SmackDown 2007: Episode 10 (9th March); WrestleMania preview?

We kicked off SmackDown this week with an opening video about Batista – Undertaker and their story so far. 

The show properly got underway with King Booker in the ring already alongside Queen Sharmell. We also saw a graphic advertising matches for both Batista and The Undertaker tonight. 

King Booker with Queen Sharmell defeated Matt Hardy 

With Sharmell joining commentary the match went 50/50 early on, although of course the crowd were much more behind Matt as he got two nearfalls. He then flew over the ropes to take Booker out on the outside just before an ad break. After the crowd continued to show their support for Hardy as he took over. We then had a line on commentary from JBL where he mentioned about the only thing Hardy was good for was Edge stealing his girlfriends… then there was a silence for a short time… so I’m going to pretend that he got a telling off in his headset for that one… Booker then went about laying the boot in in the corner, and had Hardy on top as he laid in strikes, but matt eventually fought out and then strikes Booker down from the top to the floor. To a big pop from the crowd Matt Hardy then tried a moonsault off the top but Booker moved out the way, and soon after Booker hit a hard neckbreaker for a nearfall.  Booker then locked in an arm hold and was also busted open from the mouth, but Matt fought out of it only for Booker to hit a big spin kick as Hardy came off the ropes, and he got a 2&1/2 count. Booker proclaimed he was the ‘king of the world’, and took his time setting up for a Suplex… but as he tried to lift Hardy countered with a Suplex of his own. a Side Russian leg sweep then got Matt a 2. King Booker then tried the scissor kick but Matt got in the side effect for another 2. The crowd were really into it now. Matt Hardy then went up to the second rope and dropped a standing elbow and then a leg drop, but again only got a 2 count. Sharmell was fuming at this point and got on the apron, and was then able to distract the ref, then as both men missed strikes, Matt goes for the Twist Of Fate but Booker kicks Matt against the ropes. And then as the ref is checking on a downed Booker, Sharmell strikes Matt (who is leaning against the ropes) with her shoe. Then Booker hits the scissor kick for the 123. Really fun opener. Solid stuff and a good match. Crowd not happy, but I loved that match a lot. Good stuff.

Kristal interviewed Batista backstage. They looked at Undertaker’s undefeated streak in a fantastic video that looked at all his past mania wins. After the excellent video package Batista put over how incredible 14-0 was, but said that he was walking into WrestleMania as World Heavyweight Champion and he was walking out as World Heavyweight Champion, and that at WrestleMania 23 The Streak is over. He then spoke about Kane and how tonight he’s gonna do to Kane exactly what he’s gonna do to Undertaker at WrestleMania.

There was a promo for Raw the next week where Donald Trump will appear to sign the contract for the match at WrestleMania… christ… 

Maryse welcomed us back to SmackDown. She let her hair down… will she just show up already ffs!?

We had a recap from Raw where, in one of the better segments of this era, after teases of Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley and Shane McMahon it was finally revealed to Mr McMahon that STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN was to be the special guest referee at WrestleMania. AWESOME stuff. 

Teddy Long was backstage with MVP, who teased the gm about apparently looking up Kristal on his laptop. MVP made a challenge for a United States Championship match at WrestleMania. 

Kane was backstage and was approached for an interview by Kristal. She tried to ask about what Batista said earlier. Kane asks what he said and she said he called Kane ‘sick demented and twisted’. Kane says he was right, laughs and adds that Batista has no idea how true that is.

The WWE Slam of the week was Ric Flair vs Carlito in a MITB qualifying match from raw, where Khali came out and destroyed both. He also Said he wants Kane.

