30 Day Wrestling Challenge: Day Eleven = Favourite Match

Ok so this is a pretty big one. It’s really one of the most important questions you can ask a wrestling fan. And what’s so great about it is everyone’s favourite match is different, everyone’s has a personal attachment to them. There is a key difference between a favourite match and what someone think’s is the greatest or best match. For example the greatest match in professional wrestling history that I’ve ever watched from any promotion was the 2 out of 3 falls match when Kenny Omega won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship from Kazuchika Okada. But would I say it’s one of my favourites? No, I just wouldn’t. When I’m bored or I need cheering up the matches that are my go-to’s are the ones that I would consider my favourite. The one’s I could watch over and over and never get bored of. Previously I would have said my favourite was the famous Mankind vs Undertaker Cell match… but then I thought, is that the match I watch most often? No it’s not really… so… let me tell you about it…

This is a match that was the shining light of one of the worst received shows in company history. Most shows are remembered by the match that went on last, and this was no exception. A Royal Rumble Match where the winner, Roman Reigns, was so loudly booed and negatively received that even THE ROCK couldn’t help him get some love from the crowd. They wanted Daniel Bryan, and anyone else winning I feel would’ve got a similar treatment, and that was only made worse by the fact the winner of choice was company-golden boy Roman Reigns. A recipe for disaster. In hindsight the WWE World Heavyweight Championship triple threat that went on before it, should have really closed the show, you at least would’ve sent the crowd home somewhat happier… but nonetheless the 2015 Royal Rumble will be remembered for two things; the night when the top babyface was booed out the building, and the night where possibly the best triple threat match in WWE history took place… For this cast your mind back to 2015… we had John Cena who was still just about a top guy but at the stage where he wouldn’t again to date main event a WrestleMania for example and was 2 years from his next world title win, Seth Rollins was Mr Money in the Bank and the chosen one of The Authority, and Brock Lesnar was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion who was still hugely cheered having turned back babyface for now, and felt special to watch… before he really turned the suplex-repeat formula up to overkill in 2016… so this was more like the Brock Lesnar who faced Rollins at Summerslam in 2019 than the one who faced Dean Ambrose or Randy Orton in 2016…

This match had a real big fight feel going in… it did not disappoint…

Royal Rumble 2015 – WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Brock Lesnar (C) with Paul Heyman vs Seth Rollins with J&J Security vs John Cena 

