Wrestling & Alcohol: TNA Victory Road 2011 – Review

So… I don’t know how long this lockdown is going to go on for, and this might be the first and last time I do this… but what the heck! So I, like most, like I good drink, so tonight being a Saturday I’ve decided to buy a load of alcohol and watch wrestling. And what’s better than great wrestling? Yes, that’s right… BAD wrestling!!! So I’m currently 3&1/2 bottles of Peroni in, and I’m just about to start this show. This PPV I have actually never watched before so that alone should make this interesting. But I will be drinking during this show and hopefully I’ll be able to write down some form of notes and get some form of review out for you. To keep this as authentic as possible the only thing I’ll edit or go back and make sure of when I’m sober is who was in the matches and the results. Aside from that get ready to see my completely authentic thoughts on a show that was most famous for it’s main event that was.. well I’ll get to that later (google it after for background info)… but this show was described by Vincent Verhei of F4W online… he said ‘you’ve all by now heard about [the main event], that was not the worst match on this show’, and immediately I decided this was the show for me. So don’t expect a detailed review here, but I’ll note down what I think of what I see as best I can, but I will be splitting my focus between watching and note-taking on this show and also drinking the rest of these bottles of Peroni I have… so wish me luck! So without wasting anymore time here is my drunk review of TNA’s Victory Road PPV from 2011!

There was a video package surrounding Sting and it the focus being on Hulk Hogan coming in to TNA and being the main man whilst Sting ‘took his ball and went home’… so is Sting returning returning as the babyface hero to win the world title? It appears Hogan and Ric Flair have taken control of TNA from Dixie Carter. And Jeff Hardy is the world champion… so these two had a match for the title before and it appears indeed Sting is coming in tonight to win the world title from the ‘bad guys’…

Hulk Hogan is indeed calling the shots now. Oh so Sting won the title from Hardy before…

Bully Ray vs Tommy Dreamer 

Our opening match sees Bully Ray come out with a trashcan and a kendo stick. Commentary alluded to the previous Impact when D-Von beat up Bully Ray… Bully Ray asked for the mic (Taz and Miek Tenay on commentary)… The crowd didn’t like Bully, Bully put over Eric Bischoff and Hogan for ‘knowing how to take a wrestling company to the top’ (ok then)… he was interrupted by Tommy Dreamer… Bully was shocked Dreamer had the balls to come out here and after he broke his wife’s neck he though Dreamer would have sense to not come out, he said tonight was now no Disqualification, falls count anywhere… and asked ‘what do you think of that ‘fat ass”?… as the bell rung and Dreamer beat on Bully right away… Tommy was on top early on, (There was maybe a few hundred people in the building it looked like crowd-wise, (1100 according to wikipedia) … dreamer used a ME cuddly toy to beat on Bully (he got it from the crowd)… which was bizarre (the show was broadcasting from Universal Studios by the way)… They brawled in the crowd, Bully eventually got a kendo stick but missed Dreamer draped over the crowd barrier, Dreamer later put a trashcan, road sign and kendo stick into the ring… and some big sign thing… he came off the top and hit Bully with the stick, then went and got a BLOW UP SEX DOLL… he smashed bully with the trash can lid and Bully fell right with his face between the doll’s… yeah… Dreamer got a nearfall after a splash… Bully smashed Dreamer in the head with the trash can lid as he was on the top, and then got a superplex after as Bully gained control, then hit an elbow drop on the BLOW UP DOLL before throwing it out the ring… Bully was waiting for Dreamer to get up and set for the Bubba Bomb but Dreamer got a nearfall after reversing into a ddt. Dreamer then got a table, he tried a piledriver but Bully got the backbody drop and smashed the the trashcan over his head, Dreamer got hit with a boot for a nearfall for Bully, Bully then got the kendo stick and smashed him with it… Bully set up the table and got the mic as he asked Dreamer how does it feel and told the crowd to shut up, he called out D-Von and said this was for him… then D-von’s sons Terrence and Tarrell (who Bully had taken out before) came out from the ramp, as Bully’s attention was on them D-Von came into the ring and gestured to Dreamer… and Bully turned round into the 3D from Dreamer and D-Von and that was enough for the 1, 2, 3. Dreamer wins with D-Von and his son’s help. Not much of match more a brawl, but the crowd enjoyed it.


Commentary plugged the main event being a rematch where Sting would defend the world title against Immortal’s Jeff Hardy.

