14/5/2018 – What’s on my mind: Money in the Bank build-up

So I don’t know if you’re aware (they only mentioned it 300000000 times on Raw and Smackdown) but the Money in the Bank ppv is around the corner. There have been a mass amount of both female and male superstars declaring the interest in participating in the matches, and even talk of a possible 3rd ladder match specifically for tag teams, which really would be something else. In the Men’s match confirmed as having qualified so far we have Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, The Miz and Rusev. And for the women Ember Moon and Charlotte Flair have booked their spot in the matches in Chicago on the 17th June. So that leaves 4 more men and 6 more women left to qualify as well as the rest of the card to be decided, a card that will likely include another gimmick match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal against Roman Reigns (oh the joys…). Money in the Bank has over the years been a dramatic evening, which given the prizes on offer is only natural for it to be one of the most important nights of the year for WWE.

Both the men’s and female’s ladder matches have, at this stage, no clear favourite to win. There are a number of different ways each could go, but it will be a lot clearer of whom WWE want to push to the very top as we head into Summerslam season once Money in the Bank 2018 has concluded. The one big beast-size shadow that hangs over WWE at the moment, with a BIG DOG-shaped one not far behind it, has certainly put a bit of a dampener on Monday Night Raw’s world title scene recently, and nothing that has happened on Raw in the past couple of weeks makes me personally think that Roman is turning heel or that he is no longer the main challenger to Brock Lesnar. I guess the dream scenario if the MITB winner is to chase the Universal title is for Brock and Roman to have their re-re-re match at Extreme Rules or Summerslam and then akin to Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 31 somebody comes in mid match and cashes in and walks away with the red belt. IDEALLY that’d be Finn Balor but that’s way too much of a dream to be true, but if it were to be the Universal champion that would be cashed in on it would surely be Braun Strowman to come down and give the WWE universe a moment for the ages.

People have also speculated they could go with Miz to win the briefcase, and wait until long-time rival Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship and ruin his moment. Something both Miz and Bryan have experienced before in those roles, and that’d surely set up an eventual rematch at Wrestlemania…??? Or absolutely neither of those might happen, at this stage it really is unknown which way they’ll go. With Corbin failing with his cash in, and Carmella setting the record for holding the briefcase for the longest amount of time before she cashed in, WWE have shown they’re not afraid to do something different with the sought after case. As for the Women’s MITB and how that will play out… hmmm…. really don’t know to be honest… in a dream world if I have my way… I say Ember Moon gets the win, and cashes in on the Smackdown Women’s Champion… not Carmella but by that stage ASUKA (aka the women who beat her at every turn in NXT), so you’d have Charlotte who beat Asuka, Carmella who beat Charlotte, Asuka who beat Carmella, and then Ember Moon beating Asuka who had beat Ember who had been beaten by Asuka who beat Carmella who had beat Charlotte who had beat Asuka… you get all that???

It’s cliche but there are still surely so many twists and turns before we get to the Allstate Arena in 5 weeks time, and that’s the key thing… we still have FIVE weeks to go! It’s a wonder how they will keep the hype going, and ironic that they had a week build to Backlash (which was terrible) and what will be 6 weeks build to Money in the Bank, so hopefully that’ll balance itself out and lead to a great event. An NXT Takeover the night before (which are always spectacular) and the fact they will be coming off the back of what was widely regarded as one of the worst WWE pay per views of all time in their previous outing all means that Money in the Bank 2018 NEEDS to be fantastic… and right now I’m quietly optimistic it will be. All matches are remembered for who won more than how good they were so as long as they get the winners of the ladder matches right, and AJ V Shinsuke has a PROPER finish, they SHOULD be all great and the show will be viewed as a success. And not having Roman Reigns main event the show, and winning a boring and shite match clean, that not happening would help make the show a good one also, so FFS WWE I beg you; MAKE THIS GOOD, DO NOT SCREW THIS UP!!! PLEASE!?!


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