SmackDown 2007: Episode 6 (9th February); Kennedy’s Golden Opportunity

So following on from last week’s blockbuster announcement by Mr McMahon that at No Way Out we would have a HUGE tag team match; where Raw’s WWE Champion John Cena would team up with his fellow World Tag Team Champion Shawn Michaels to take on SmackDown’s World Heavyweight Champion Batista and the winner of the 2007 Royal Rumble The Undertaker… THIS WEEK we see all the fallout to that plus the next chapter of the immediate push of Duece and Domino as well as much more as we continue on the road to both No Way Out and WrestleMania 23!!!

We have a video recap of the finish of the Royal Rumble match, Taker then confronting the three world champions the next week, and then to Raw that previous Monday were The Undertaker officially chose Batista as his opponent for WrestleMania 23. The segment ended with Taker hitting the world champion with a Chokeslam.

After ‘Rise Up’ played we had our opening contest of the show…

The Undertaker defeated The Miz 

Taker got his usual giant pop coming out… Miz’s terrified look is so great… the match was set up by Miz’s bragging last week about how he went to a time limit draw in the beat the clock with Taker a few weeks back… Taker did all his usual stuff; Old School, lots of strikes etc… he had a chance to pin Miz early put lifted his shoulder up to continue the punishment. Miz had a very brief moment of offence before Taker took over again, he then hit Snake Eyes and the big boot followed by the big leg drop. He signalled for the Chokeslam and hit it huge, then signalled it was over… then hit the Tombstone Piledriver and got the 1, 2, 3. A straightforward squash by the Mania challenger over a cocky heel to open the show After the bell Taker went to the outside and cleared the announce table, and then went back and got The Miz, before sending Miz through it with a Last Ride! Taker celebrated in his signature pose in the ring, and also signalled the belt was on his way to him. This was such good shit, Miz sold it all and played dead really well and Taker looked fucking awesome.

A video package revealed that Rey Mysterio would be appearing on the show in 2 weeks. He will provide an update on his recovery from serious injury. Sadly we have to wait until the summer of this year for that eventual in-ring return.

Deuce & Domino with Cherry defeated the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick with Ashley 

I’m still not sure what I make of their Greece-inspired gimmick, but to be fair Deuce and Domino have come in a few weeks back and have just kept on winning. They now hold ANOTHER win over the tag champions. What is bizarre is the graphic that was shown before this match; a Ladder match for No Way Out between the champions London & Kendrick, The Hardys, MNM and Regal & Taylor… now… maybe this will change but right now that seems like such an odd match… a couple of months ago we had a ladder match that the champions won, and this also includes Regal and Taylor who the champions beat a few weeks back??? Odd… anyway this match was decent again and similar to last week’s. The heels used their power and aggression to bully the babyfaces, until eventually we got a comeback spot and a hot tag… in one unreal spot Deuce (who is massive) hit a standing dropkick to Brian Kendrick (who is not) and it looked like it knocked him out, as it got a nearfall only though. The finish came when London went up top looking to hit the downed Deuce, but as Domino went to push London down it was Brian Kendrick who went to stop him, only to be yanked over and tossed to the outside with a had landing. Off the distraction Deuce threw London off the top before calling in Domino who went to the top and they hit a form of axe-handle/neckbreaker combo move and Domino got the win. The team not in the tag team title match at the PPV pinned the champions two weeks in a row??????

Maryse welcomed us back to SmackDown… she spoke French and looked attractive…

We got a recap of what has happened between King Booker and Kane in recent weeks. King Booker was then backstage with Queen Sharmell and was not happy with GM Teddy Long, which it seems at least one heel is every week on this show… This time Booker complained about Kane’s actions of recent weeks. He in fact wanted Kane suspended as well as a public apology. Long stated SmackDown wasn’t Booker’s kingdom, and made the match for No Way Out between Kane and the King official. Booker not Sharmell were not happy at all.

Joey Mercury defeated Matt Hardy 

Hardy started the better of the two, and definitely had the crowd behind him. He got a couple of early nearfalls, and he tried to take Mercury’s facemask off, before eventually sending Mercury to the outside. We cam back from the break with Matt Hardy again trying to rip the protective mask off, getting another nearfall after coming off the top. Mercury got back into it after yanking Matt off the top, with Hardy looking like he hurt his knee on the way down. Mercury then targeted it with a couple of strikes, and then chop blocks, before trying a figure 4 going into a cover. Mercury twisted Hardy’s leg, then hitting another chop block before ramming Hardy’s head into the corner. Mercury then kicked away at the hurt leg of Hardy a couple more times, before doing Hardy’s signature pose and going again after at the leg. Mercury then took off one of Hardy’s boot, and again targeted the knee. Mercury went up high but Hardy battled back in time with strikes, and then hit a superplex. Hardy was still in pain as the two got up and exchanged strikes, with Mercury trying to go at the knee before Hardy pushed Mercury out the ring. Hardy tried to comeback after and got a nearfall after a bulldog. Hardy hit the leg drop off the middle rope for a nearfall. Hardy signalled it was done, but Mercury countered and rolled Hardy into a pin for the sneak win. This was ok and kept the story going between these two. I’m presuming some form of gimmick blow off will happen between these two either next week or after the ladder match at the PPV.

