SmackDown 2007: Episode 2 (12th January) – Who beat the clock… clock?

So here I am again, in what has been the most underwhelming, unique “WrestleMania week” in history, I’m just going to continue to do my retro smackdown reviews and also I’ve an NXT TakeOver matches blog I’m working on, but I’m not going to blog WrestleMania. I just can’t try and review these empty arena shows, and definitely not an empty arena WRESTLE-FUCKING-MANIA… so please make do with these reviews… I promise you SmackDown DOES get good later in the year of 2007… I’m almost certain of it… PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE EDGE HURRY THE FUCK UP!!!

Last week’s Beat the Clock sprint was recapped before the iconic ‘Rise Up’ SmackDown opening package.

So just to remind you, Mr Kennedy currently has the leading time of 5.07. And so he is currently on his way to the Royal Rumble to challenge for the World Heavyweight title.

Finlay vs Matt Hardy ended when the time expired in the Beat the Clock challenge 

Mr Kennedy in the locker room gives and interview to Michael Cole on commentary. Yeah… he doesn’t think that Finlay, Matt Hardy, MVP or The Undertaker are beating the clock. Finlay started aggressively, trying multiple pin attempts. Hardy came back with a roll up and some strikes of his own. He then hit a running bulldog for a nearfall, he tried more pins as Mr Kennedy watched on from backstage, Finlay got in some more nearfalls, Hardy came back with strikes, and then Finlay hit almost a running headbutt that led to both man being hurt on the ring floor. Matt Hardy tried a backslide and then two side effects of which both got him a nearfall. He tried for a third but Finlay manoeuvred his way out of it. Then after this the ‘Little Bastard’ as he was then known, came on the apron which distracted the referee which allowed Finlay to use the Shillelagh on Hardy. This still only got him a nearfall. After this the rest of the match was Finlay getting a figure four on Hardy but Hardy refused to tap as the time expired, meaning Kennedy was still in control. After this Joey Mercury with his facemask protecting his injured nose, attacked Matt Hardy. He got a steel chair to do further damage and was only stopped by a load of officials and referees that came out and stopped him.

For those of you who don’t know why Mr Mercury is upset here, I suggest you look up what took place at the Armageddon 2006 PPV… or don’t if you’re squemish…

Mercury was interviewed backstage after. He says he wont stop until Hardy’s face looks as bad as his.

Tatanka defeated Jimmy Wang Yang 

They recapped these two in last weeks Beat the Clock, with Tatanka attacking Wang Yang after the clock expires. Jimmy charges at and hit a takedown on Tatanka, followed by a series of strikes and dropkicks as Tatanka would fall to the outside. We had more kicks in corner, before Jimmy then hit an Irish whip to send Tatanka into the corner, Tatanka played possum and then launched Jimmy into the turnbuckle. Tatanka then took over with some ground and pound, a powerslam which led to a nearfall. They went back and forth as the crowd were about as dead watching this as I was to be honest, one funny line on commentary was when JBL said of Wang Yang “he thinks he’s the Asian Stone Cold Steve Austin”… I cba AHAHAHA. I’m really not into tatanka vs Jimmy wang yang neither was anyone else watching so I’ll just skip to the end and tell you after a fine match for what it was (both guys had fun looking offence but they were both very very midcard) Tatanka won with a Slam after catching jimmy off the top, a Boss man slam apparently. I’m sure Tatanka leaves wwe soon ish…. don’t recall him featuring much as 2007 rolls on anyway….

The WWE tag titles will be on the line tonight. Kendrick & London defending against William Regal and Dave Taylor. If there’s ever been a clash of in-ring styles, this match sounds it.

A promo for the next Monday’s Raw talked up a handicap match between Shawn Michaels and the Raw Tag Team Champions Rated RKO… how times change…

We had another Maryse vignette, just like last week she spoke French and looked… well you know…

The four way tag team title ladder match from Armageddon was recapped (seriously go out of your way to find that match). After we had the champs London and Kendrick with Regal and Taylor. The two Englishman were very happy that their tag title match that night was not a ladder match, but a standard wrestling match. They told the champs “good luck chaps”… I LOVE ME SOME WILLIAM REGAL!!!

The ‘WrestleMania recall’ this week was Triple H vs Chris Jericho for the undisputed title from Mania 18.

Mr Kennedy defeated Chris Benoit 

Mr Kennedy did his announcing gimmick before the match, he said he will be the man who will win the beat the clock sprint and go onto become the world heavyweight champion… so… the opponent came out… and I’m sorry but I can’t do it properly… I’ll just say the then United States Champion dominated Kennedy, and then Chavo Guerrero came to ringside and eventually joined commentary. For the finish of a decent match, Chavo caused the distraction and then Kennedy won with the roll up holding the tights. A brawl took place after and Chavo ran off into the crowd.

