WWE Clash of Champions 2019 – Review

Yes, indeed it took just five months for me to regress on my stance of no longer covering main roster WWE shows. But come on, you can’t say the standard of both Raw and SmackDown hasn’t improved significantly since then… and as for this show the line-up is pretty stacked with ALL the main roster championships being defended, as well as a No DQ match that’s part of the most convoluted and at times just bizarre storylines of the year between Roman Reigns and Erick Rowan. But would WWE be WWE without some form of wacky and confusing storyline??? Really??? ANYWAY… without wasting anymore time here is my review of Clash of Champions 2019, coming to you from the IRL “Queen’s City” in CHARLOTTE, North Carolina… WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

So for once it wasn’t announced, at least not by around 3 hours before the show got underway, what matches would be on the pre-show. I wasn’t able to see it but for the record the matches that were part of the much-loved (or not) kick-off show saw Drew Gulak retain the Cruserweight title over Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado. Also on the kick-off show (I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY HAD THIS ON THE FUCKING PRE-SHOW) AJ Styles retained the US Title over Cedric Alexander. I’ve heard they basically buried Cedric which is a shame to hear, but surely there’s something more to it as to why Alexander (who they’ve pushed) and AJ FUCKING STYLES wouldn’t be on the main card of the PPV…

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler defeated Universal Champion Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman (C) to win the Raw Tag Team Championship

Seth and Braun both got good pops coming out. For the pre-match introductions from the ring announcer they blacked out all the lights in the arena, only leaving the spotlights on the ring itself to offer that old-school ‘big fight feel’ which I liked. The babyface champions dominated early on and the crowd seemed into it, until a distraction by Roode allowed for Ziggler to hit an implant DDT to Rollins on the outside. The heels then isolated Rollins, with Dolph even getting a nearfall after a Famouser. Eventually Rollins got the hot tag to Strowman and he ran wild on Roode and Ziggler. He would go for the running powerslam on Dolph but he racked at Braun’s eyes to escape. Dolph blind tagged in Roode as Strowman collided with the ringpost, Ziggler hit the superkick and Roode went for the Glorious DDT but Brain powered out, Rollins tagged himself in, Seth set up for the Stomp only for Dolph to grab his leg and put him off course, then after a brief exchange Seth would run into a Spinebuster by Robert Roode for a 2 count. Roode did his Glorious pose but Braun came in from behind, although he was then sent to the outside over the ropes when he charged at Ziggler and Dolph yanked the ropes down. Amongst all the chaos Roode hit Rollins with the Glorious DDT and got the pin. Roode and Ziggler your new Raw Tag Team Champions. Decent match and a fun opener. People will moan that they had the Universal Champion pinned in the first match of the show, but if you wanted to do the switch you can’t really have the challenger pinned going into a world title match, whereas the champion now has something to prove and looks maybe vulnerable to add intrigue to the title match later.


Braun was interviewed as he was walking backstage. He pointed out he didn’t lose the tag titles SETH did, ‘just like he’s gonna lose the Universal Championship later tonight’. He said Seth was on a losing streak and he would keep it that way tonight when he would GET THESE HANDS.

They played an advert promoting NXT’s move to the USA Network. 😁

Kayla interviewed the Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch (who in CHARLOTTE, North Carolina got a mixed reaction). She opened saying she couldn’t disagree with Braun more and that Seth and her would still be champions at the end of the night. She then said Sasha was the one with something to prove and questioned if she had what it takes? She then listed her many, many accomplishments in 2019, and said in that time Sasha Banks had… dyed her hair (which I laughed aloud at). She said Sasha complains that she took Banks’ spot but she earns it, and that tonight the table was set and The Man comes around. Is it law now that everyone must end their interviews with their catchphrase? Nonetheless a decent promo from Lynch to set up what feels like a pretty big match.

