30 Day Wrestling Challenge: Day Ten = Favourite Entrance Theme

One of the funnest, but at times most difficult to put together so far this one… more than any I feel this one is very much dictated by personal preference. We all love a good song right, and a wrestler’s entire persona and presence can be made by a good song to come out to… so here is my top 20 (I couldn’t just pick one) favourite current or former WWE entrance Theme songs!!!

20. Ricochet (Current) 

This combined with his light show entrance is epic. When I first heard this before his debut match at NXT TakeOver: New Orelans, it just made his come across as a star.

19. Tomasso Ciampa (Current with original intro) 

Of course when his mega heel run began, Ciampa had no music… so when he got a song he needed one that would be good enough firstly to replace the organic soundtrack of boos from the crowd. Also I think the song fits both the sadistic but also clever and evil-genuis like nature of the BlackHeart of NXT.

18. Johnny Gargano (Current) 

Just the soundtrack for me to so many great memories of watching TakeOver’s when Johnny Wrestling was usually involved in a huge match or moment. And it’s a banger as well which helps. A song which much like Gargano’s fight towards the NXT title, showed me no matter how hard you have to fight or what way you have to get there, you can get to where you want to be, just as Gargano did at NXT TakeOver: New York. Him and wife Candice embracing Ciampa with Gargano as NXT Champion at last, Rebel Heart playing in the background, brought this fan to tears.

17. Randy Orton (2006-2008) 

The theme of Orton’s famous ‘legend killer’ run… when he was both as heel as a heel can get… but also was really really cool, and he kicked people in the head… really really hard.

16. Undisputed Era (Current) 

Much like Gargano’s this just represents big moments in NXT history… and one of the best and coolest factions for years… and that… well, you know what that is right? … BAY BAY…

15. D-Generation X
One of the iconic theme songs in WWE history. So many moments and so many incarnations of this Hall of Fame group, and most of theme associated with this song. A Classic.

14. Aleister Black (Current) 

Here is a perfect example of someone who’s entrance and theme song tells you all about them. And again a banger, and again a track I associate with many great NXT moments.

13. Triple H (Current) 

You’ve all heard this one, and I’m sure you all love this one. If a song has ever suited a WWE superstar, it’s this one.

12. The Fiend 

Watching The Fiend’s debut was enough of an emotional experience already for me, but when he came out to a remix of the original Bray Wyatt theme, with an appropriately much darker twist, I was hooked.

11. Evolution 

I cannot explain to you how big the smile on my face was when Randy Orton, Ric Flair, Batista and Triple H all came out to this one last time at the 1000th edition of SmackDown. What a song.

10. Batista – I walk Alone 

It was a real close call between this and his previous solo theme of which one I chose, but I’ve shaded it to this one, on the basis of the entrance being better, more iconic and I can scream this more when drunk as I may or may not have during WrestleMania 35…

9. Bobby Roode (Glorious) 

Fuck Robert Roode or main roster Bobby Roode, this song for me is all about one of the best year long runs anyone has ever had in NXT. He arrived to this absolute anthem, he took the NXT title, and he made NXT… absolutely…

8. nWo Wolfpac (WCW) 

A more obscure pick to some, but I just love this track, and it was a great indicator to me that the red and black nWo where WAYYYYY cooler than the black and white of Hogan and his assholes.

7. CM Punk – This Fire Burns 

This for me is all about one night, one moment… MITB 2011, Chicago Illinois, one of the best entrances of ALL TIME.

6. Drew McIntyre – Broken Dreams 

PLEASE Drew PLEASE JUST BRING THIS BACK!!! A possible contender for wwe karaoke song if I had to do one… credit to whoever made this video by the way by updating his old titantron to fit the song too!

5. Jeff Hardy – No More Words

Another classic entrance song that people want brought back, and judging by recent comments made by Jeff we many not be too far away from hearing this again. It’s a great song, and for many like me it reminds us all of a time when our hero achieved the unthinkable dream…

4. The Undertaker (Boneyard Match) 

OK… kind of cheated with this one, but I love this song and think it’s so fitting. It’s the song used during the Boneyard Match at WrestleMania… just don’t tell me you didn’t get excited when this was playing and our man came riding in on his motorbike… and then as the camera panned up to reveal it was the American Badass and not The Deadman that had come to fight, the words of the song that played at that moment… “All sinners, a future , All saints, a past, Beginning, the ending, Return to ash…” … very fitting I feel…

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin – Disturbed 

Now maybe a controversial choice for some… but I love this track, and yes it’s not THE Austin theme I get that, but during his heel run of 2001 and for a small time before that he used this song by Disturbed as a twist to his usual classic. And it’s one that most of all for me is the soundtrack to one of the loudest pops I’ve ever heard…

2. Edge – Metalingus 

Many people’s number one and rightfully so. A classic with so many memories from down the years for us all I’m sure… but it took on a whole new meaning in early 2019 when we all got a moment beyond any of our wildest dreams… (any excuse to share this moment again to be honest)…

1. Kane – Slow Chemical 

Probably a choice I made before I even started typing this up. Just a great song first and foremost. Used by Kane from 2002 to around the time he won the world title in 2010.




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