We had Christy Hemme backstage with the beautiful people. So this was Angelina Love and Katarina Winter (who were the then Knockouts Tag Team Champions) along with Velvet Sky. Winter said she had no issue with Velvet… it appears there’s some beef between them two for Love’s friendship I don’t know…

Angelina Love & Winter (C) vs Sarita and Rosita for the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship 

Rosita would go on to be Zelina Vega in WWE. Sarita took the mic and said tonight would be a great night and said her cousin and her would walk out knockout tag team champions. Earl Hebner is ref here by the way. She alluded to some kinky love triangle her opponents had going on, and said they weren’t focus, then cut a promo in what was I believe Spanish (?)… to which the crowd chanted ‘USA’… she said Mexico starting tonight would take back what was rightfully there’s beginning with those titles… OK… it was a very sexual act the champions… Winter wore a blindfold as she came to the ring… I’m not expecting much from this so I’m going to watch and give my overall thoughts at the end… It seemed Tenay was trying to call the wrestling and Taz was more referring to the sexual elements of the match… Crowd was dead… Crowd chanted USA as Love got a nearfall.. was really basic stuff early on, until Sarita tried a dropkick but hit Rosita as Winter ducked and took control, then tagging in Love. Love got a nearfall but the one who wasn’t Zelina Vega broke it up… it then broke into chaos after Winter broke up a pin… eventually with the ref outside Rosita tried to use one of the tag belts to attack Winter but Velvet Sky came in and took the belt from her… Winter rolled Rosita through for a pin but the ref was still outside telling Angelina Love off, as this was happening the Sarita came in and and reversed the pin so now Rosita was on top, and the ref came in and counted the three. So new champions. I don’t know if you can call this much of a match… what they did do was average at best and I didn’t care too much ngl… as a professional wrestling match this was… FUCKING TERRIBLE, JUST REALLY REALY BAD, Nothing looked good, i did not enjoy it, all i could think is WHY are these women in this spot on a ppv or any tv for that matter? Surely there are better wrestlers who can do the womens tag right? This was SHIT.

-**** (MINUS 4) (Honestly one of the worst matches I have ever seen in my life)

We got a video from Karen and Jeff Jarrett’s honeymoon. They were on a form of waterpark with kids… Karen wasn’t enjoying it was much as Jeff and the kids… Jeff suggested Pizza and the kids were delighted and Karen was not… YES THEY SHOWED THIS ON PPV FOR WHAT REASON I dont know…

Christy interviewed Matt Morgan backstage. Basically he had beef with a guy called Shaun Hernandez (?), and said he took all that moments from him of becoming TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and said how those people in Mexico had put him up but tonight he was going to beat him back down, and he said he was thinking of being champion 24/7…

We saw a video of Eric bigging up Hernandez. This was basically a hype video.  apparently this was a match between former tag partners in a first blood match.

Hernandez vs Matt Morgan in a First Blood Match 

Crowd liked Morgan as he beat on Hernandez early on. They said Morgan was 7 foot tall and 300 plus pound… ok … Morgan took off a turnbuckle pad as Hernandez staggered outside and eventually hit a shoulder block to Morgan… he brought a kendo stick into the ring and used it to choke him, later trying to stab him with it in the head… the crowd chanted “WE WANT BLOOD”… my god… Hernandez used a back rake and then thumbed him in the eyes… Morgan eventually hit a side slam as he tried to regroup… Hernandez though hit a shoulder block after, and then striked at Morgan, he rammed his head into the exposed turnbuckle and charged at him in the corner, Morgan got Hernandez down with a clothesline, Morgan it multiple clotheslines to keep taking Hernandez down, then picked him up and hit a fallaway slam. Morgan then got the kendo stick type thing but it had a sharp edge like a stake… Hernandez hit Morgan in the stomach but Morgan threw him off the top… as Hernandez was against the ropes and Morgan was about to attack suddenly someone jumped in the ring about to attack Morgan, but the ref speared him down in time before security took him out. Commentary said nothing other than Taz saying it was obviously some member of our audience here… I’m guessing the idea here is to make it look like some crazy mexican fan tried to help Hernandez… as Morgan was distracted Hernandez brought out some form of chain and tried to hit Morgan with it round his hand, but Morgan saw it coming and stopped it, using it himself and hitting Hernandez in the head.  Hernandez crawled to the corner and tried to hide his head amongst some form of rag or flag maybe as Morgan called for a ref (the first ref had followed the security trying to take out this ‘fan’)… it was shown the ref had been knocked down during whatever melee ensued… Suddenly Hernandez SPRAYED BLOOD ONTO MORGAN’S CHEST… AS IN ACTUAL IT LOOKED LIKED BLOOD… Morgan hit Hernandez after back down… a ref then came in the ring and looked at Hernandez and then looked at Morgan and saw the blood on this chest and RANG THE FUCKING BELL. WHAT A FUCKING HORSESHIT FINISH! UTTER HORESESHIT, LAUGHABLE… BORE OFF… Boring match and then THAT?! FUCK OFF!

