30 Day Wrestling Challenge: Day THIRTY = Feelings on the Current State of the Business

Well… the idea of me doing this series was so in my mind, I had a visual end to lockdown. I thought when beginning this series that by the time it was done that the lockdown would be over… but it hasn’t turned out quiet like that. Nevertheless here I am… blogging has really really helped me at times since I started it in February of 2018 (I think…), and during this lockdown getting into a habit of blogging everyday has helped me so much. So I’m not sure what I’ll blog over the next few weeks and months. But I’ll keep you all posted…

That leads me nicely onto today’s subject. Usually I’d be reviewing all the current WWE PPVs on rn… but I just can’t bring myself to watch the empty arena shows at times, let alone review them. Just not the same is it. It’s the crowds… a crowd absolutely is a crucial part of any wrestling show. It can enhance the product so much, think of your fave ever match or show… I bet the crowd went wild for it didn’t they? Just not the same rn is it.

To the credit of WWE and AEW even, the empty arena shows have been as good as empty arena shows can be. Sure not always a hit but what you going to do? WrestleMania I thought was an excellent show and I very much enjoyed both nights. Raw has been the Drew show with a lot of help from the growing star power of Zelina Vega, who as always when she is given the chance (like in NXT) has absolutely shone. NXT has been as good as it can be. You can very much tell just watching that HHH is in charge, whereas SmackDown at times has been great but at times has dragged. So kind of as they would be in full arenas…

I was very much looking already towards SummerSlam in August… it was supposed to be in Boston. Which history has shown always puts on a show… I had visions of Sasha Banks vs Bayley in Banks’ hometown, I had Brock vs Drew rematch infront of a crowd. I visioned Ronda, Taker… a proper Hall of Fame ceremony, NXT TakeOver the night before… but recent comments from local government officials are making another major WWE PPV behind closed doors look likely… 😦

So as I write this it is in fact the day of the Money in the Bank PPV… again we have another PPV that will be very much different to the norm. And again we have advertised a unique match… this years “ladder” match for the briefcase will see the men’s and women’s matches take place at the same time with the match happening at WWE Headquarters. As with WrestleMania I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this show, but like then I’m just grateful it’s happening to be honest. Let’s hope it’s a good and fun show and takes us away from life as it is for most of us right now.

Wrestling is always there to make us smile. Now more than ever I think we need it.


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