WrestleMania 18 (2002) – Review

Look Back at WrestleMania: WrestleMania X8 | Pro Wrestling Script

People often don’t look too fondly at this show, but I do. It’s one of the Manias that I’ve watched the most, but it of course is best remembered for one of THE all time great matches… It’s a really interesting time in the business at the time WrestleMania made it’s way back to the Skydome in Toronto…: WCW is gone and WWF is THE only show in town, WCW’s biggest group are now a part of the show in a big way, the main who main evented the previous year is halfway down the card, the main who opened the show a year ago is in the main event here (as defending champion no less), Triple H is now the top babyface (in the companies eyes anyway), and we are 24 hours away from the debut of THE NEXT BIG THING… but that’s all to come… for now… join me as I look back at WrestleMania 18 from the year 2002.

Saliva opened the show with a live performance of ‘Superstar’ (one of the show’s theme songs). A montage showing footage that built to the matches on the show played in the background.

We then had the yearly Mania opening video. They are always good, but I particularly liked this one. (I can’t find the proper clip anywhere online, but if you have the WWE network and go to the part entitled ‘the memories of WrestleMania’ towards the beginning of this show you’ll see it). I just loved how they had the guys that were gonna be on the show talk about WrestleMania and how much it meant to them, good stuff. The Triple H bit in particular was spine-tingling.

Huge fireworks displayed after as JR and Jerry Lawler on commentary at Toronto’s Skydome.

Rob Van Dam defeated William Regal (C) to win the Intercontinental Championship

Jay Reviews Things: WWF WrestleMania X8

A year after his beloved ECW went bust, RVD finds himself opening WWF’s biggest show. Also in 2001 we had William Regal in the WrestleMania opener competing for the IC title, this time as defending champion. He did though come to the ring wearing the belt upside down (?) … RVD was on offence right away, with big “RVD” chants, Regal tried to get his signature brass knuckles but RVD kicked them away, Regal begged for mercy, but Van Dam was still on top. He went up high for the 5 Star but Regal moved out the way, and got a nearfall just after. Regal (who now was bleeding from the mouth) kicked out of a Van Dam nearfall after, and then another from a backslide. Regal hit a vertical suplex for a 2 count, Regal was in the corner but then got hit with a reverse Irish whip and a back bodydrop by Van Dam which looked great, Regal though soon after got a nearfall from a neckbreaker. Regal had RVD in a hold, the RVD hit some kicks but then had the Rolling Thunder denied by Regal getting his knees up, Regal then got a big powerbomb for a nearfall. Van Dam got an inside cradle after, but again only a nearfall. Van Dam soon after monkey flipped Regal out of the corner, and tried a spin kick but Regal hit a full nelson into a German suplex which looked brutal but good. Regal rolled RVD back in to the ring, he then got the brass knuckles but the ref saw them an un-armed him, only for Regal to then get a set from his wrestling pants… but RVD kicked Regal down. And then RVD hit a huge 5 star frog splash off the top, and got the 1,2,3 for the win. Big crowd pop and a solid way to kick off the show.


WWF.Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs. Christian - European Championship Match  (WRESTLEMANIA 2002.03.17.8 - Vídeo Dailymotion

A very smug Christian was interviewed backstage. Lilian Garcia led to footage from Raw that showed Christian turning on his former mentor DDP. Christian said he used DDP, and then didn’t need him… and of course he trashed his hometown Toronto… so lets see if they boo him or not…

We saw a pretty amazing aerial view of the Skydome from the nearby CN Tower.

Well… Christian still got some cheers when he came out, but cleverly they billed him as “now hailing from Tampa, Florida”. Smart.

