30 Day Wrestling Challenge: Day Twenty = Favourite Submission

So this may sound odd, but I’m not huge on submissions as finishers. I get they can be effective storytelling devices (Austin – Bret Hart immediately comes to mind), but I find it difficult to write a full blog about a single submission. I’d have gone possibly the Hell’s Gate that Undertaker has used down the years, but… there’s every chance within the next few weeks I do blogs of shows where he just so happened to use that move in main event matches… so today is going to be a much shorter blog, and one very short match. For today’s post I will share with you the only time a submission move had ever made me jump out of my seat in amazement…

I LOVE me some Asuka. I think she’s the greatest. I’d have her as Women’s Champion and undefeated even still now if I was running WWE… so it’s no surprise that the Empress of Tomorrow was the one to get me all excited once again…

When she first came up to the main roster after an extraordinary undefeated run in NXT, she came to Raw and very quickly added to her winning streak. A month or so in she had another match on Raw… this time against one of her long term rivals Dana Brooke. Brooke was confident going in, stating that she had learnt from her previous matches against Asuka and now knew how to win… lets see how that went shall we…

Just the most amazing combination to me of athleticism, timing and just a MEGAstar quality performance. An incredible move by an incredible performer.


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