Mr Kennedy came out for a typical promo of his. He said he’d beat Batista later basically, and was annoyed that everyone had been saying it would be Batista vs Undertaker at WrestleMania, but he was here to be the killer of the buzz for that potential match. I’m paraphrasing of course, but I kind of feel like I’ve seen too much Kennedy than I’d like to over the past few weeks. Maybe just a personal preference thing, but I’m kind of a little flat on him already… Batista came out mid promo to try and brawl with his opponent, with a tonne of officials coming out to break it up. 

Finlay defeated The Boogeyman 

This was set up by Boogeyman costing Finlay the US title last week. Finlay was furious that he was being drawn in by Boogeyman’s attempts at games… This was a really physical match to be fair… Finlay dropped hard elbows, and got a nearfall after. Boogeyman no sold some Finlay strikes but got hit down after by a clothesline… Boogeyman hit some hard strikes and hit a big powerslam too. Boogeyman hit a big strike to the back of Finlay’s neck and then a standing splash, then running shoulder strikes to Finlay in opposing corners of the ring, then set up for his sitout-choke-powerbomb finish but Finlay hit him in the mid section, but then got caught with a boot to the face. The ‘Little Bastard’ then came from under the ring and tried to take Boogeyman’s pouch but got caught in the act… Boogeyman put the screaming future Hornswoggle in to the ring, got the worms out and threatened him with them… then as the ref was getting Hornswoggle out of the ring Finlay took advantage and hit Boogeyman with the Shillelagh and then pinned him for the win. The Boogeyman looked great here in his act and Finlay helped him get over best he could. Boogeyman looked on as Hornswoggle ran to the back, then ate his worms as Finlay looked back at him from outside the ring.

They recapped Taker’s big win and destruction of The Miz earlier in the show.

Daivari defeated Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms

Christ I was not assed one bit about this… Daivari has apparently left the side of The Great Khali to come to SmackDown and join the Cruiserweight division. It went less than 5 minutes and Daivari won after getting the pin whilst holding onto the ropes… this had ZERO heat to it and nobody in the crowd cared…

Maryse was here again not wanting us to go anywhere…

The ‘WrestleMania recall’ was Pete Rose getting beat up by Kane at Mania 14. GREAT shit 🙂

Teddy Long was backstage again, this time with Kristal and Jillian Hall… Jillian just wanted to sing, and Teddy said the two of them could showcase their talent, along with the other divas from the other brands and we would have a ‘divas talent invitational’ at No Way Out… ok then…

We had a rundown of the SmackDown matches for No Way Out. Boogeyman vs Finlay is now also on the card.

Batista (C) defeated Mr Kennedy to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

They started off aggressive early on. They really put across that they don’t like one another. It was grappling at the start, and eventually Kennedy hit a thump to the eyes and then stomped on the champion in the corner. Batista hit a boot to Kennedy’s jaw then a knee to the spine for a nearfall. Batista then hit a clothesline then shoulder blocks to Kennedy in the corner, before Kennedy put his thumb in the champion’s eye and then came down on the arm of Batista that was injured earlier in the night, when he went flying into the ring post when he went after Kennedy. After an ad break Mr Kennedy was in control… he got a couple of nearfalls, although Batista drove Kennedy into the apron only to then crash into the steel steps after Kennedy dodged him. Kennedy got a nearfall trying to use the ropes but the ref caught him… he then went up top but Batista striked him, only for Kennedy to yank the injured arm of the champion onto the ropes to cause him more pain and to take advantage again. Kennedy went up top again and hit the Kenton Bomb but only got a 2 count off the pin, Batista countered into a pin of his own but also only got a 2 count. Kennedy went at the arm again with a long submission hold on the ground, Batista eventually powering up and hitting a Samoan Drop but Kennedy still had the hold in. Crowd went loud for Batista powering up. Batista battled out again from the submission and Kennedy went to the outside as a result. Kennedy grabbed the world title belt, and as the ref tried to drag Batista back from going after him Kennedy hit Batista in the head with the belt, Kennedy went back in the ring and hit a knee to the face, but only got a 2! Crowd cheered for that as Kennedy went wild with strikes after, then hitting shoulder blocks to Batista in the corner. Kennedy hit a running kick to a slumped champion in the corner, but Batista kicked out again. Batista got back into it with shoulders in the corner and tried a clothesline but Kennedy hit a drop kick to Batista’s knee. After then slamming Batista down Mr Kennedy then turned round into a Spinebuster from Batista! After willing himself up Batista went over for the cover, but only got a two count. They exchanged strikes before The Animal hit a big clothesline and took control, he would go on to hit another Spinebuster, then another, then ANOTHER, before finally hitting the Batista Bomb and getting the 1, 2, 3. Crowd LOVED Batista winning.

This was a really strong TV main event and was good enough to be a world title match. Batista looked awesome here and came across as a great fighting babyface champion. Batista vs Undertaker at Mania after all then.

As Batista was celebrating, The Undertaker gong and then music played as he came out and stood at the top of the entrance ramp. Batista held up his title, Taker did his signature slitting of the throat as the two future Mania opponents but also future tag partners (for No Way Out) looked at eachother menacingly to close what was a really fun show.

Next week is the go-home for No Way Out.


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