Diamond Dallas Page (C) defeated Christian to retain the European Championship

Christian hit some stomps right away, and then posed with the belt. DDP came back with strikes, and took Christian down after. Then a DDP clothesline took both guys down, he was then on offence until Christian dropped DDP on the top turnbuckle after he was stood punching him. Christian then threw DDP on the ropes and then ran him off the apron with a shoulder charge (DDP flew into the barrier). Christian was on offence again after (I got really bored of the match at this stage so apologies for the rest of the notes). Eventually Christian had an abdominal stretch in and hit more strikes, he got a nearfall after before choking DDP in the corner. Christian then got a reverse elbow, and was on top until DDP threw him down… eventually DDP hit a discuss clothesline, then a great sit out powerbomb for a nearfall. Christian tried to get the Unprettier after but couldn’t, DDP couldn’t get the Diamond Cutter, but Christian did hit a move that got a nearfall 2 count. Christian then composed himself and didn’t throw a tantrum at not getting the win, DDP got a nearfall after an inside cradle… and then BOOM… Diamond Cutter. 1,2,3. DDP retains.


DDP took the mic, and despite being the babyface he was condescending and wound up Christian. He told him how proud he was that Christian didn’t lose his temper, and controlled his anger… despite losing infront of 67,000 fans in the skydome, and those watching at home… Christian then of course threw a tantrum…

10 Best Ever Reactions To Losing A Wrestling Match – Page 7

Johnathan Coachman interviewed The Rock backstage.

Such good shit!

Right… so next up is a match for the Hardcore Championship… This was in fact the only officially scheduled Hardcore title match for the show… try and bare that in mind as WrestleMania 18 progresses…

Goldust vs Maven (C) for the Hardcore Championship ends when Spike Dudley ran in and won the title

Goldust got a GOLDEN trash can from under the ring before Maven came out. After Goldust dominated the early brawl, he smashed Maven over the back with a small tray before trying to launch his opponent into one of the Gold Trashcans… but Maven was able to land out the way. He then threw the trashcan to Goldust then dropkicked it into him, getting a 2 count nearfall. After that Maven reversed a Suplex into an inside cradle nearfall, Goldust got his own nearfall from a neackbreaker, and he slammed Maven down before getting a GOLDEN shovel which he stomped on so it show up and hit Maven. Goldust hit shots in the corner to Maven before sending him into the trashcan he had set up in the opposite corner, getting another 2 count. The finish to this ‘match’ was funny…

Maven staggers to his feet in the ring and picks up one of the Gold trashcan lids, Goldust meanwhile gets up on the apron with the other lid… and they both hit one another at the same time… Goldust falls in a heap, Maven is also down and that’s when Spike runs in with a referee and gets the pin on Maven. Spike Dudley is now Hardcore champion.

Just as quickly Crash Holly runs out with another red and chases Spike into the crowd, all the refs and then Goldust, and Maven all go running after… and the race to leave WrestleMania 18 as Hardcore Champion is on!

After that chaos… we had a live performance by Drowning Pool with their song ‘Tear Away’ accompanied by a video telling the story going into the Undisputed title match later in the show. The lyrics of the song, and the way the video was put together, actually encapsulated the story/dynamic between Jericho, Stephanie and Triple H quite well I thought, so fair play to them. The most common lyric of the song was “I, don’t care about anyone else but me”…

Crash Holly and Spike Dudley fought backstage over the Hardcore title, Crash at one stage getting a nearfall (FYI if you don’t recall, the Hardcore title was the 24/7 Championship of its day). Then Al Snow came through with his own referee (who was actually Teddy Long by the way), and he crashed a golf cart he was driving into a load of boxes, missing Crash and Spike. Spike and Crash fought on, with Spike throwing Crash into a steel gate….

The Hardcore Championship changes hands several times throughout the night: WrestleMania  X8 - YouTube

Then… THE HURRICANE came FLYING (go with it, OK…) in to take Spike down, pin him and now The Hurricane was the new Hardcore Champion! Al Snow re-emerged after our superhero had ‘flown away’, fuming at what had unfolded…

Anyway… on with the show…

Kurt Angle defeated Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Kane Wrestlemania 18/X8 : WWEMatchGraphics

Kurt didn’t look too happy with the ‘YOU SUCK’ chants. He cut a GREAT heel promo trashing the Canadian Olympic Gold medal figure skaters, and calling himself the ‘big red, white and blue machine’. He’s the best. Kane as always got a big pop coming out, and in this era had an amazing, size-look.