We were reminded by Tom Phillips that we were in Flair Country. Which can only mean one thing was next…

Bayley (C) defeated Charlotte Flair to retain the SmackDown Women’s Championship

As you’d presume Charlotte got a huge babyface reaction coming out. Commentary really put over all her title wins so far and just how quickly she’d done so, compared to her father. Don’t be shocked if we see Charlotte have plenty of short title reigns in the next few years and then a big fuss made when she wins number 17. It’d be the most WWE thing ever. Bayley on the other hand was booed, which might be the first time she’s ever been booed by a crowd that was supposed to boo her. I kind of like that she’s doing the same entrance gimmick, and if anything she’s more over the top with it all now as a heel. Great stuff. They seem to be keeping up the spotlight thing during the ring introductions which is cool. Charlotte hit a big boot for a nearfall almost immediately after the bell rung to start the match. Flair dominated the early stages, and whilst I’ve always thought Charlotte was much better as a heel it is fun to see Bayley work as a bad guy for a change. Crowd were loving life as Charlotte dissected Bayley, until… Charlotte had Bayley in the corner so the ref backed her up. Flair spun past the ref to get back at Bayley but the champion got out of the way and this led to Bayley sending Charlotte colliding into the bottom turnbuckle… which didn’t have the protective pad on. Bayley then pinned Charlotte for the win. The match can’t have been longer than a couple of minutes. What looked to be a squash in favour of the Queen turned into just the latest person to lose in their hometown. I guess it does make sense to have Bayley really use a heel tactic to grab a shitty win and further cement her turn. But to say this plucked the life out of the crowd was an understatement. Bayley grabbed her belt and ran to the back immediately after her win. We were shown a replay that confirmed Bayley took off the turnbuckle pad that led to the finish.


They recapped the weird stuff from the whole Gable vs Shane/Kevin Owens stuff from SmackDown when McMahon fired Owens.

The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) defeated The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

It was confirmed that the king of the ring final was indeed set for RAW tomorrow and not this show as had been advertised as late as last week. The previously saddened crowd got back into it somewhat when Big E and Woods came out. Woods was wearing a knee brace to sell his attack from The Revival and Randy Orton previously. New Day were on top early, until The Revival sent both of them off the ring apron to the floor with Woods selling it like he was more hurt. This allowed Dash and Dawson to go to work on Big E. After the beatdown went on for a little while Big E hit an overhead Belly to Belly suplex, but there was nobody there for him to tag out to as Woods was still coming around. Eventually E hit another move and by this point Woods was there for the tag. Woods ran wild on Dawson in the ring and the legal man and also on Dash Wilder we he tried to interfere. Woods got a nearfall after a DDT but Wilder broke it up by targeting the injured knee, this led to Big E and Wilder going to the outside where both The Revival hit Big E with a Shatter Machine. Back in the ring they both looked to target Woods, but Xavier did his best to fightback until they again went for the injured knee. They then hit the Shatter Machine, but instead of going for the pin they wanted to target the knee of Woods even more. They tore away at Woods’ tights so the skin was exposed on the knee, as even Corey Graves on commentary questioned why they weren’t just going for the pin. Dawson locked in the Inverted Figure 4 on Woods and he eventually tapped out. The Revival make history becoming the first team to have ever won the NXT, Raw and now SmackDown tag titles. This match was not as good as you’d expect these two great teams to have, mainly because the story of it was the injured knee of Woods. But I guess if that’s the story they wanted to tell then so be it. The crowd could really do with a pick me up ASAP because for this PPV so far we are 3/3 for the heels. The Revival cut a heel promo after stood on the ring ramp (putting themselves over and saying Randy Orton would beat Kofi later as well).


Charly interviewed Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Suddenly a boom mic dropped into shot, it was being held by R truth alongside Carmella. This was their latest way of hiding in plain sight to keep Truth’s 24/7 title it seems. Bliss said it was fine, and thanked him for saying she had a beautiful voice, before saying she would show him and saying into the boom mic that R Truth was on the set, alerting all the jobbers… *COUGH, COUGH* excuse me “contenders” for his title to his whereabouts.

They played an advert for the Hell in a Cell PPV.

Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss (C) defeated Fire and Desire (Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville) to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Fire and Desire seem to have their own theme now (a combo of Sonya and Mandy’s singles music). We surely can’t have another heel victory in a row right? Cross got a decent pop coming out, and Bliss got a bigger one. Alexa was wearing Harley Quinn inspired gear (roll tide). Nikki mocked Mandy’s moves which was funny, what wasn’t was Renee calling Cross a ‘sexy beast’ which was cringey as hell. Bliss was executing some pretty effective offence on Rose, and then just when I thought me were going to get a solid chunk of wrestling we got the 24/7 title mob come running out chasing R Truth. As Truth was in the ring taunting those chasing him (the ref had stopped them getting in the ring in the middle of this WOMEN’S TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH), suddenly Alexa Bliss rolled up Truth from behind and got a nearfall as she looked to win the 24/7 title (I may sound slightly hypocritical if I said I got very excited at the idea of Bliss winning the title then). Truth and Carmella then ran away through the crowd with the rest chasing them. ANYWAY… Deville got the tag in from Rose and punished Alexa for going at her partner Mandy’s face. Deville threw Bliss into the turnbuckle as she tagged in Rose and the two isolated Alexa, with Nikki and the crowd trying to will her on. There were chants of ‘Let Nikki Play’ and ‘LEXI, LEXI’ from the crowd. Both Rose and Bliss dodged punches from one another then they both hit at the same time, before tagging out to Deville and Cross respectively. Cross took down Deville multiple times and would send Rose to the outside when she tried to interfere, before a back suplex to Deville and a roar that really got the crowd into it. Nikki then went to the top rope and hit a crossbody for a two count. Cross tagged to Alexa, only for Rose to take out Cross and Sonya Deville to pull Bliss down from the top rope to the floor below. Deville tagged to Rose and they hit a double team move (Deville went behind Bliss to ensure Alexa hit the mat much harder when Rose hit the running knee), Cross broke up the pin at 2. Bliss got the tag to Cross, then rolled over Rose and sent Deville flying off the apron. Rose missed the running knee from behind on Cross, then Nikki used the ring ropes for leverage and hit her twisting neckbreaker on Mandy for the win. Cross and Bliss retain, HALLELUJAH A BABYFACE WIN!!! OK match, probably what I was expecting. Not helped in terms of prestige by the 24/7 stuff, but they told an OK story and it was fine for what it was.


They recapped the results from the kick off show where Drew Gulak and AJ styles retained their titles. Styles and Gallows & Anderson beatdown Cedric Alexander afterwards.

Shinsuke Nakamura (C) with Sami Zayn defeated The Miz to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Why this is on the main card over Cedric vs AJ I’ll never know. Zayn, before he introduced Nakamura, said he was disgusted with the level of disrespect the crowd had showed him, and was also shocked with The Undertaker after his Chokeslam on SmackDown last week led to Zayn’s injury (Zayn was wearing a neck brace). They showed the footage of Taker and Zayn’s segment from MSG last week. Nakamura wears a red cape to the ring now… OK then… Zayn was coaching Nakamura and mockingly commentating on the match on the mic during the match. This was terrible and really took away from the in-ring stuff. I’m not sure if it was planned or not but Zayn’s mic stopped working at one point and so we went back to our normal service. Miz grabbed the mic from Zayn’s hand and threw it away. Nakamura kicked Zayn off the apron at one stage after Miz was too focused on Zayn. Shinsuke took charge after this, and would hit a series of hard strikes until Miz took out Shinsuke’s left leg. Miz hit the IT kicks in the corner and the running knees after, and got a nearfall with a double axe handle off the top. Miz eventually got in the Figure 4 leg lock (in Flair country he had to do it right, even though that’s how The Revival won earlier) and the crowd begged for Nakamura to tap but he got to the ropes to break the hold. With Miz distracted by Zayn again Nakamura hit a big running knee, but Miz kicked out! Nakamura set up for the Kinshasa but Miz countered into the Skull Crushing Finale, and with Miz over Shinsuke for the cover Sami Zayn diverted the ref’s attention so he was unable to count the pin. Miz in his anger went after Sami, but Nakamura hit a big kick to the face and then back in the ring hi the Kinshasa for the win. Nakamura retains. Again the crowd got excited and then fell dead silent at the finish. The match was alright but again it was similar booking to the majority of the show so far. It’s almost as if they’re trying to piss this crowd off.