We had a Batista video package which was part two that followed the great video they played last week. This one recapped the story so far (Batista taken out by Mark Henry, and being forced to vacate the world title as a result of his injuries). Six months later Batista would come back and get revenge on Henry, destroying him and looking like an absolute monster in the process. Batista said it was the thrill of his life when he walks through curtain. He talks about a life long dream of being the world heavyweight champion, and that it was the saddest day of life giving up the title. We then went to Summerslam of 2006 and his match against the then champion King Booker, where Batista was screwed via DQ. In a backstage segment King Booker said the result will always be the same over and over. Their next match was shown from Survivor Series where King Booker tried to use the title belt to attack Batista, but he then ducked and used the belt himself to hit Booker and then pin him. The babyface comeback story was complete and Batista was champion again. This was a good video, not as good as last week’s but was really great at presenting Batista as the top dog and a huge babyface.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (C) with Ashley defeated William Regal & Dave Taylor to retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

A complete clash of styles here, to say the least! A lot went on in this match but the basic story was the highflying, fast-paced babyface champions getting beat up and taking the heat from the classic grapplers, rasslin heel challengers. The finish came when Kendrick got a quick backslide on Regal for flash win. The good guys retain. Crowd seem happy enough. Regal and Taylor dominated the match but the babyface underdogs somehow got the win. Wrestling 101.

We got a recap of the inferno match between Kane and MVP from Armageddon. Yes that really happened.

Another Maryse vignette.

MVP vs Vito ended when the clock expired in a Beat the Clock challenge match

MVP vs VITO (yep…)… MVP was still selling his injuries from the inferno match… Vito was wearing a dress… what… MVP goes on the attack early whilst still selling his injuries, Vito targets the burnt back and gained the advantage. JBL said on commentary that if Vito is in a world championship match he quits the business. I didn’t think he was out of order tbh… Vito got in charge at that point with multiple nearfalls. Commentary kept playing on MVP competing whilst being injured, as Mr Kennedy was backstage and looked very worried. Someone in the crowd chanted BORING… MVP tried to get offence but each time he was in too much pain to do so. This match is very boring I’m not gonna lie. A bit kick by MVP in corner (halluva) got him a nearfall. With 43 seconds on the clock left MVP hit a Gut wrench and got a nearfall. There were Multiple pin attempts by MVP as the clock ticks down closer to 0. Vito hit a jackknife cover for a 2 count as clock goes to zero. MVP took out his annoyance with an attack on Vito after the bell. This might be one of the last times we see Vito, don’t recall him being on tv much in 2007. Vito though did whip MVP into the steel steps, and he sold he was in agony with his burnt back after.

The Raw rebound this week was John Cena talking about his roll up win against Umaga the night before at the PPV. He proposed a rematch that night, but Jonathan Coachman said he’d given Umaga the night off, so instead said Cena could have a match against the newest signing to Raw… The Great Khali!!! Khali dominates Cena until Estrada who was at ringside had a chair that Cena then used to attack Khali. As this was happening Estrada motioned and suddenly Umaga came out through the crowd and laid out Cena.

Batista was interviewed backstage by Kristal. He got a big pop. Kristal said it looked most likely he’d be facing either Mr Kennedy or Undertaker. Batista said that Mr Kennedy has a big mouth but since he’s come to SmackDown he’s beat 6 former world champions so he won’t look past that. As far as facing the undertaker goes… (he took off his sunglasses)well that would be a first, and then he walked away…

The Undertaker vs The Miz ended when the time expired in a Beat the Clock challenge match

Undertaker had the big entrance, a proper undertaker entrance, and he got a big pop of course… This was rookie Miz by the way against, what for me anyway, was really PRIME undertaker in terms of character, physique and physical shape… 2007 undertaker was THE MAN!!! Miz sold how terrified he was so well from the moment he came out. Miz tried to dodge undertaker… for the first 30 seconds. Undertaker eventually got hold of Miz and hit a load of punches, he threw Miz all over the ring, and his a clothesline for a 2 count. Then there were more strikes by undertaker, then he hit Old school for another nearfall. They emphasised on commentary how Batista vs taker would be a first time ever match should it happen (hmmm…)… a big leg drop by taker got another nearfall with 3.00 left… Taker signalled for the chokeslam, before Kennedy runs down and distracts undertaker… Miz made the most of this and hit a few kicks and punches on taker… before he eventually got hit with a big boot by taker for a 2 count. Kennedy looks on from the aisle worried. Taker kept beating on Miz but keeps looking back at Kennedy. He hit the big leg drop, and some more strikes as Taker just battered The Miz. Taker hit snake eyes and the big boot before Kennedy got on the apron but taker takes hit down and hit a chokeslam to Miz. He got the pin but the ref had been taken down, and we only had 25 seconds left. Kennedy the throws Miz out of the ring to waste more time. Taker chases after Miz and got him back in ring. He hit the Tombstone, tried for the pin but the clock expired just as the ref hit his hand for the 2 count. KENNEDY is going to royal rumble!!! Taker looks on fuming. And Smackdown closed as Kennedy celebrated and Taker was pissed. I thought this finish was some good shit and was executed really well.

Well… that was SmackDown. Mr Kennedy is facing Batista for the world heavyweight title at the royal rumble. But they’re teasing Undertaker as a possible contender too… interesting…


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