Kurt Angle hit Kane with the ring bell before the match. Angle hit hard strikes as Kane replied with his own offence, Kurt hit a German suplex, and then stomps to Kane’s head and stomach, Kane powers up and hit a series of right hands and a shoulder barge, eventually Kane tried a chokeslam but Angle got to the ropes. Kane hit a clothesline to take Angle down, then Kurt hit a great belly to bell suplex, and a clothesline that took Kane down, then again, and more stomps to Kane’s head after. Angle choked Kane using the ring ropes, then a striking exchange, followed by Kurt Angle suplex for a 2 count, Angle with a front facelock but Kane powered out and slammed Angle down, Angle hit punches, and after Kane hit a big sidewalk slam, eventually after Angle hit 3 German suplexes in a row, but only got a 2 count from the pin after. Angle went up top and took Kane down after, the crowd booed him posing, Angle went to the top rope again but this time Kane caught him as he came down and hit a clothesline. After both men got back to their feet they had a series of offensive moves each, with Kane getting a nearfall after a powerslam. Kane soon after did get the Chokeslam but just before the 3 Angle got his hand on the bottom rope. Kane signalled for the throat slit after and tried for a Tombstone, but Angle put his fingers in Kane’s eyes and seemed to try and get his mask off, he then hit the Angle Slam, but Kane kicked out at 2. Kurt pulled the straps down after and put the Ankle lock on Kane, but Kane managed to power and kick Kurt away. Angle got the Ankle lock in again but Kane got to the ropes and then hit an enziguiri after. Kane then went to the top rope but amazingly Kurt climbed up after him and threw him down. After a series of reversals of eachother’s finisher, Angle managed to roll Kane over and got the 1,2,3 … but Angle had his feet on the ropes to get extra leverage. Angle quickly made his exit from the ring and up the ramp, Kane was not happy. This was a decent match on fairness.


Hurricane was sneaking around backstage, trying to protect his Hardcore title… he hid after hearing people… in to shot came some… ladies… who, well they knew The Godfather put it that way… Anyway, they eventually spot Hurricane hiding and scream, and The Godfather runs in and chases Hurricane off…

Anyway… How’s this for a change of pace…

The Undertaker defeated Ric Flair in a No DQ match

WWE news: Ric Flair reveals how The Rock helped him backstage before facing  The Undertaker at WrestleMania 18

GREAT pre-match promo video, telling the story of how Flair stopped Taker cheating to win a match, Taker challenged him to a Mania match, Flair said no… and so Taker attacked both Ric’s best friend Arn Anderson and his son David, Flair eventually accepted. The two later brawled, and Ric accidentally hit a ‘fan’ and was subsequently arrested. Ric, in storyline, was co-owner of the WWF, and with his arrest and subsequent refusal to relinquish his match with Undertaker it was Linda McMahon who lead a board of directors meeting that granted Mr McMahon control of the WWF. Linda said they reserved the right to review that immediately following WrestleMania, which would come in the form of inaugural Draft a few weeks later… Anyway… time for the match…

Classic Undertaker ‘Rollin’ motorbike entrance. Lots of woos when Flair came out. They both immediately started brawling, and even went over the announce table. Back in the ring Flair hit a series of punches, and later Taker caught Flair and drove him back first into the ringpost on the outside. Taker smashed Flair’s head into the steel steps… back in the ring Flair hit some punches, Taker punched back (he now had a cut across his cheek), taker threw flair into the corner and Ric took his classic bump over the turnbuckle to the outside. Undertaker when after him and hit a load of punches to Flair over and over again… and of course Flair bled all over the place. Undertaker kicked Flair in the head, as he went on a long period of just bartering Ric all over the place, flair cameback with some huge chops, Taker hit some punches, then he put Flair on the top rope and unleashed a series of strikes on him, and then hit a big superplex, which got him a 2 count as Taker lifted Flair up before the ref could count the 3. Taker went on the offensive some more, including a big leg drop to Flair on the apron. It really has been ALL undertaker up to this point in the match. Taker eventually went up for Old School but Ric pulled him down, hit some more chops but Taker soon hit a sidewalk slam for a 2 count nearfall. Taker went into the ropes after Flair moved out the way, Flair hit some more chops and punches and also went and raked Taker’s eyes, he then went to Undertaker’s bike at ringside and got a lead pipe, he then smashed Taker on the head with it to bust him open. Undertaker then drove Flair into the apron and the Lead pipe went flying across the ring and way out of reach for Flair. Taker went on the offence but Flair hit him with a nearby sign. Back in the ring Flair hit some punches to Taker, taker tried the chokeslam but Flair hit a low blow, and the crowd were going wild as Ric got in the figure 4! Taker soon grabbed ric’s throat and hit a chokeslam, but Flair kicked out at 2. Taker hit some more punches for another nearfall. Taker punched out the ref in frustration, Taker then went to get the lead pipe , Flair hit some kicks and then chops, and then… in an iconic Wrestlemania moment…