-* (MINUS 1) (match was average at best but then finish drove me over)  

GENERATION ME were backstage with Christy… just google them right now and you’ll get why I found this so utterly bizzare… to put it short they said… they’re in an ultimate x match tonight for the x division title… it was Matt Jackson’s birthday (I’m sorry drunk me just can’t keep up with fucking Jeremy and whatever the other Buck was called)… Matt said he’d put the x division title on his birthday cake… the future Nick Jackson didn’t seem as keen…

FRANKIE KAZARIAN (then x division champion) was backstage with jeremy Borash…  at this point I couldn’t concentrate as am too busy in shock and laughter at Kaz (who in 2020 in BALD) having look hair to beyond his shoulders… wow…

We saw a video with a woman frantically calling at a guy called Robbie… he called her ‘cooks’ and he spoke about ultimate x… He was getting a drink and said to the woman to relax… she said to whoever was serving ‘please tell me you didn’t put vodka in there?’…

We saw a hype video for the ultimate x match. Please google that as i can’t be arsed to explain…

Jeremy Buck vs Max Buck vs Kazarian (C) vs Robbie E with Cookie in an Ultimate X match for the X Division Championship 

Robbie E is now known in 2020 as Robert Stone in NXT. The two Bucks seemed to double team on Kaz early… he though jumped up to try and grab the belt but was pulled down… eventually Robbie E launched Kaz to the outside… Eventually (this drunk is very hard to keep up with I’m so sorry)…. well… I’ll just say my Peroni was good… One spot (following the theme from the earlier interview they did) but Max Buck (Nick Jackson) used the cables to try and scamper towards the hanging belt as Jeremy aided him… until Robbie E got a neckbraker before Kaz came in to get both Bucks down… this led to E and Kaz in the corner and eventually Kaz launched E over the ropes onto the steel steps. Max Buck then came in the ring a hit a dropkick onto Kaz who was on the outside, Max then looked up at the belt as Jeremy was also in the ring, As I was getting another beer, it appeared Max used Jeremy as a weapon and helped him do a springboard moonsault onto Robbie E and Kazarian on the outside to take them out. Max though quickly signalled to his brother to get back in the six-sided-ring to come and help him win… Kazarian though stopped him helping and then Max and Kaz fought in the ring. Max took him down with a dropkick, then as Jeremy had Kaz down Max scaled the wiring but Kaz got up to try and yank him down… the Bucks then teamed up to hit a slam and then sandwich dropkicks to Kaz as Max looked on smirking as Jeremy went to the outside to attack Robbie E. Jeremy urge Max to go after the belt as he took focus on Kaz, eventually both Bucks had a grip of the cables but Jeremy was inbetween Kaz and the title with Max on the other side, then Kazarian lept at Jeremy and then both fell down… Kazarian though was able to get up first and then thrown Max back and then catch him as he fell with kind of like an RKO/cutter… Robbie E came back in and snapped Kaz’s neck on the ropes, he then leapt onto the cables and Max Buck cut him off, eventually catching him and then Kaz would launch Max into the steel structure into the corner… Jeremy went at Kaz and Robbie E as Maz lay hurt… E eventually getting up to do a tower of doom spot with Kaz and Jeremy… Kaz hit out at Jeremy and E, hitting his Fade to Black Reverse Piledriver to E as Jeremy then went on the attack…, Jeremy then went up after the belt but Kaz kicked him down… they then did a spanish fly type spot off the top which looked great. E and Kaz were on opposing sides of the cables but the Bucks took them both down… Max was shocked when Jeremy tried to go after the belt and pulled him down, after verbals Max pulled him down… then Jeremy went up again and Max wasn’t happy… with the two racing to the belt and like spider monkey’s slapping eachother as they hung from the cables, as this was happening E got a ladder in the ring and Kazarian climbed the steel structure… Max kicked Jeremy down, E used the ladder to smash Max down and set it up to use it to climb higher towards the belt… meanwhile Kaz climbed up using the steel and used the cables to balance to walk to the middle to the belt, and after both scrambling to get it it was was Kaz who got the title belt first to retain. I’m not massive on this concept but it was fine.


