WWE 2K22 Universe Mode: Chapter 6 – A New (Rated R) Era!

So with my first ‘Big 4′ PPV of Universe Mode in the books, what next? Well I always see these times as great chances to freshen things up and move on… So I’ve made a few switches to both my Raw and SmackDown rosters (more on those later). But for now, why don’t I tell you all what went down on the Raw after SummerSlam for the first bit of fallout from a show that saw Keith Lee retain the WWE title, Charlotte become the SmackDown Women’s Champion (AGAIN… sorry), and Roman Reigns’ victory over John Cena be quickly halted by the reality-mirroring return of THE BEAST Brock Lesnar!!!

Raw – September, Week 1

WWE Champion Keith Lee would come out to open the show. I’d have him cut a promo talking about his win at SummerSlam, whilst putting over his opponent Walter. He’d go on to talk about how he won the title after then champion Bobby Lashley issued an open challenge to anyone, and he too is a fighting champion, so that anyone who wanted to step up was most welcome to. The call would be answered by Dominik Dijakovic! I’d have him keep it short and sweet, and say something referring to “T-Bar is dead, but Dominik Dijakovic wants you and the WWE Championship, to FEAST YOUR EYES!”.

(Basically, the latest patch update to the game allowed for those character versions utilized in the ‘My Rise’ mode to be playable in all modes. So Dijakovic is in, as are a few others that you’ll notice too elsewhere in my Universe Mode.)

Our first match of the night is a title rematch from SummerSlam…

The newly formed ‘RK-Bro’ would retain here, with Orton hitting the RKO on and then pining Styles for the win. The babyfaces are on fire in this one, with Riddle celebrating wildly after, Orton though was of course a tad more reserved. As for the former champions, both argue with one another after the babyfaces leave with their belts, with Omos pushing Styles over before he left the ring. AJ seemed to be trying to reason with Omos and act as a teacher and consoling ‘coach’, Omos wasn’t as willing to talk and seemed furious, blaming Styles for taking the pin loss twice in two nights…

After that I’d do a backstage with a heel Mickie James in an interview alongside Carmella. Mickie seemed to really cut a promo on her former friend Nikki A.S.H, as Carmella looked on in the background a little reluctant. Toni Storm, now a babyface, interrupts and says Mickie will be sorry she ever messed with her and Nikki…

MVP and Bobby Lashley would then come out to the ring. They cut a promo with MVP seeming to suggest Bobby hadn’t been listening to him as much as of late, hence he’d taken a loss to Damian Priest two weeks ago and not take up Keith Lee’s earlier open challenge. Bobby seemed annoyed by these remarks, but as the two began to argue, Samoa Joe came out for the next match.

Joe gets the win here. MVP seems annoyed after, shaking his head as he had tried to help Lashley during the match, but Lashley refused to accept as he wanted to beat Joe clean…

Next we have Djakovic backstage, who is then confronted by his former Retribution stablemates Mustafa Ali, Mace and Reckoning. Ali seems furious at demands to know why he has left his true friends and family behind? Mace adds that he was the best version of himself with them, and now he has gone back to someone who just panders to those sick people. Dijakovic says that he though retribution was for the greater good, but he realized that was just a lie dreamt up to further Ali, and now he wanted to show everyone who he really was and do what I want to do, rather than be a cheap servant in your cult (to Ali). They eventually get into a brawl but Dijakovic gets the better of both Mace and Mustafa Ali, as Reckoning flees.

Match 3 of Raw sees two rivals lock horns again… both fresh off big wins the night before at SummerSlam…

This one I’d have be a decent double-babyface match, like their previous match in my Universe Mode, but the finish would see Io Shirai interrupt and take out her fury on Ripley after she failed again to win the Raw Women’s Championship from her the night prior. Only here, Asuka would turn heel and join Shirai in attacking the champion… Until… who should make the save?… Well, to be honest I couldn’t keep her away any longer, SHE is back!

New United States Champion Damian Priest has an interview backstage before his match…

The new US Champion Priest starts his run with a win against SHINSUKE Nakamura (no more of this ‘King’ bollocks for him).

I’d then have a backstage with MVP and Lashley not getting on. Benjamin and Alexander of The Hurt Business try and ease tensions, but MVP quips “I’m Out” and walks away. Cedric asks Bobby “Now what?”…

Match 5 sees the arrival of another character change (thanks to the latest patch update)…

The babyface team of Storm and Nikki CROSS would get the win here. Carmella would seem reluctant during the match to go along with James’ heelish approach, and thus this would allow for Storm to pick up the win for her team.

And finally this would lead us up to our main event… Now this is a part of the blog where I have to mix my creative license with the actual gameplay in order to tell the story I want to…

So… indeed in the game my Raw main event was indeed Dijakovic challenging Keith Lee for the WWE Title…

So the match goes along just fine… with Lee retaining… Until… making his Raw debut, KARRION KROSS would come out with his Dark Angel SCARLETT…

I’d have Kross attack both Lee and Dijakovic, in somewhat of a mirror of the lead to the Lee vs Kross title match from NXT… and with both babyfaces (including the WWE Champion) down… then… The Ultimate Opportunist would strike…

And eventually…

The Raw after SummerSlam ends with Edge successfully cashing in his Money In The Bank, to become the NEW WWE Champion!

SmackDown – September, Week 1

The New SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair would kick off SmackDown with an in-ring promo. She would soon be joined by former Champion Bianca Belair, feeling after the nature of the SummerSlam finish she was robbed of her title, and then the new NXT call-up Raquel Gonzalez. This will set up the contenders match later in the show…

The first match of the show would see the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions in action…

The champions would kick off with a solid win. I’m going to try and make them fairly active champions who take on all comers, and do something real WWE have never done… and bring credibility to the women’s tag titles.

