14/5/2018 – What’s on my mind: FUCK YOU ROMAN! & who SHOULD be the next Universal Champion

I’m done. As of NOW I’d like to publicly declare I have officially had ENOUGH of Roman Reigns. Beforehand I would always defend him to everyone, my argument being that his character is great, he’s just being written and positioned terribly. But now, and pretty much every time since Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns on TV has just been a whining, complaining little bitch. Yeah he’s still a decent wrestler but fuck me he’s a dick on tv. He’s never been amazing on the mic, but occasionally when he’s really fired up (and even as recently as during the Lesnar pre-Mania stuff) he can deliver really effective and believable promos where after one in particular I recall I was fully wanting him to beat Lesnar. Of course he didn’t, and maybe that was the turning point for him to become a bitch all of a sudden, might be a bit of truth in that non-kayfabe, but never as a face before has Roman been presented as so CLEARLY a heel. Yet he continues to tag with the top good guys at live shows, and is beginning a feud with Jinder Mahal right now, but him being told by Kurt Angle (about as babyface an authority figure as you could get) that he wont be getting anymore chances to be in the MITB ladder match it seems now Roman has a gripe, but A. he’s been told NO by a good guy and B. it’s not like he’s justified for a spot in MITB after losing his first chance match. It seems inevitable that he will get ANOTHER shot at Brock, given the controversial ending to the Cage match when Roman’s feet hit the ground first but Lesnar was declared the winner, but will ANYONE care? No, and for once ME included. “FUCK YOU ROMAN” (Every live Raw and ppv crowd, since 2016). The “BIG DOG” has now become a big BITCH!

SO… if Roman SHOULD NOT be the one to overthrone The Beast and rescue the Universal Championship belt from part-time status, then the big question is who SHOULD instead? Well, the obvious answer (and the one on the whole I’d probably still prefer them to go with) is BRAUN STROWMAN. He’s the most over guy on the entire Raw roster right now, he’s huge, he’s awesome, he’s great at promos and if you look at Braun you see someone that’d be believable to end the reign of terror of Brock Lesnar. Ideally, in dream world, maybe Braun wins MITB, Roman beats Lesnar at Summerslam, then Braun immediately cashes in and wins. There’s that OR a great idea I heard that would REALLY solidify Braun as the main man if it all went to plan; Braun still wins MITB, but next night he announces ahead of time that he’ll be cashing in on Brock, Kurt Angle tells him Lesnar wont be here til Summerslam, and Braun says that’s fine and announces that he’ll be cashing in by challenging Brock for the title at Summerslam. Main event of Summerslam, Braun vs Brock, Braun wins, Lesnar FINALLY sods off to UFC and Braun holds the Universal Championship for 10000000 days, at least.

And whilst Braun is the most obvious alternative to Roman Reigns, who else could be in the spot, AND get cheered (yes Roman it is possible)? Finn Balor STILL hasn’t had his Universal title rematch, but who would I go with to face Brock NOW? The answer is Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins has without a doubt been the most outstanding in-ring performer on Raw in 2018 by a long, long way. Ever since The Shield had their brief reunion last year Seth has seemed like a charged man, ever since his Triple H feud had died down after their Mania 33 bout a babyface Rollins seemed a little lost and without any direction or real motivations, but the reformation of The Shield gave Rollins a huge spotlight to take the mantle as one of the top guys once again, his in-ring work went to another level, and even after Dean Ambrose injury put an end to that, his work with Jason Jordan and against Sheamus and Cesaro was where Seth really began to be standout among a plethora of top performers. In early 2018 after losing his and Jordan’s tag titles, Jordan’s injury meant Seth had a chance to once again shine on his own as a singles competitor, and my oh my has he SHINED!

A starring role in the near 2 HOUR gauntlet match on Raw in lasting over an hour himself (in which he pinned Roman Reigns and John Cena no less), and then an impassioned promo in the build to Wrestlemania where he declared that he wanted to make it “Monday Night Rollins”. It took nearly 2 years since his injury return that cost him the WWE Championship but Seth finally delivered the promo that we’ve all been waiting for. Another first class performance in the opening bout of Wrestlemania this year where he completed the grand-slam in winning the Intercontinental Championship, along with fantastic recent matches with Kevin Owens, Mojo Rawley (yes he got a great match from MOJO, he’s THAT good), The Miz and Finn Balor on THREE occasions has only seen his popularity increase even further to the point where he is not only one of the superstars of the year so far, but he’s one of the top challengers in waiting for the UNIVERSAL championship. As for the IC title Seth has been doing an open challenge gimmick recently, so you’d simply have DEAN AMBROSE answer and win that, those two feud and tear the house down, Dean comes out on top and Rollins moves on to challenge Brock. You could not have a more sympathetic babyface against Brock Lesnar if you tired WWE, people would go absolutely nuts (in the best way) if Rollins emerged as the challenger, and eventual victor, over Lesnar. 2 years ago at Summerslam Seth Rollins lost in a match to crown the first ever Universal Champion, so surely it’d be only fitting BROCK LESNAR LOSES TO SETH ROLLINS at Summerslam. And even then if you wanted Roman to eventually beat Rollins you could, but Seth should be made clearly as the main man in that, and Roman should be a heel. SETH ROLLINS, NEXT UNIVERSAL CHAMPION (or Braun…) PLEASE!


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