After an advert for SmackDown’s move to Fox played, the Raw commentary team bought up the news that WWE had announced earlier in the day of a 2 show Draft on October 11th and 14th. This will see the rosters become brand exclusive once again, so no more of this people appearing all over the place on both shows. Praise the lord.

Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch (C) in a Raw Women’s Championship Match by Disqualification (Lynch retains)

If you haven’t seen it yet by the way, go and watch the Sasha Banks: Chronicle documentary on the WWE Network. It’s tremendous. When Banks came out she got pretty much a babyface reaction. So far by the way, including the pre-show, we have had 6/7 heel wins so let’s see if they take the title off of Lynch here. If you had asked me before show the chances Banks wins here I would’ve said maybe 50-50… but SURELY WWE wont have seven of the first eight matches be won all by the bad guys right? Although given people quite like Banks I don’t think the reaction would be terrible if she did beat Lynch, as popular as THE MAN is… let’s see… The match was pretty good early on and the crowd did duelling-chants which was interesting. They went back and forth in the beginning part, Banks taking charge after a hard knee and a meteora for a nearfall. After Becky briefly got back into it Banks would get Becky in a sub hold before gloating as she came jumping off the top rope, only for Lynch to dropkick Sasha in the chest in mid-air. They also mentioned Banks had been training in Japan during her absence which I found interesting. After a series of strikes Becky hit a suplex and then went for a running strike only for Banks to catch her and lock in the Banks Statement… Lynch though powered out and hit the Bexploder. The Man hit a leg drop off the middle rope for a 2 count, Lynch told Sasha it was ‘her time now’ as they fought on the top rope until Banks came off with the meteora off the 2nd rope and rolled through for the pinfall that got a 2 count. Sasha screamed in frustration after. Banks hit the running double knees in the corner before another running knee, then she rolled over the ring ropes looking for another Banks Statement, only for Becky Lynch to try the Dis-Arm-Her submission but Banks rolled her up for a nearfall, but Lynch had the wherewithal to get the hold in again and this time Banks shifted towards the ring ropes to break the hold. Becky followed up with a basement dropkick before a missile dropkick off the top gave her a nearfall. With Lynch and Sasha in the corner Banks turned the table and hit a backstabber, and then another before she had the Banks Statement locked in, Lynch tried and tried to get the break and eventually she rolled them both to the ropes. Sasha wasted no time and yanked Lynch’s arm on the ring rope, before then grabbing a steel chair and bringing it into the ring. As the official was busy looking to remove one chair Banks went under the ring for another, and hit that into the mid-section of Lynch (the ref had his back turned of course), which I thought was quite a clever heel move. Banks then hit the Shining Wizard for a close nearfall. The crowd are really hot at this point, maybe the most excited they’ve been all night. Banks went to the outside for the chair again but the ref took it off her, and as Banks and the ref were arguing Lynch picked up the chair and swung it, only for Sasha to move and she hit the ref! She then hit Banks with the chair, eventually forcing Sasha to retreat into the crowd. Becky ran after her and they brawled up the arena stairs, Sasha even grabbed a fan sign (I think that’s what it was) and hit Becky with it, the brawl went on and on until Lynch had the Dis-Arm-Her on using the railings, Sasha kept trying to get away as they went into the back part of the arena now and into the concourse. Becky eventually bought them both back into the arena area, and they made their way (still brawling) eventually back to the ringside area. Banks gained the advantage by driving Lynch into the barricade, whilst continuing to beat on her. The randomly Michael Cole told us all that BECKY HAD BEEN DISQUALIFIED for hitting the official and was still the champion… so… why could they not have got another ref out and had the ring announcer make it official??? As far as we knew up to this point the match was still ongoing?… Regardless Banks got a steel chair from under the ring, only for Lynch to kick her in the chest and then hit Banks across the back with the chair multiple times. Lynch taunted Banks more before ramming her head repeatedly into the set-up chair. Becky then used the chair to assist her with another Dis-Arm-Her, Banks was screaming and tapping frantically until the officials came out to break it all up. The crowd chanted to let them fight… not exactly babyface stuff from Lynch mind… they gave Becky her belt but demanded she walk way. The ring announcer Mike Rome did then make the announcement of the DQ, so at least they tied up that loose end. Lynch walked away and her up her belt, as the crowd cheered the announcement of Becky still being champion. As Banks was down beaten in the ring and the officials around her Michael Cole said on commentary ‘many will say Sasha got what she deserved here tonight’… which was… interesting… I thought this was excellent stuff. Shame about the finish but it was a good match, a great brawl and worthy of the personal feud the two had had in the lead up. I’d like to see a rematch.