Next I would have a LIVID Roman Reigns backstage in The Bloodline’s locker room, alongside Paul Heyman and The Usos… The Universal Champion still smarting over the shock appearance of Brock Lesnar at the conclusion of SummerSlam.

Match 2 I’d have Otis get a win over his old rival Ziggler. With Alpha Academy turning babyface it felt the right way to go here.

Match 3… and I’d have to make a change due to recent real life events… my next match is for the now vacant Intercontinental Championship… With number one contender Murphy taking on the latest new edition to the SmackDown roster…

After what I thought was a pretty good match, our NEW IC Champion…:

Next, in a backstage segment I’d have The New Day confronted by Apollo Crews. Xavier Woods is the one who stands up to him, thus setting up a match for later in the show…

I’d then have Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn walking backstage on the way to the ring for the next match…

This match though would lead into an angle afterwards… as Finn and Cesaro are celebrating, a new faction on SmackDown debuts, and comes out to confront and then attack Balor and Cesaro… and they are…


Kayla Braxton then interviews Paul Heyman backstage. They talk about what happened at SummerSlam, as Heyman says Reigns will speak later tonight.

Match 5 is the aforementioned number 1 contender’s match to decide the next challenger to Charlotte Flair’s SmackDown Women’s title…

The match wouldn’t have a winner though, as Charlotte would eventually interrupt to cause the double DQ… I’d have the two have a good match that spilled towards the outside, and with Flair on commentary, she gets caught in the middle of the brawling and eventually decides to get her own back…

The final match of SmackDown would be the previously mentioned match between…

Yeah, Crews as the singles guy definitely should take the W here. No New Day help with Woods (as the babyface) wanting to go at it alone… MAYBE when a future DLC content comes out… MAYBE Crews will get some help of his own…

To close the show I’d have Roman and Heyman come out to the ring. Heyman seems on edge and Reigns picks up on this, as he questions how much he knew about Lesnar being at SummerSlam? He furiously calls out The Beast, demanding he doesn’t just come to acknowledge him, but comes out to take an ass whoopin… But instead…

Drew answers the call out. He goes nose to nose with Roman and says “Well Roman, if it was a fight you were looking for…”, before hitting a headbutt and a Claymore to down the champion… Roman and Heyman flee in panic as Drew stands tall to close the show.

And those are my two post-SummerSlam shows, with a fair few changes on those shows to go with ones upcoming. So with that said, here is an updated list of both my Raw and SmackDown rosters going forward. As I said earlier, some of these changes I have explained in storyline already, others will take shape over the next few weeks of shows…

Raw Roster (September Week 2-)

WWE Champion: Edge (H – Heel)

Keith Lee (F – Babyface) / Samoa Joe – F / AJ Styles – F

Karrion Kross (with Scarlett) – H / ‘The Monday Night Messiah’ Seth Rollins – H

Raw Women’s Champion: Rhea Ripley – F

Asuka – H / (Teamed with Asuka) Io Shirai – H / (The IIconics) Peyton Royce – H / Shayna Baszler – H / (Retribution) Reckoning – H / (The IIconics) Billie Kay – H

Becky Lynch – F / Miss MITB: Liv Morgan – F / Toni Storm – F / Nikki Cross – F / (Aligned with R-Truth) Carmella – F

United States Champion: Damian Priest (F)

(Imperium) Walter – H / Omos (with MVP – H) – H / (Retribution) Mustafa Ali – H

Ricochet – F / Dominik Dijakovic – F

Raw Tag Team Champions: RK-Bro (Randy Orton – F & Riddle – F)

Imperium (Marcel Barthel – H & Fabian Aichner – H) / John Morrison – H & The Miz – H / Dolph Ziggler – H & Robert Roode – H

Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate – F & Trent Seven – F) / Viking Raiders (Erik – F & Ivar – F)

Dana Brooke – F / (Aligned with Carmella) R-Truth – F / Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik – F & Lince Dorado – F) / Titus O’Neil – F / Mansoor – F

Mickie James – H / Elias – H / Oney Lorcan – H & Danny Burch – H / (Retribution) Mace – H / Akira Tozawa – H

SmackDown Roster (September Week 2-)

Universal Champion: Roman Reigns – H (With Paul Heyman)

Drew McIntyre – F / (The New Day) Big E – F / (The Hurt Business) Bobby Lashley – F

Finn Balor – H / (Legado del Fantasma) Santos Escobar – H

SmackDown Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair – H

Bianca Belair – F / Raquel Gonzalez – F / Alexa Bliss – F / WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Tegan Nox – F & Shotzi – F / Naomi – F

Sasha Banks – H (with Tamina – H) / Bayley – H / Mandy Rose – H & Sonya Deville – H / Natalya – H

Intercontinental Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura – F

Murphy – H / Pete Dunne – H / Sheamus – H

Cesaro – F / Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott – F

SmackDown Tag Team Champions: The Usos (Jimmy – H & Jey – H)

The New Day (Xavier Woods – F & Kofi Kingston – F) / Street Profits (Montez Ford – F & Angelo Dawkins – F) / The Hurt Business (Shelton Benajmin – F & Cedric Alexander – F)

Kevin Owens – H & Sami Zayn – H / Legado del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde – H & Raul Mendoza – H)

Rey Mysterio – F & Dominik Mysterio – F / Alpha Academy (Otis – F & Chad Gable – F) / Breezango (Tyler Breeze – F & Fandango – F)

Apollo Crews – H / Happy Corbin – H / Jinder Mahal – H / Austin Theory – H / Humberto Carrillo – H & Angel Garza – H

So that’s where we are up to so far in my Universe Mode. The next PPV will be Clash of Champions, where ALL the championships will be on the line!


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