Royal Rumble weekend 2019 Preview (Including NXT Takeover: Phoenix)

So a new year and a new style and format of previews ahead of big WWE shows for me. I love doing the reviews as I really get a buzz from reviewing a show that just took place, whereas I often find the previews somewhat of a chore. So my reviews and my previews may be in different formats throughout the year as I really want to make the most of my freedom and just do what I enjoy the most the way I want to do it. So any feedback on anything style wise or anything content related that you read in my blogs and likes/dislikes I’d appreciate any feedback. ANYWAY on with why you’re here. The 2019 Royal Rumble weekend is set up to be absolutely excellent. The NXT Takeover show is stacked as always and the Royal Rumble seems like it should be a good show (Shane McMahon aside), if not good certainly dramatic as the road to Wrestlemania begins. You would think coming out the show the main matches at Wrestlemania will be made more clear, so for that reason alone it’s a pretty big weekend for WWE. So let’s do this chronologically and begin with the traditional Saturday night show (my personal highlight of the weekend) and looked ahead to NXT Takeover: Phoenix and the 5 matches scheduled for that show:

NXT Takeover: Phoenix

NXT Tag Team Championship: ‘War Raiders’ (Rowe & Hanson) v ‘Undisputed Era’ (Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong) (C) with Bobby Fish

If you’re after a great professional wrestling tag team match this weekend then this is the match for you. War Raiders have been one of the best tag teams on the planet for a few years now combining their power with, when you take their size into account, some pretty incredible athleticism that make the vikings a formidable force. Not Much I need to say about the champions other than they are excellent asshole heels that are both exceptional in the ring. This should be a lot of fun. I can’t see Undisputed Era staying in NXT past Wrestlemania as their popularity continues to grow and grow to the point they’re probably the most over act in NXT right now, but I don’t think it’s time for them to drop the titles JUST YET… My prediction for their match at the pre-Mania show may be very different

Prediction: Undisputed Era retain… for now…

NXT Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair v Shayna Baszler (C) with Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke

I really don’t know how this will go as a match. They’re not two women I’d instantly put together given both run best as heels, both have styles which only really works if they look the strong in their matches, and both are usually put with someone that has more experience than them and more often than not guides them to a decent outing. And that’s not to say either of Shayna and Bianca aren’t very good on their own merit, but together one on one in a big Takeover singles match? I don’t know… One would presume this is just a sort of holding match until Shayna has her big programme leading to the Women’s match at the Takeover before Wrestlemania. It’s notable that Io Shirai in particular hasn’t been close to the title scene aside from her involvement in the shenanigans that took place during the Sane v Baszler 2/3 falls match at Takeover: War Games 2018. But who knows maybe they want Shayna on the main roster now to do something with Ronda? But I can’t see it. Bianca Belair is a future main roster women’s champion by the way, I’ve no doubt about it.

Prediction: Shayna Baszler retains

NXT North American Championship: Johnny Gargano v Ricochet (C)

Need I say anything more? JOHNNY GARGANO against RICOCHET?! This is going to be incredible. Could go either way result wise, but regardless I’ve no doubt whatsoever they’re storytelling will be great as will the match. Be interesting to see how this result impacts on the main event…

Prediction: Ricochet retains

Matt Riddle v Kassius Ohno

This is just going to be great isn’t it? Interesting that Velveteen Dream and Adam Cole amongst others are not on this card in favour of a 3rd clash between these two greats. And they really are great; Ohno albeit a jobber to the stars almost in recent times in NXT is one of the soundest in-ring workers on the roster. And Matt Riddle is a superstar with beyond belief levels of potential. It’s absolutely the right call to get this man on the Takeover card, he’s a star and with the more exposure his superstar status will only grow and grow. The first match was a squash intended to make Riddle a star in WWE, the second was a great match on NXT TV but was followed by Ohno attacking Riddle to get his heat back, so lord only knows what these two could put together with time and a Takeover stage. Riddle is the star,he’s very quickly in the rise.

