NXT TV: Episode 520 (14/8/2019) – Review

For those of you who haven’t really followed an NXT post-TakeOver show, this will likely follow the usual format of showing lots of video packages looking back at the TakeOver show, a few interviews and the two matches that were filmed in front of the live crowd in the arena before the TakeOver pre-show went on the air. The next set of tapings are scheduled for this Thursday (so today if you read this on the day it comes out) so normal service will be resumed next week. I wont spend much time taking about the video packages shown, I’ll just point you in the direction of my review of the show, as well as simply telling you to go to the WWE Network and see the show for yourself. It was as usual with these TakeOver shows a great one.

We opened with a full recap match by match of TakeOver: Toronto, with the Slipknot theme song of the show accompanying the video footage.

After the usual NXT intro package we were treated to a welcome return…

Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) defeated The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler and Wesley Black with Jaxson Ryker) 

Breezango got a heroes ovation from the crowd. After Fandango last week said their fashion sense was ‘whack’ they were in black gear this week that was not dissimilar to their old gear, just a little more… subtle… shall we say. Everything else about the act and entrance was the same as before which is cool. Forgotten Sons got a few boos but if Triple H and the rest of the bookers of NXT FORGOT them too, I don’t think anyone would remember them anytime soon. Dango hadn’t lost a step it seemed, and maybe a coincidence but Breeze looked rejuvenated. Ryker did get involved early on to cut off the Breezango momentum, and Cutler got a few nearfalls on Breeze after during their attack. Breeze fought off both men but the number soon caught up with him with Wesley Blake now legal. As Breeze went to leap to tag in Fandango he was hoisted down by Jaxson Ryker, only this time the ref caught The Forgotten Sons heavy-hitter in the act and banned him from ringside to the delight of the Toronto crowd. Not long after Breeze was able to leap to tag in his dancer of a partner, who in turn ran wild on Wesley Blake with a series of chops, and a couple of slams on Cutler before hitting a tornado DDT, and then his signature gyration of his hips to please the crowd. Fandango then went to the top only for Blake to catch him with a forearm after he had moved out the way, before carrying Fandango over to his corner, tagging in his partner, hitting a Frankensteiner followed by a diving headbutt by his partner. Tyler Breeze was able to drive the other Forgotten Son into them to stop the pinfall attempt. Not long after Fandango had got out of a possible double-team move he sent Wesley Blake and Cutler to the outside of the ring, tagged in Tyler Breeze and then hit an amazing tope con giro dive to the outside. he then put Blake back in the ring, tagged himself in from Breeze who had Blake held over his knees for Dango to then strike Blake (leaving him laying helpless over Breeze’s knees), and then Fandango did a springboard elbow drop for the pinfall. I don’t know if they used to do this move but it looked unique to me and one if they keep it going could really become something. Anyway Breezango get the babyface pop after their return win and Fandango did all the dancing stuff that the crowd joined in with and had enjoyed a lot. The Forgotten Sons? Christ I don’t even know for them anymore, this is not a good act and they’re not booked strong AT ALL…

Video recap of the NXT North American title match from TakeOver. This was followed by an interview with Cathy Kelley talking to Pete Dunne. He was not happy and thought he should be standing here starting his next title reign and said if it wasn’t for Velveteen stropping the ref from counting the three he’d have the North American Championship hanging out his mouth right now. It would appear the Pete Dunne pursuit of the North American title isn’t over.

Jordan Myles was seen warming up ahead of the final of the Breakout tournament in the main event of the show.

Video recap of the Breakout tournament (the same one that was shown last week).

We were shown highlights of the NXT tag title match form TakeOver. Fish and O’Reilly where then spoken to backstage by Cathy Kelley after their loss. In short, they were not happy. They made a point of showing a slow-motion replay form the match which shows O’Reilly tagging out to Bobby Fish during the match (well he was thrown into him and Fish fell off the apron so it’s a questionable tag, but one that would be enough for them to use), but it ended up being O’Reilly who was pinned. This would appear to be how they are going to set up the rematch for the next tapings I would presume.

We were shown an AWESOME video package titled ‘DESCENT INTO DARKNESS’ looking at the recent events that have seen Io Shirai turn heel. The video package was shown to the song ‘Scary Mask’ by Poppy featuring FEVER 333, which was the other TakeOver: Toronto theme song. This was excellent. Where this all leads to for Io other than her decimating the babyface NXT Women’s roster I don’t know… the NXT Women’s champion begin the other top heel in the division complicates things, but regardless seeing Io destroy various women each week is going to be great.

After we saw a recap of her win over Mia Yim, Shayna Baszler was interview by… CATHY KELLEY (who I hope is getting paid per interview for this episode). She was asked if any other competitor had pushed her as hard as Mia Yim did (erm… maybe Kairi Sane who a year ago actually pinned Shayna for the title perhaps???)… Shayna simply replied with “and still”.

We were shown exclusive footage of the NXT Championship match from Toronto.

They recapped Matt Riddle coming out at TakeOver to call out Killian Dain and the brawl between the two that ensued. Their match will finally happen on next week’s NXT.

Jordan Myles defeated Cameron Grimes to win the NXT Breakout Tournament 

I’ve been a little critical of this tournament so far. I’ve not liked the formulaic structure of the matches, they’ve done little in the way that has made these guys come across as big stars, and the two guys who have stood out to me the most as having potential (Dexter Lumis and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott) both got beat. Much like the rest of the tournament this match was just OK… the crowd were pretty silent throughout most of the match. As always they started with the basic grappling exchanges, before they went to the outside where Grimes got the advantage. Myles eventually made his comeback and later hit a big crossbody off the top for a 2 count. Cameron Grimes hit an Orange Crush for a nearfall, Jordan Myles got a modified Uranage with a bridging German suplex for a nearfall of his own. They exchanged moves in a decent exchange after until Myles hit a brainbuster before going to the top for a Midnight Star 450 splash for the 3 count and the win. Myles wins the tournament and is now guaranteed an NXT Championship opportunity for a title of his choice. NXT GM William Regal then came out to congratulate him whilst also presenting him with his contract for that future title opportunity. The show ended with Myles looking very happy with his newly won contract.

Come back next week for a normal episode of NXT featuring Killian Dain vs Matt Riddle. It will be the first from the tapings happening this week so we will get the follow up to NXT TakeOver: Toronto. I really am not sure what direction they will be heading in with regards to who next for Shayna (considering both Yim and LeRae suffered losses in Toronto) and as for the NXT Championship it was made clear that Cole vs Gargano 3 was the end of that feud. And given the ovation and farewell given to the fallen challenger after TakeOver had ended, could we even see an NXT goodbye speech by one of the brands greatest ever servants. All will be revealed over the next few weeks, but as always in NXT I trust.









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