World Heavyweight Champion Batista defeated Kane

There was a Mixed but LOUD pop for  Batista, and a big reaction for Kane too. The early stuff was just both men showing one another how strong they were but it soon got going. The crowd reacted big time throughout, particularly to Batista. They both his eachother with some big strikes throughout, and at one stage Kane reversed and sent Batista crashing into the steps outside, which he got a nearfall from. And after another nearfall off a big boot, Kane then added to the punishment by stretching The Animal around the ringpost as he seemed to be targeting Batista’s lower back. Kane later went to the top rope, but was caught by Batista with a clothesline on the way down… but Kane sat right up and grabbed Batista by the throat. Eventually Batista fought out and soon after hit a big boot of his own to Kane for a nearfall. After a Kane nearfall from a sideslam he went up top again and connected with the big clothesline off the top. Kane signalled for the Chokeslam, but Batista came right back and hit the Spinebuster. He then signalled for the end, but Kane drove him into the corner, then hit the Chokeslam… only for Batista to kick out at 2 and 3/4. Kane was annoyed and took off his elbow pads, and with Batista against the ropes he hit him towards the corner, stepping up to the second rope and struck down on Batista over and over. But… Batista then hooked his arms under Kane, and slammed him down for a Batista Bomb… and the 1,2,3. A really good finish to what was honestly a great match, which I didn’t expect these two to put on. A legitimate ****+ match which on WWE weekly TV in 2007 I think was rare. 

We had a video package promoting ECW Champion Bobby Lashley as Donald Trump’s guy for WrestleMania and looking back at his story in recent weeks. They really did try all they could with him in 2007 didn’t they?… 

We were shown another video promoting Trump vs McMahon, this time with various celebs giving their thoughts, the likes of Mark Cuban and John Travolta. The Majority wanted to see Trump bold which was funny. 

We had the debut next of MIZ TV. MY GOD was early days Miz the drivelling shits. His guest was Ashley, who’s long awaited Playboy was out that Monday. Miz tried to flirt but Ashley had none of it. Their interview was interrupted by the other guest that Miz didn’t tell Ashley about… Raw’s WWE Women’s Champion Melina. So… apparently Ashley was guest ring announcer for a Melina match on raw and Ashley knocked her down during it, hence their beef. oh and Yes… Melina did THAT entrance. It appears the angle here is Melina says Playboy couldn’t pay her enough to pose naked. And her body was sacred and only one guy could see and that was Johnny Nitro. Ashley said “that’s not what I heard honey” (WHAT). Melina said that was funny coming from someone barring it all for millions of people to see in a magazine. Crowd cheered Ashley for that… Ashley said it was time someone shut her up, and she had an idea for a match at mania for the women’s title… melina cheap-shotted Ashley and they fought. Crowd loved it ofc. Melina ran away as she could. Ashley stood tall. So there’s your big women’s match for WrestleMania everyone… 

Kane was backstage and Kristal tried to talk to him, as she wanted a comparison between Batista and Undertaker since Kane had now fought both… Kane said they were two of the toughest… when suddenly The Great Khali came in and battered Kane. He launched him into a nearby cage wall and roared for him to get up. Then headbutted him 5 times and Kane was busted open and knocked down as a result. Khali then launched Kane again and again into cage-like wall as he chats shit to him in punjab. It was a proper brutal beat down and Kane was left laying as Khali roared and posed after then walked away.

The WWE slam of the week was ECW two weeks ago where Kennedy beat Sabu to qualify for MITB in an extreme rules match.

Mr Kennedy defeated CM Punk 

Kennedy did his usual style intro of himself. Michael Cole said Kennedy was his pick to win MITB at WrestleMania… which is interesting… CM Punk… whatever happened to him? This was a fun enough match but it went too short to be really good. Kennedy was on top for most of the start as the crowd were though behind Punk somewhat. Kennedy hit a series of punches and a rest hold but Punk fought out… and soon hit a spin kick and then a crossbody off the ropes and then some more strikes… Mr Kennedy tried to kick Punk but got hit with a boot for the nearfall. Punk hit a step-up knee to the corner and a bulldog for a nearfall. Punk was sent into the middle rope by Kennedy, and then off the top he was pulled down. Then Kennedy dropped Punk with a neck breaker off the middle rope for the 123. Seemed a very abrupt finish but meh… it was a fine match just short, Punk looked great, but ofc Kennedy had to win… if you told me in 2007 that one of these two would be a multi time WWE world champion and one would never hold a WWE title and then said which one was which, I’d be astonished…

Kristal Interviewed Finlay. He jokes he’s not scared and not afraid of the dark, death or Undertaker. He added he has pure hot Irish blood in his veins and says he’s been to hell cause he’s Irish and that we will not see fear in these Irish eyes… Ok then… 

As it’s getting late… here’s the main event in full for you all. Enjoy.

Finlay vs The Undertaker 

One of if not the best SmackDown of 2007 so far. It was jam packed with stars and names which helped. What a show, we are well and truly on the road to WrestleMania 23 in a big big way… and I cannot wait!


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