We now saw Karen and Jeff Jarrett on honeymoon with the kids… Karen didn’t seem arsed and Jeff was very OTT as the kids soaked it up… why did I need to see this?

Christy interviewed Beer Money backstage. Bobby Roode and James Storm were TNA Tag Champions at this time and they flirted with Hemme. And put themselves over whilst saying how they respected every team they’d ever been in the ring with, then cut a promo on Shannon Moore about respect…

We then saw a video package on Beer Money… and also about how Shannon Moore and his tag partner in ‘Ink Inc’ wanted a tag title shot…

Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jessie Neal) vs Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode) (C) for the TNA Tag Team Championship 

Neal had a red mohawk, and sleeved tatoos, he looked absurd. He and Storm exchanged nearfalls early. Moore and Roode then came in, Moore looked just as ridiculous as Neal did, like an extra from a Marilyn Manson video. I didn’t really see what happened early on as I suddenly realised that it was in fact the more-common 4 sided ring as opposed to the old 6 sided one, and I thought I had written it was 6 before so i was trying to go back and find that in my blog, but couldn’t spot it. Oh well, look out for that… anyway, it sounded and from odd glances nothing too dramatic was happening in the match that was on. Crowd in fact when the camera panned round i could see some just sat on their chair arms folded, which says it all… nothing anyone in the match did was bad, it was just basic-looking imo… roode at one point hit a spinebuster and got a nearfall (im so bored watching this tbh)… Moore got a nearfall after a bulldog headlock on Roode… roode got another nearfall with a big urinage… Ink inc got a close nearfall after hitting a double team possible finish on Roode, Moore then got some form of big chain and Neal told him to put him away, but as they argued Storm got back up and they would hit their double team finish on Moore for the win to retain. This was fine, but I was really bored. Beer Money shook hands with Neal after the match but Shannon had a swig of beer and punched Storm. Neal wasn’t happy with his tag partner.


Hemme AGAIN was backstage with Matt Hardy and Ric Flair! Flair put over Hardy as Matt faces AJ Styles next!!! Matt cut a promo on Styles.

Matt Hardy with Ric Flair vs AJ Styles 

It appears Flair had recently turned on AJ… duelling chants from the crowd early on as they exchanged moves early, probably the fastest paced match so far… Flair pulled on AJ’s leg to distract him which allowed Hardy to get a clothesline for a nearfall, he then took control. AJ hit a moonsault off the apron to Hardy on the outside which looked really crisp. Hardy later rammed AJ’s head on the apron and also long-darted him into the ring post. In a really fun spot Hardy launched AJ towards the crowd barricade, but AJ slid underneath it and then jumped off it to hit Matt with a Phenomenal Forearm on the outside. He got him back in the ring and hit Hardy with chops, but Hardy soon tried a suplex that AJ fought but Matt then just launched Styles into the middle turnbuckle. Matt threw AJ to the outside and distracted the ref which allowed Flair to get some chops in on Styles… Hardy got a nearfall after hitting almost like a slingshot with the ring ropes… he then got a double underhook on Styles which looked a really interesting submission exchange… AJ eventually getting his leg to the ropes to break it… AJ was able to ram hardy into the corner as he tried for it again but Matt got a nearfall just after with a neckbreaker… again Hardy used the ropes to try and choke AJ but with the ref telling off Hardy RIC FLAIR GRABBED AJ BY THE BALLS AND SQUEEZED!!!! Hardy got another nearfall after as Hardy took control, Hardy had a cravat on AJ in the middle to hold of his neck, AJ got a comeback with a load of chops, then a rope running exchange that saw both get clotheslines but AJ hit a ensiguiri to Matt that sent both men down… they exchanged strikes before AJ took Matt down with a few strikes and got a nearfall off a back breaker. He got another after a big reverse suplex… AJ went up top but Hardy moved in time and got a nearfall himself off a side effect, Hardy went up top and hit his standing elbow off the top, he signalled for the finish, but AJ reversed and got a backslide nearfall then hit a big discuss clothesline. AJ signalled for his finish but Hardy reversed it and slammed him down, another nearfall… AJ hit a standing moonsault to Hardy off the top to take him down and get a pin… but Flair got on the apron to distract the ref enough that Hardy had time to kick out. AJ looked at Flair, Flair got on the apron and I think poked AJ in the eye, as the refs back was turned Matt Hardy tried to take advantage but AJ hit Flair with a Pele Kick somewhat accidentally to send Flair flying… Hardy soon hit a big ddt, and then up top and hit a moonsault for a 2 count. Hardy again went for the twist of HATE (as he’s a heel now…), and Hardy was down as AJ went up top and hit a corkscrew moonsault… then as the ref counted the three Flair tried to get the refs attention but the ref just carried on counting and counted the three. Not sure what was meant to happen there but oh well. Styles wins a decent match by far the highlight of the show. Styles got his own back and low blowed Flair after the match… great babyface move…