Cena came out to… well mainly the ‘JOHN CENA SUUUUUCKS’ chants… 15-time world champion was looking to tie Ric Flair’s record with a win here. Rollins as a heel was largely cheered when he came out, MITB briefcase in hand and Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble by his side. Lesnar came out to a huge pop, and as noted by commentary looked in incredible condition physically. We know now that Lesnar was around that time getting into a full training camp ahead of a possible return to UFC, so his particularly good physique going in to this match is hardly a shock. Immediately after the bell Rollins goes to the outside of the ring to leave Cena to be suplexed by Lesnar, and again… Rollins would scurry into the ring to try and catch Brock off-guard but he picked him right up looking for an F5, until J&J helped get him out of trouble, but they both got German Suplxed AT THE SAME TIME for their troubles! Cena tried to take advantage of this and tried the AA on Lesnar, but Brock pushed Cena into Rollins who was stood on the apron and gave him a kick, Lesnar had then had enough of Rollins being on the outside and launched him into the ring. Lesnar hit knees to Rollins chest, and gave him a German after, Cena tried to beat on Brock but quickly was given a German as well, Lesnar already in control and the crowd were absolutely loving it. Heyman looked on gleefully with an evil-genius smile on his face. Brock German Suplexed Cena to the other side of the ring, then took his time as he methodically went to Rollins and gave him a German. Lesnar hit a vertical suplex to Cena, then the same to Rollins, Lesnar hit a big punch to Cena in the corner, and then got Cena in a Kimura Lock… Cena looked in agony but was able to power to his feet with Lesnar still on his arm, but turned around right into Seth Rollins who springboarded off the ring ropes and took both guys down. Rollins hit kicks  and strikes to a downed Lesnar, before Brock got to his feet and hit a knee to Rollins’ stomach, Cena then came over and striked away at Lesnar, Rollins then helped Cena and the two hit a double-suplex to Brock… the crowd did not like this at all… Cena then hit the AA to Brock but Rollins threw Cena out the ring and went for the pin himself, but Brock kicked out… AT ONE!!! Cena came right back in but was just as quickly beat up again by Brock, Lesnar then did the same to Seth and threw him out the ring like he was trash. Lesnar then hit a vertical suplex to Cena that sent him out of the ring too, Rollins though was able to dropkick Lesnar after he went after them, Cena then dropkicked a downed Lesnar who looked to have collided with the ring steps behind him. Cena chased after Rollins following this, and once in the ring Cena hit his signature shoulder blocks to which you could hear the crowd groan and boo at the set of moves they’d seen on repeat the previous 10 years… Cena then looked for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Rollins tried to kick him in the head but Cena caught his leg, eventually he slammed Rollins down and again went for his signature move, but as he bent down for the ‘you can’t see me’ Brock Lesnar appeared from behind and gave him a German. The camera work here was excellent as you didn’t see Lesnar coming so it really was out of nowhere and the crowd popped big for it. Lesnar then hit another German to Cena, but didn’t release after and looked for another until Rollins superkicked Brock in the side of the head.. Rollins then came off the ropes for extra momentum and then hit a knee to Brock’s back that sent him to the outside of the ring. Cena then caught Rollins with almost like a falcon Arrow/scoop slam that got him a nearfall, Cena charged at Rollins in the corner but Rollins caught him with an elbow, then came off the middle rope and hit a really cool looking neckbreaker out the air for a nearfall that was broke up by Brock. Lesnar strikes to Rollins’ back then sent him to the outside, before he went at Cena but was hit with a series of strikes, Cena then came off the ropes trying to take Brock off his feet and did so at the third time of asking (the crowd loudly doing the ‘let’s go cena/cena sucks’ chants at this point). Rollins then yanked Cena out of the ring and tried to leap to the wounded Lesnar, but Lesnar caught him on his shoulders and hit a big F5 in a super cool spot. Cena though got in in-time to break up the pinfall after, Lesnar then German Suplexed Cena, and Brock went outside to see what more destruction he could cause… he then cleared the Spanish announce table… he then strolled back into the ring after Cena but he popped right up and hit Brock with an AA, and then another, and then a third right away… but Rollins pulled Cena out the ring before he could get the pinfall… Rollins then threw Cena into the steps, and then went in the ring and hit the Curb Stomp to Lesnar for a nearfall of his own, as Cena came back and broke up the pin. With Lesnar on his feet again on the outside John Cena rushed him from behind and sent both men crashing through the barricade. Cena eventually crawled back to the ring, but Cena had to go back as he saw Brock was still moving around and so he launched him into the ring steps… he then smashed Brock with the steps… Rollins then kicked Cena to the floor… and then, Rollins saw his chance… with Cena down and Brock laid out on the announce table Seth Rollins went up to the top rope and hit an unbelievable elbow drop onto Lesnar through the announce table. The crowd went absolutely wild for what was an awesome spot that he repeated in their SummerSlam singles match in 2019. All three guys were now down but Brock looked the most hurt, Cena eventually getting Seth back in the ring, Rollins rolled up Cena in the ring but only got a nearfall with the small package, he then kicked Cena in the head for another 2 count. Heyman could be heard on the outside screaming for a doctor to come and see to Lesnar… back in the ring Cena caught Rollins and tried an AA but Rollins landed on his feet and ran at Cena, who in turn caught him with a crazy sit out pop up powerbomb for a nearfall (not sure how often I’ve seen John Cena do that move). Heyman still yelling for a doctor on the outside… Cena dragged Rollins to the corner and the two went to the top rope and Cena tried to hit a superplex but Rollins raked at his eyes, and eventually lifted Cena down and his the buckle bomb to the corner (yikes), this got him another nearfall. Rollins then tried to Stomp Cena but John rolled him over and got him with an STF submission until Rollins was again saved by Mercury and Noble coming in. They battered Cena and helped Rollins to his feet as we could see a tonne of medical officials now seeing to the injured Brock Lesnar, they also brought out a stretcher for him. Back in the ring J&J and Rollins hit the old Shield triple powerbomb to Cena, but Cena kicked out at two! Rollins now had his MITB case with him and looked to hit Cena, but he lifted Rollins out of the ring and then sent Mercury and Noble packing with a double AA! He then hit an AA to Rollins who tried again to attack him with the briefcase but this only got a nearfall! Lesnar was shown now on the backboard of the stretcher with many doctors and officials and a concerned-looking Paul Heyman watching on… Both Rollins and Cena were now down in the ring too… Commentary noted that the preliminary diagnosis for Brock was that he had suffered ‘at least a broken rib’… the duelling chants for Cena came again as he and Rollins brawled back and forth now back to their feet, Cena tried and AA but Rollins got down and kicked Cena in the mid-section, then came off the ropes but was caught by Cena looking for an AA , Rollins got down again though and kicked Cena again, then hit an enziguiri to take Cena down… Rollins then did hit the Curb Stomp to Cena but CENA KICKED OUT! Rollins then moved Cena over so he was in position, then Rollins came off the top looking for some form of somersault-moonsault move… but as he came off the top he did hit Cena… but then out of nowhere BROCK LESNAR LEAPT UP and came running into the ring (the crowd and commentary going absolutely crazy as he did so), like phoenix rising from the ashes Lesnar came back in the ring, German Suplex to Rollins, German Suplex to John Cena, he tried another German to Rollins but he landed on his feet, and then hit Brock with the MITB Briefcase, and again… he then looked to Curb Stomp Brock onto the case but Brock got up and caught him and hit the F5. And this was enough for the 1, 2, 3!!! Brock Lesnar somehow retains with the crowd absolutely delighted!

Don’t let anyone tell you Cena can’t wrestle. Don’t let anyone tell you Brock can’t wrestle and doesn’t sell and isn’t awesome. Don’t let anyone tell you Seth Rollins isn’t one of the absolute best in the world. This was an all-time classic match.



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