Arn Anderson came into the ring and hit an amazing signature spinebuster to the Undertaker… but sadly Flair could only get a 2 count after. Undertaker went after Arn and busted him open, Flair hit some chair shots to the back of Taker, but Taker then kicked the chair into Ric’s face. He tried to lift him for a Last Ride but Flair seemed so tired he couldn’t lift him… so instead Taker picked Flair up again and hit the Tombstone Piledriver for the 1,2,3 and the win. This was a really fun watch, really classic pro wrestling with the babyface in peril. Flair put over Taker really well but still got his own stuff in.


WWE Wrestlemania 18, The UnderTaker Vs Ric Flair , Full Match ( 2002 ) HD -  فيديو Dailymotion

Booker T (with glasses on) was interviewed by Michael Cole about his feud with Edge. He asked about the shampoo endorsement deal in Japan that Edge got over Booker, and Edge’s questioning Booker’s lack of intelligence. Booker cameback saying he won an award for his high school thesis on… “Einstein’s Theory of… RELATIVES”… yep…

Induction: Booker T vs. Edge - Samurai Shampoo - WrestleCrap - The Very  Worst of Pro Wrestling!

Edge defeated Booker T

Wrestlemania 18 - Booker T vs Edge for a fake shampoo commercial. :  SquaredCircle

Naturally hometowner Edge got a giant crowd welcome.

We had a hard lock up, a hard strike exchange, a Booker shoulder knocked Edge down, Edge took Booker down twice for a pin attempt, Booker then dropped Edge on the ropes, and got a nearfall after a kick. Booker sent Edge to the outside, and eventually got a nearfall after a missile dropkick. Booker T was on offence again until Edge got some punches and chops in the corner… Booker was on top again until Edge moved out the way so Booker went over the ropes to the outside. Eventually Edge got a great hurricanrana off the top on Booker T, and after more exchange of offence Edge dodged a possible scissor kick and got a nearfall of his own. Edge soon after hit a spinning heel kick off the top rope for a 2 count. Booker T got a victory roll for a nearfall of his own, Edge slingshotted Booker into the corner before Booker dodged the Spear and got Edge down with a kick. And then Booker did the Spinarooni!!! (Jim Ross on commentary said he tried that last week on his porch… WHAT!? Ahahahaha)! He followed up with the Scissor kick but only got a 2 count from the pin after crawling to the cover. He tried to hit the Book End after but Edge countered and came off the ropes to hit a Spear…but Booker kicked out at 2! Edge then did a Spinarooni of his own, and eventually at the second attempt hit the Educution for the 1,2,3.


Hurricane tried to escape out the building with the Hardcore title, but Johnathan Coachman wanted an interview to question him about what happened earlier with The Godfather’s… Anyway ‘Mighty’ Molly ran in, and eventually turned on Hurricane by hitting him over the back of the head with a frying pan (yes… go with it…), a ref counter the pin… and now Mighty Molly was the new Hardcore Champion!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Molly Holly – Page 8

An outstanding video package previewed our next match…

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Scott Hall

Al's Classic Matches: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall Wrestlemania  X8 | Mitch Nickelson's Wrestling Blog

What’s STEVE AUSTIN doing in this spot on the card??? His time at the top was clearly winding down just a year after his world title win in the main event, and his subsequent heel turn that flopped massively… here was “the OLD STONE COLD” for people to cheer… against an opponent here with more than a few issues at the time, and it was never going to be a classic was it? But it was OK enough, remembered mainly for an all-time sell of the Stunner at the end by Hall… before that though…

Hall brought Kevin Nash out with him as his insurance policy.