AGAIN we went to Karen and Jeff, Karen wasn’t happy… Karen wasn’t happy it was more a family holiday and less a honeymoon. Karen told him that he knew what she was missing, Jeff said he did and said it was KURT he was missing… Karen was disgusted, Jeff said Thursday he was calling for a truce, Karen said she wanted the kids back and then back to the hotel, the kids then appeared and suddenly a load of water fell on them all and Karen was fuming she got soaked… WHY THE FUCK WAS THIS ON PPV?!

Christy Hemme for the one billionth time tonight was backstage interviewing Mr Anderson (Kennedy) as he cut a promo about his world title number one contender match with RVD up next. Anderson (wearing a t shirt with “a**hole” on it) ended his promo by saying ‘nice guys finish last, bad guys finish last, douchebags finish last but assholes always, always finish first” … WHAT?! Anyone care to explain that one to me please???

We had a hype video for the next match. It appears RVD was champion but never lost his belt… Anderson won the title before but lost it to Jeff Hardy last month… Both men appeared to have been spoken to before the show started in the arena… kind of last minute dot.com isnt it?

Mr Anderson vs Rob Van Dam in a Number One Contender’s match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Anderson did his mic/spotlight gimmick at the top of the ramp. The crowd chanted asshole at him as a positive thing it appears… Anderson did the full announcing himself thing… exchange of strikes early, RVD got a body scissors nearfall which looked really cool, really quick pace so far, they did a lot of rope running. and RVD tried a leapfrog but either RVD didn’t jump high enough or Anderson didn’t run underneath quick enough but RVD just kind of fell on top of Anderson so they fucked that move up… Anderson stomped and strikes at RVD in the corner, Anderson had rvd in two more corners and did the same but when he tried the fourth RVD threw Anderson into the corner and kicked him in the face, then a shoulder charge and a snapmere before a springboard kick took Anderson down and now RVD was in control. RVD hit Rolling thunder, Anderson went outside but RVD hit a baseball slide and then flew over the ropes onto him with a crossbody. RVD launched him into the guardrail and as he was draped across is RVD tried a spinkick off the apron but Anderson moved in time and RVD went flying into the railings. Anderson got rvd back in the ring and then smashed his leg against the ring post, and the other, and again,… he then went at the legs some more… then got a single leg boston crab, but rvd got the ropes to break the hold, Anderson targeted RVD’s leg some more after, rvd fought back with clotheslines… then some stuff happened (im really tired and just want this match and show to end)… anderson got a nearfall after a spinning neckbreaker… the crowd seemed more bothered chanting “we are assholes” then “rvd”… they both went down after the worst double clothesline attempt you’ll see… they exchanged punches, then rvd sent anderson into the corner but was sent into the ring post himself then… as RVD turned around he legitimately turned right into Anderson and both men went down holding their heads… so that’s your second botch of the match if you’re keeping score… rvd then sent both men over the ropes with a crossbody. rvd beat on anderson out the ring then anderson hit the mic check on the entrance ramp. The ref had reached a count of six at this point as both men lay on the entrance ramp wiped out… but neither man got in the ring in time and the ref counted to 10! SO IN A NUMBER ONE CONTENDER’S MATCH ON A PPV YOU HAD A DOUBLE COUNTOUT FINISH! FUCK RIGHT OFF! Crowd hated it too. Piss poor finish to a match that had two very visual botches and was alright only aside from that. ANDERSON MISSED A FUCKED UP AND HEADLOCK TAKEOVER THAT IVE ONLY JUST REMEMBERED ABOUT, SO THAT’S THREE BOTCHES IS IT IN ONE PPV CONTENDERS MATCH?! FUCK OFF!