They played another NXT to USA Network advert. This makes me happy.

Kofi Kingston (C) defeated Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship

Really good video package before the match, recapping the rivalry so far between these two. A slow start to the match (shock) changed when Kingston hit Orton in the face, this caused Randy to go to the outside so I think Kofi may have caught him with a shiner. Orton seemed to target Kofi’s shoulder after this with a variety of moves, and also hit a back suplex onto an announce table. The crowd tried to will Kofi on but Randy launched him into the steps, and Kofi went for his finish but Orton hit a backbreaker. Orton raked at Kingston’s eyes but then got an SOS for his troubles, Orton hit the classic powerslam for a nearfall. Later Orton set up for the RKO, but Kofi rolled him up for a nearfall. Not long after that Orton hit an RKO out of absolutely nowhere but Kofi got his foot to the rope!!! A lot of people in the crowd, and me watching on the network, thought for a second that might be the finish. Orton pointed at Kofi who was on the floor and backed away into the opposite corner, and the crowd gasped… commentary seemed in shock as it appeared after ALL THESE YEARS… RANDY ORTON WAS ABOUT TO BRING BACK THE FAMOUS PUNT KICK FROM ABOUT 10 YEARS AGO!!! Kofi though moved out the way, and hit the Trouble in Paradise for the CLEAN win!!! ‘Who’s STUPID now’ asked Tom Phillips? Kofi retains clean as a whistle! I had assumed this was ongoing into Hell in a Cell… but maybe not now after that, Kofi has beat Orton with no BS or anything… so wonder what’s next for Kingston and the WWE title. This was a fine match, maybe their best yet, and really picked up towards the end, but at times it was dreadfully boring.


The Street Profits watched on from backstage and were happy Kofi had won. They did their usual thing of being promo guys, this time for the KOTR final. They compared Chad Gable to the Lion King and Montez Ford confused one of the characters names with Rikishi. Angelo Dawkins corrected him, before saying he didn’t mind a good stinkface (which got a laugh from the crowd). Suddenly as they were doing their thing KING BOOKER walked into shot and did his thing (which everyone cheered for), Booker (or BUKAH as he said to Dawkins). Dawkins asked King Booker to knight him, Booker did his ‘tell me you didn’t just say that’ thing, Booker told them both to ‘get their mind right’. And after Ford told Dawkins to ‘think before you speak’ Booker came back and did his ‘now can you dig that SUCKAAAAAAAAAAA’ line.

Erick Rowan defeated Roman Reigns in a No Disqualification Match 

The video before the match recapped the ENTIRE Roman-attacked storyline, and I realised just how long, convoluted and at times downright bizarre this whole thing has been. Roman got a big babyface pop when he came out. Rowan’s theme song is terrible. Quickly they fought to the outside of the ring, and Rowan smashed Roman’s head into an announce table. Reigns later got a Kendo Stick but Rowan smashed him with the steel steps and into the crowd. Rowan hit Roman with a rubbish can, and cleared the announce table but Roman got to him before he could do more damage. The crowd chanted that they wanted Tables, but Rowan shook his head. This was both funny and a good heel move by Rowan. Rowan removed the protective part of the LED board and smashed Roman’s face into it. Eventually they made their way back into the ring with Rowan dominating Roman. Rowan bought in steel steps, and demanded Roman get up only to be caught allowing for Reigns to hit a Samoan Drop. This, on a guy of Rowan’s mammoth size, was a heck of a feat, but he only got a nearfall. Rowan missed a running charge and then Reigns hit him with the steps, following up with a Superman Punch but Rowan kicked out at 2! On the outside of the ring Roman went for another Superman Punch but Erick Rowan caught him and hit a massive Powerslam through the announce table (this looked awesome by the way). Somehow Roman kicked out at 2!!! They brawled then into the crowd area again, with Rowan eventually hitting the Claw slam though another table. Rowan then carried Roman towards the ramp but Roman fought his way out of a sticky situation, they hit one another with various cameras and production equipment along the way. Eventually, when they made their way to the top of the ramp and the ringside area, Reigns did his big ‘oooo, aaaaa’ war-cry at the top of the ramp , before running towards Rowan… only to be hit with a big kick… BY LUKE HARPER!!!! HE’S FUCKING BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Harper and Rowan brought Roman into the ring and beat the shit out of him. The crowd loved Harper the forgotten man returning. Rowan then did the iron Claw for the pin. LUKE HARPER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! The two former Bludgeon Brothers embraced after, WOW OH WOW!!! I had heard rumours on Sunday that this match might go on last, it didn’t, but I guess we know why it might have now given the big angle. A man seemingly banished from WWE after announcing publicly he had requested his release from the company in the spring, is now back on TV, returns at a PPV, taking down the top star in the company. Amazing stuff.