Stone Cold began on the offensive with stomps, Hall cameback but Austin put him down with a Lou Thesz Press. Hall tried to run on the outside as Austin chases him, Nash took a hit from Austin as he ran round, and Hall got nearfall when they got back in the ring. Hall hit chops on Austin, as Nash in the background took the pad off of one of the turnbuckles, Hall then sent Austin into the exposed buckle, Hall sent Austin to the outside and with the ref distracted it was Nash who laid a couple shots in on Stone Cold. Hall was on top as he hit a fallaway slam for a 2 count. Then a hard clothesline for another nearfall. Hall again diverted the ref’s attention so Nash could get a shot on Austin, Hall stomped on Austin, Nash again with a cheap shot, but Austin cameback with a spinebuster to Hall. Hall hit some punches, but Stone Cold hit the Stunner… only for Nash to pull the ref out the ring as he was about to count the 3. Nash went in and attacked Austin, and told Scott Hall to get a chair, Nash then held Austin up for Hall to hit, but Stone Cold low blowed Hall then hit Stunners to Hall and Nash! Austin had Hall pinned but of course no referee… a new ref slid in but Nash dropped an elbow on him to take him out. Hall tried to hit Razor’s Edge to Austin but was sent to the outside, and then a group of other referees came out and forced Nash to go to the back and leave the ringside area (the crowd booed this). Stone Cold went after Hall and hit a series of strikes, he tried a Stunner but instead Scott Hall hit the Stunner to Austin! 1…2… kick out! After Austin kicked Hall away as both men were up, and then STUNNER by Austin, 1,2,3. Austin wins.


This match isn’t remembered fondly by a lot of people. Having watched it back I think that’s largely down to the context (Austin’s spot on the card etc.). This was decent for what it was.


WWF Wrestlemania X8 | Steve austin, Stone cold steve, Wrestling superstars

We were shown footage of WrestleMania Axxess. So many great interactive activities, and cool stuff. One clip we saw was a woman in tears meeting The Undertaker.

Saliva performed the entrance song for the Dudleys ahead of the next match. It was pretty cool to be fair.

Billy and Chuck (C) defeated The Dudley Boys (D-Von and Bubba Ray) with Stacey Keibler, The APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) and The Hardy Boyz (Jeff and Matt) in a Four Corners Elimination Match to retain the WWF Tag Team Championship

This match was pretty chaotic as you can imagine, and the crowd was kind of flat for most of it… in the early part after The APA seemed to dominate the early stages, they of course were the first team eliminated after Faarooq had taken out Bubba Ray, Bradshaw hit the clothesline from hell on Chuck, and then the dudleys hit the 3D on Bradshaw and pinned him. After The Hardys and Dudleys had some entertaining exchanges, and then it got to a point where I hit my limit… I saw so many guys in the crowd taking pictures of Stacey Keibler’s ass, so if they’re not interested in the match neither am I… eventually D-Von got pushed off the top rope by Billy and he absolutely CRASHED through a table that The Dudleys had earlier set up. Then right after Matt hit the Twist of Fate to Bubba, Jeff followed with the Stanton and The Hardy Boyz took out The Dudleys. And not long after that Billy hit Jeff Hardy with a Fame-asser, Matt took he and Billy out, and Chuck crawled over to cover Jeff, but he kicked out. But after Billy (apparently according to JR as we didn’t see it on screen) drove Matt’s head into the ring steps, Billy hit Jeff over the head with a tag title belt (as the ref’s back was turned), and Chuck then did cover Jeff for the win.


Scott Hall and Kevin Nash fumes backstage about how Austin had got lucky in the match earlier. Nash said they would take out their anger later on The Rock. Hollywood Hulk Hogan entered shot and said he wanted to go out there on his own, to which Nash and Hall didn’t look too happy. This was great foreshadowing for what was to come later in the night.