in what made me laugh, half the crowd chanted “RESTART THE MATCH” the other half after chanted “NO” which was really funny…

here we go… wish me luck with what I’m about to write about next. I’m just going to write about what i see and you can google the rest

We had a pre taped promo from Jeff Hardy on Sting… Jeff talked about how he idolised Sting when he was younger, and said tonight the anti-christ was prepared and tonight he would do what he did best and that was beat his ass and bring him and everyone else back to reality…

We had a hype video on Sting… it was decent to be fair looking back at Sting and painting him as an icon of TNA and then how Hogan and co came in and tried to takeover with Sting being somewhat of a returning saviour…

Jeff Hardy vs Sting (C) for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship 

Jeff’s music played for ages before he came out… he then came slowly out from the smoke… he tried to wrestle a flag from the crowd but quickly gave up…. when in the ring instead of running onto the top ropes to pose he slowly climbed… Sting as champion (with that god ugly jeff hardy custom belt) got a big pop coming out… as Sting was in the ring during his entrance I caught a climpse of the ref putting up the ‘X’ sign with his arms (this fyi is the universal sign from a ref that something is legit wrong with someone and it’s not kayfabe)… Hardy was outside the ring at this point as I saw the ref talk to So Cal Val (kind of the ringside assistant woman)… Jeff gave the double birds to the crowd as he was introduced during the pre match introductions… and looked in the camera looking… well… Sting had somewhat of a stern look on his face, almost as if he knew something was wrong… As soon as Borash had finished his pre match intro of Sting, Eric Bischoff’s music played and out he came. As he came into the ring he said ‘slight change of plan here ladies and gentleman, slight change of plans… see we had a little situation on March 3rd where the network got involved in our business [Eric then went close to Jeff and said something to him I couldn’t quite hear watching], he continued saying ‘and because Mr Hardy was taken advantage of in such a blatant way I want you to know [looking at Sting] I want this to be fair [Eric then went close to Sting and said something as he gestured to him to shake his hand]… really i want you to shake my hand, I want you to know I’m going to be fair, {sting said something back], alright, you dont want it, have it your way, In order to make this a level playing field here’s what we’re gonna do, Had a chance to talk to mr hogan, we decided to level the playing field, and since Mr hardy was unable to prepare for you on march 3rd we got together with mr hardy let him know we were gonna change this match, add a little stipulation, we’re gonna make it a no disqualification match, mr hardy’s been able to prepare for, that’s the way it is…’ then sting hit eric to the ground. Eric rolled out the ring and the ref rang the bell… Jeff went to throw his shirt into the crowd and decided not to, looked back at sting then gestured as if he would throw it into the other side of the crowd, but didn’t… then the other but didn’t, he did this a couple more times as a furious looking Sting just watched him… After Sting got Jeff in the corner Jeff wanted nothing to do with it and put his head outside the ropes so the ref would make Sting back off… Hardy then again went to throw his shirt into the crowd but just dropped it right infront of him… they eventually locked up, Sting kicked Jeff in the chest then striked his back, then hit Jeff into the corner, then Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop, and hooked Jeff’s legs as the ref counted… despite it looking like Jeff was legitimately scrambling to try and get out of the pin Sting held him down for the 1, 2 3, in less than 90 SECONDS! Jeff looked shocked, Sting looked at Jeff just dissapointed. He then held up the belt and left the ring as Jeff was still shocked. Crowd didn’t know what to make of it as the ref held up the belt that Sting held on the entrance ramp… Sting looked in sort of shock himself at what had just happened… Sting said ‘I agree’ to the crowd (you can google what they said to get that reply)… I feel so sorry for Sting and I apologise to him for what I’m about to do…

-***** (Yes for the first time in my life I’m giving a match the famous -***** rating. Having given so much UTTER SHIT on this show I had to demonstrate how much worse, for every single reason this match was worse than all the shite I’ve seen before, this was… christ I don’t even have the right words). 

They did a recap video of the highlights of the show. ‘highlights’ … LOL…

IMAGINE paying money to watch THAT shower of shit show! My oh my… This was a horrific show. Absolutely terrible, beyond belief.



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