RK-Bro (Randy Orton & Riddle) (C) defeated The Miz & John Morrison to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship

Samoa Joe – Seth Rollins video package

Ronda Rousey (with Shayna Baszler) defeated Liv Morgan Ronda & Shayna attack Liv and try to put her through a table after, but Becky Lynch comes out and makes the save!

SmackDown (November Week 4)

Asuka & Io Shirai (C) defeated Bianca Belair & Raquel Gonzalez to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

The New Day backstage interview

Alexa Bliss & Shotzi & Tegan Nox defeated Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville & Natalya in a 6 Woman Tag match

Roderick Strong video package

Drew McIntyre defeated Santos Escobar

‘The Bloodline’ backstage segment

Street Profits backstage segment

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn defeated Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

Bobby Lashley backstage segment on Finn Balor

Finn Balor backstage segment on ‘THE DEMON’

Sheamus defeated Fandango (with Tyler Breeze)

Charlotte Flair – Bayley – Sasha Banks – Naomi in-ring segment

‘The Bloodline’ (Roman Reigns & Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) defeated The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

…Well… Let’s get to it then…!!!

Survivor Series – November, Sunday Week 4 (Brooklyn, New York)

We open with what should be a BANGER for the Raw Women’s title!!!

So… the finish was by design, in the sense I wanted something that would allow for me to keep the title on Rhea, but protected Candice too… Nonetheless, the Raw Women’s title stays on Ripley!

Next was a match that I feel like, if anything, I’ve done too much… but all for a very good purpose…

Yep… bet you didn’t expect that result! Well for me, it just felt time. Time for The Usos to lose, and time for Kofi and Woods to win. With this PPV marking the definitive end to the Bloodline-New Day story in my Universe Mode, looks like a new direction for both is now on the horizon…

In order for me to balance the card out properly, the THIRD match of the show is a little bit tasty…

So The Ultimate Opportunist strikes again to retain, yes, but with AJ kinda getting screwed or more Edge getting a shitty W… this means… we can run it back later down the line…

My next match was probably my hardest to try and get to go how I wanted (gameplay wise)…

But eventually…

Charlotte picked her moment, and with Sasha and Naomi on the outside, The Queen pinned Bayley to retain her SmackDown Women’s title!

Another women’s match followed this… a non-title women’s tag on a big 4 PPV? Must be big right? Well… what about this?…

So… firstly I want to apologise to Liv. She did kinda get shat on here, and I do need to big her up a little more at this stage I feel, given she is still holding the MITB case after all… But the story here was that Becky Lynch didn’t get tagged in to the match ONCE… Further adding to the build to my eventual Rousey vs Lynch showdown… when? Time will tell…

Next up, a match that served two purposes… it got Lashley on a big ppv, and I FINALLY let loose… THE DEMON!

(Seriously… the fact entrance music doesn’t carry over when you record your gameplay on PS, it is no more of a tragedy than when showing off just how AWESOME Demon Finn’s entrance is on this game…)

A solid win here for Balor, but I’m kind of hoping this loss doesn’t hurt Lashley too much… I guess that’s up to me… Cause I got big plans for both these two going forward…

AND FINALLY… Time for my Survivor Series main event!!!

(Should point out, annoyingly, that once again the game has decided during the match that Big E was champion and Roman the challenger… just to point out that definitely wasn’t how it was… but whatever… here’s the match…)…

So a fairly solid win for Roman… but after the match was when Roman decided to add a little extra in…

So Survivor Series closes with Roman Reigns still being champion, Big E being left in a mess now that the Bloodline-New Day feud is over (so no more title shots against Roman for Big E…), and seemingly nobody left to try and end Roman’s reign…

or is there…


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