Mighty Molly was trying to get away with the hardcore title… but she got smashed in the face with a door… it was slowly revealed it was Christian who did it, and he promptly won the hardcore title.

Next we had one of my all time favourite pre match hype videos EVER.

The Rock defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan

How The Rock changed famous WrestleMania match vs Hulk Hogan on the spot

No review from me on this one. Just Watch it!

If this link doesn’t work please please go out your way to see this match. This link also features the Hall, Nash, Hogan segment as well as the Christian hardcore title win and the amazing pre Match promo, followed by the match and the afters where Hall and Nash turn on Hogan and Rock makes the save.

Truly, one of THE greatest matches EVER. Particular praise for the following part of the match…

EVERYONE here (Hogan’s comeback, JR’s commentary (“he beat Andre The Giant with that move”), Rock’s selling of it all… and that crowd… wow…

This, and as many people who know me I’m not exactly a fan of Hulk Hogan, but this is professional wrestling as it’s absolute finest.

Without question *****. Easily one of the all time GREAT matches in the history of the business.

We saw shots of fans enjoying the show from WWF New York. A “Giant of a man” joined them. What a memory one WWF fan got from Big Show there.

They announced the ‘official’ attendance as 68,237.

Jazz defeated Trish Stratus and Lita in a triple threat match to retain the WWF Women’s Championship

MASSIVE hometown pop for Trish of course. Maybe I’m too much of a fantasy booker, but I REALLY felt she should’ve won here.

Lita and Jazz brawled before Trish got in the ring. Then the two baby faces teamed on the heel champion, Jazz then started to overpower both taking Lita down and then locking a single leg crab on Trish. Jazz kicked Lita, and Jazz got a nearfall after, Jazz then got a double arm suplex to Lita, Jazz took Trish out, and Lita then went on the offensive on Jazz including a head scissors… eventually after various moved by each woman, Trish got a roll up nearfall on Jazz. Lita went to the top rope, but Trish rolled and got a 2 count after, Trish then got a kick and then a bulldog on Lita for a nearfall. Jazz hit a big standing splash on Lita for a 2 count. Jazz then hit a fisherman’s suplex for another nearfall. Jazz then went after Trish, he countered her and got a nearfall. All three woman hit strikes on one another, Lita tried the twist of fate on Trish but couldn’t, but she did hit it on Jazz. She then went up top to try and hit the moonsault on both her opponents, but Trish got her knees up and then a nearfall. Trish hit chops and then a running shoulder that took both Trish and Lita down. Trish got a nearfall after a backslide. Jazz was sent over the ropes by Lita who then brawled with Trish, Lita sent Trish into the turnbuckle HARD, and not long after Trish was knocked off apron by Jazz, Jazz went up top after Lita and hit a big fisherman’s suplex off the top rope for the 1,2,3. Jazz retains. Crowd was flat.

Wrestlemania X8 Win GIF by WWE - Find & Share on GIPHY


Christian tried to escape the arena as Hardcore Champion… and was about to get in a waiting car… when Maven came from behind and rolled him up, won BACK the Hardcore belt he had at the start of the night, and stole Christian’s ride for good measure. Christian threw another tantrum.

I kind of really liked all the Hardcore title stuff on the show. Good, harmless fun to break up a near 4 hour show.

Drowning Pool were back for a special performance of Triple H’s entrance music for the main event.

As much as people talk up the two Motörhead performances for Triple H entrances at Wrestlemania, I don’t know why this one isn’t talked about more. Maybe it’s cause it was a cover, maybe out of respect for Motörhead or maybe because this main event is looked back upon fondly (for a few reasons). But I thought this entrance and performance was awesome.

