SmackDown 2007: Episode 7 (16th February); TWO HUGE TAG TEAM MATCHES!

So on the go home episode of SmackDown before we go on to that Sunday’s No Way Out PPV, we have a couple of HUGE tag team matches that feature some of the biggest names from both Raw and SmackDown, so this should be a heck of a show…

We are told tonight we will see two HUGE tag team matches; Raw’s World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels & WWE Champion John Cena vs Mr Kennedy and MVP… and also Rated RKO vs Undertaker and Batista!

The Boogeyman defeated Finlay 

Finlay attacked Boogeyman during his entrance, before the match officially begun and Finlay continued the beatdown. Finlay took Boogeyman down then stomped on him, and dropped an elbow after before locking Boogeyman’s neck. Boogeyman tried to power up but Finlay stayed dominant until a spot where Boogeyman kicked Finlay to the outside. Eventually Finaly regained the advantage and got a nearfall after, before taking Boogeyman down with a clothesline. Finlay then took Boogeyman down and then tried to undo the turnbuckle protective pad, but the ref caught him… Finlay then tried to use his signature Shillelagh but the ref caught him with that too… but as the ref was dealing with Finlay… Hornswoggle came from behind and attacked Boogeyman with a Shillelagh of his own! Then in a bizarre moment LITTLE BOOGEYMAN appeared and brawled with Hornswoggle… the distraction allowed The Boogeyman to hit Finlay with his own Septor, and then pin Finlay once his back was no longer turned, and Boogeyman picked up the win.

They recapped the latest angle in the Donald Trump – Vince McMahon storyline from that week’s Raw… my how things change…

Duece with Domino and Cherry defeated Brian Kendrick with Paul London  

We were told before this match that Duece and Domino had gone above SmackDown GM Teddy Long and gone to the WWE board and got themselves a tag title match at No Way Out. Which is fair enough given they’ve beaten them last two weeks on. This match basically went the same way their two teams tag matches had gone the previous weeks; the bigger heel dominated with power and aggressive moves throughout… with the smaller faster babyface showing brief signs off offence and life with a quick flurry of moves towards the end. The finish came when Domino pushed Kendrick off the top rope behind the refs back, and then Duece came off the ropes and kicked Kendrick in the face for the win.

We were shown another recap from Raw where Cena, HBK, Taker and Batista took on Rated RKO and MVP and Kennedy. The big spot came when Batista and Taker took out Cena and HBK after the match.

Backstage back on SmackDown, Cena and HBK talked, and HBK said he had Cena’s back… but said it in a very… interesting way…

World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels and WWE Champion John Cena defeated Mr Kennedy and MVP 

HBK and Kennedy started. It was basic early before Michaels his a series of armdrag takedowns and then a headlock on Kennedy, Kennedy had HBK in the corner and hit him with strikes and a shoulder charge. After sending him to the opposing corner Mr Kennedy was then hit with a kick to the face by HBK, who then hit him with a series of chops, before making his way towards Cena for the tag. Cena went right to work with a hip toss, then a slam and dropped an elbow for a nearfall. Cena hit Kennedy in the corner, but missed him in the opposing corner, and Kennedy took advantage after by taking Cena down with a clothesline, and then tagging in MVP. MVP got a quick nearfall and continued a striking assault to Cena, then tagged in Kennedy again and he did the same. Cena got a hot tag to Michaels who took Kennedy down with a forearm off the ropes, then did his kip-up, then struck Kennedy down again. MVP tried to run in as well, but HBK sent him packing again with ease, HBK slammed Kennedy down, then went up top and hit the big elbow drop. He tuned up the band, Cena punched away MVP before he could interfere, but Kennedy was smart enough to move out the way before Michaels could hit the superkick, and Kennedy rolled to the outside. Michaels flung himself over the ropes onto the heels on the outside. After an ad break HBK was getting the better of Kennedy in the ring, then tagged in Cena who got a nearfall after they combined to take Kennedy down. Cena stayed in charge and got a nearfall before tagging in HBK after leading Kennedy into Michaels’ foot. Kennedy took over and dropped an elbow before tagging in MVP. But HBK quickly got the better of MVP… After a running of the ropes spot saw the referee be blindsided, Kennedy lowered the bottom rope so HBK went flying to the outside… With the ref distracted still Kennedy hit HBK then tossed him back in the ring, but MVP only got a nearfall. MVP looked happy and hit his ‘Ballin’ elbow, MVP tried over and over to get a pin and hit straight rights to HBK… Kennedy was tagged in and he beatdown HBK as well, as the crowd willed HBK into it with chants… Cena tried to play cheerleader, as Kennedy stomped on HBK in the corner then hit a big running boot for a nearfall. Kennedy tagged MVP, who hit strikes to Michaels, HBK tried to fight both his opponents but MVP hit him with a big running boot in the corner. He then got a couple of nearfalls, before Kennedy was tagged in and we had more of the same… Until finally HBK did his big comeback by moving out the way of a Kenton from Kennedy and as MVP came in, HBK crawled and tagged out to John Cena. Cena ran wild taking out both guys, flinging Kennedy to the outside, dropping MVP, hitting the 5 knuckle shuffle then the FU for the win (should also mention about how HBK superkicked Kennedy as he came in with a steel chair trying to hit Cena with it). Decent for what is was and especially given the very obvious end result.

Kristal spoke to Teddy Long backstage about No Way Out. Kristal basically came on to him and basically undressed… then the camera went to an ad break…

They recapped how on Raw the first Hall of Famer for 2007 was announced as being Dusty Rhodes. They showed a brilliant career package of the American Dream. One of the true all-time greats.

Bobby Lashley then came and briefly spoke to Long as well… Mr Kennedy came in and moaned at Long, and eventually we got an ECW World title match set up for No Way Out…

Ashley unveiled her Playboy Cover. She cut a promo discussing her path to WWE and becoming a Diva. She unveiled a big banner of the magazine cover above the ring, and the debut of her new entrance music. Photographers at ringside took lots of photos. The she left the ring… that was it really… no angle or anything…

They recapped the Trump – McMahon angle from Raw again.

Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs Scotty 2 Hotty 

NGL I didn’t even know Scotty was still around in 2007. Helms was on top right from the start, and they went back and forth. Scotty hit the WORM… THEN Daivari, then Funaki, then Jamie Noble then Shannon Moore, then Jimmy Wang Yang all ran out one after the other and everyone had a turn brawling. Helms retreated after with his belt.

Maryse welcomes us back to SmackDown. Another of her in the bath this time… BIZARRELY this time BIG DICK JOHNSON was in the bath with her at the other end… ok then…

Rated-RKO were backstage and they talked about their match tonight.

We were shown a vignette promoting the injured Rey Mysterio was returning to SmackDown next week. He will provide an update on his condition and recovery from injury.

World Heavyweight Champion Batista & The Undertaker vs Rated-RKO (Edge & Randy Orton) 


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