Charly interviewed Seth backstage. Rollins said he doesn’t give a damn about what Strowman said earlier. He said he had to focus on the future now, and he had all the respect in the world for Braun and would even consider him a friend, but it’s not his time and tonight was not his night.

They recapped the Raw tag title match from earlier in the show.

Seth Rollins (C) defeated Braun Strowman to retain the Universal Championship 

In what had become somewhat of a theme for the night so far it was this time Strowman who immediately ran at his opponent as the bell rang. Braun continued to take control with a series of shoulder blocks and tried the running powerslam but Rollins escaped. Rollins hit three superkicks and a frog splash, only to be caught when going for the Stomp, Braun ran into the ring post (for the 277846376437th time in his career), Rollins hit two Springboard knee strikes, only for Braun to catch him again and hit a few forearms across his chest. Strowman did his ‘run around the ring and send someone flying’ spot twice, he tried a 3rd time only for Seth to move and Braun went flying over an announce table. Seth hit a suicide dive, then superkicked Braun onto another announce table. Then later on came a moment were I nearly had a heart attack I was so scared… So Seth is on the top rope, Braun knocks it down, Strowman (who of course is a HUGE man) decides it’s wise to go to the top rope himself, and whatever he was going for as a move he very nearly fell backwards off the top rope and it was utterly terrifying for a split second. Anyway he very quickly regained his composure and hit a big splash onto Rollins, but only got a 2 count. He seemed to hurt his knee as he landed. Not long after Strowman kicked out of the stomp at ONE and Seth was astonished. He hit a second and Braun kicked out at two. He went for a 3rd, got it and Braun kicked out again. There even some boos as Rollins hit the 3rd one. They made the point on commentary that 3 was enough to slat the beast (Lesnar) but couldn’t slay the monster. Seth looked for another Stomp but Braun picked him up, looked for a running Powerslam but his knee gave out. Seth then hit a PEDIGREE (a move he hasn’t used for years) which caught the crowd off-guard and they audibly gasped, then he hit the stomp again and got the pin. Rollins retains in an absolute BANGER! Heck of a match that could’ve gone either way. WOW what a win for Rollins! This was almost like a Brock Lesnar match in that it wasn’t too long, but it was action-packed and pretty much big move after big move so it was really fun to watch and was probably the match that kept the crowd going the best. Seth nodded in respect as he left the ring. I heard mild boos as Seth stood with the belt at the top of the ramp to close the show.





It goes without saying that this bit was absolutely fantastic. The funny thing is of course Seth is the babyface, superhero, World Champion and yet from the second the noise came that is followed by the lights going out and we knew The Fiend was coming everyone in the crowd lost their mind, and it got one of the biggest ‘babyface’ reactions of the night. There’s not a chance The Fiend is getting booed at Hell in a Cell however dark and scary he is, people love cool shit, and this is cool as fuck! And now the show is over for real.

Overall this was an OK show. The amount of heel wins hurt the crowd a little but overall I thought it was alright. It sets up some interesting stuff going forward. And of course the headlines will go to the return of Luke Harper and the reality that we really are going to get THE FIEND challenge Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell. What a time to be alive.


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