Triple H defeated Chris Jericho (C) with Stephanie McMahon to win the Undisputed WWF Championship

Chris Jericho vs. Triple H Wrestlemania 18 : WWEMatchGraphics

I think Triple H went to a gym in this time… I mean, he’s rarely been in bad shape, but he’s clearly been pumping some serious iron when he was on the shelf for most of 2001…

Chris Jericho calls WrestleMania 18 main event match with Triple H  'disappointing' - says it should have been The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan

HOW is the first ever Undisputed Champion, in the main event of WresteMania, the THIRD most important person in the match here??? 😦 (a Canadian in Canada by the way)…

They locked up, and early on it was clear Jericho was going to target HHH’s tapped up left quad. After exchanging offence early HHH hit his classic high knee but hurt his leg doing so. Jericho moved out the way so HHH went over the ropes, but as Jericho posed on the top Triple H pushed him down and he went into the crowd barrier. Triple H hit a suplex on the floor. And then he cleared the announce table. Jericho kicked at the injured quad, and back in the ring hit a chop block. Jericho further went after the quad, Triple H though got a takedown and then rained punches on Y2J. Jericho raked at Triple H’s eyes, but Triple H soon after was able to get in a figure 4 leg lock. Stephanie then got involved and clawed at Triple H’s eyes to make him break the hold, Triple H then grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up onto the apron.

And then we had a spot where Jericho ran at Triple H, but he moved and this meant Jericho ran into Stephanie. HHH then brought Stephanie into the ring. And it looked like we’d see him Pedigree her, but Jericho made the save with a missile dropkick. Jericho then smashed Triple H’s leg into the ringpost twice, and Stephanie kicked at his leg also. Jericho went on that attack in the ring and wrenched at Triple H’s leg. He went on to do a figure 4 leg lock around the ring post (which is a spot I love as I think it just looks great).

Jericho was on top once more until Triple H kicked Jericho into the ringpost. Earl Hebner the referee again shouted at Stephanie to stay away, as Triple H ducked a clothesline and hit a neckbreaker on Jericho. Jericho hit kicks but HHH then got a clothesline and a nearfall. He then hit the facebuster and used Jericho’s own momentum to his a spinebuster just after, which got him another 2 count. After hitting some punches, Triple H had an Irish whip reversed and was sent into the corner where he took the Ric Flair bump to the outside. Jericho went out after him and cleared the announce table, and as Hebner again shouted at Stephanie, Jericho got Triple H on the announce table, and got the Walls of Jericho on the table (which was what happened in the match Triple H tore his quad in the first place. He’d suffered the injury in the match and still performed this same spot. Now here he is again in the same predicament…). Triple H fought out of it, and tried for a Pedigree but got backdropped off one announce table and crashed through another.

Jericho then rolled Triple H and hit the lionsault, but only got a 2 count. He got a 2 count twice in a row and tried for the walls of Jericho after but Triple H fought out. He then sent Jericho into the corner and tried for a Pedigree but Jericho grabbed his leg and then did get the walls of Jericho… but finally HHH got to the ropes… only got Jericho to pull him back and again got the Walls in…

Triple H’s hand fell twice but not a 3rd time, and he then powered to the ropes. Stephanie then distracted the referee allowing Jericho to get a steel chair, but Triple H kicked the chair in Jericho’s face, and then hit a ddt into the chair for a nearfall. Stephanie grabbed the chair and went to hit Triple H with it, but the referee grabbed it out her hands before she could use it. Triple H then grabbed Stephanie…

And gave her a Pedigree! And as the ref was getting her out the ring Jericho smashed Triple H hard with a chair shot. But Triple H kicked out at 2 from the pin attempt to a big crowd pop. Jericho then went for a pedigree himself, but Triple H countered and slingshotted Jericho into the corner. Jericho turned back down off the turnbuckle, right into a kick from Triple H, who then hit a big Pedigree… 1…2…3! Triple H had done it, the NEW Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Champion! Crowd popped big for the finish and JR on the call was brilliant putting over the magnitude of the accomplishment. A decent match too.


We had a highlights package to close the show. Ending with a shot of our new champion. This was a decent show, not an all time classic but a solid show. Of course remembered most for one of the all time great matches, that I’d recommend to everyone who likes wrestling to watch to get hyped for Mania this year. But we end with Triple H as your Undisputed Champion, and regardless of what you think of him, you have to say it’s a pretty cool visual.

Chris Jericho calls WrestleMania 18 main event match with Triple H  'disappointing' - says it should have been The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan


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