Prediction: Matt Riddle wins

NXT Championship: Aleister Black v Tomasso Ciampa (C)

Need I say anything more? ALEISTER BLACK against TOMASSO CIAMPA?! This is ALSO going to be incredible. This one I really can NOT see going either way though. They’re keeping it going it just seems like destiny that one day, presumably in the main event of the Takeover show the night before Wresltemania; Johnny Gargano is going to defeat Tomasso Ciampa for the NXT Championship. Given how Gargano is being booked creatively at the moment it’s really unclear which way he’s going long term (face or heel) but they just wont get away from it. And that really makes me think that’ where we are heading. Nonetheless I think there’s an outside chance this is the end for Aleister Black in NXT. I don’t know what else you do with him unless it’s in the title picture at this stage, but they may wait until after Wrestlemania… if only there was a big main roster event and match where there’s lots of surprises that he could be a part of…

Prediction: Tomasso Ciampa retains

Royal Rumble 2019

So of course given the name, this is basically a one (or nowadays two) match show. Don’t expect many title changes elsewhere on the card, it pains me as much as it possibly could to say it, but it seems the most likely new champions are Shane McMahon and The Miz to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championship… good god… So just to go through the under-card for you:

  • Buddy Murphy defends the Cruserweight title against Akira Tozawa, Kalisto and Hideo Itami – He’ll likely retain
  • The Bar (say a prayer for them because within the same 12 month cycle they lost the tag titles of Raw to Braun Strowman and a fucking CHILD) defend the Smackdown Tag titles against The Miz and SHANE MCMAHON – Either Miz and Shane are winning or this is the start of their feud angle going in to a likely Mania match… good god…
  • Rusev defends the US title against Shinsuke Nakamura… imagine 12 months ago these two being in a singles match that IS NOT for the WWE title, and more baffling nobody care about it one bit… terribly sad…
  • Asuka defends the Smackdown Women’s title against Becky lynch and Ronda defends her championship against Sasha Banks. I presume both champions retain but all depends on booking and how they want to go with the women’s Rumble. Both matches will be absolutely fascinating to see unfold for sure.
  • AJ Styles challenges WWE Champion Daniel Bryan… Need I say more… And finally FINN BALOR challenges Brock for the Universal title… Need I say more!!!

And of course we will have the Men’s and Women’s 2019 Royal Rumble Match. Which as you all know will see 30 participants in each compete for the right to challenge for a world title at Wrestlemania. Now… after much deliberation I have decided to experiment and instead of writing a bog-standard preview of both rumbles matches I will instead fantasy book each match in FULL. Now I’d like to point out a few things: this is not what I think will happen nor what I want to happen but somewhere in between, the timings of eliminations and entrants etc. are based upon if everyone really did come out at exactly 90 second intervals (most of you I’m sure are aware the real time intervals are more 1-3 minutes depending on what they need to do in between creative and story-wise, go back and watch an old Rumble and see for yourself) so the numbers I’ve listed for how long people last and when certain things happen may not be completely realistic but sticking with the 90 second rule made my life very much easier. if anyone has any questions on how anyone has been ‘booked’ in my fantasy Rumble matches feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to justify. Also if you read and like this sort of thing I may do it in the future and fantasy book future WWE PPVs instead of your typical preview and prediction blogs you see 10000 times in the weeks before by various sources. So without further or due let me tell you all my ideas for the 2019 Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumbles Matches.

2019 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

(FYI Whenever I put ” * ” that star symbol means someone had a part to play in an elimination (didn’t get an elimination on their own) and did so with someone else.)

Winner: Seth Rollins

Ric Flair: Seth Rollins (32 minutes), EC3 (27 minutes, 45 seconds), Drew McIntyre (26 minutes)

Santino Marella: Jinder Mahal (30 seconds), Xavier Woods (30 seconds), Drake Maverick (35 seconds), Elias (40 seconds)

Kane: Drew McIntyre (8 +* eliminations)

Suprises: EC3, Kurt Angle, Drake Maverick, Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, Sami Zayn, Lars Sullivan

Entrances & Eliminations:


00.00 = 1. Mustafa Ali enters to a big pop

00.00 = 2. Apollo Crews – start with 2 talented mid-carders to begin the match hot

01.30 = 3. EC3 – at number THREE it has to be him. Big pop as he starts on fire taking both men down.

03.00 = 4. Big E – staredown with EC3 as he enters

04.30 = 5. Samoa Joe – big crowd reaction (‘Joe, Joe, Joe’ chants), typical Joe angry face as he takes everyone down straight away

05.40 = Apollo Crews eliminated by Samoa Joe – crowd boos, Joe poses

06.00 = 6. Jeff Hardy – sprints to ring and brawls with Joe immediately to a big pop

07.30 = 7. Baron Corbin – loud boos, he does his cocky smirk as he walks to the ring. Immediately he targets Mustafa Ali (the smallest man in the ring)

08.00 = Mustafa Ali eliminated by Baron Corbin – Crowd boos a lot as Corbin smiles (apologies Mustafa but you’re the sacrificial lamb to get the heat on Corbin, but don’t worry fans, I’ll make it up to you shortly…)

09.00 = 8. Kurt Angle – HUGE pop and ‘you suck’ chants. Immediately charges at Corbin

10.00 = Baron Corbin eliminated by Kurt Angle – 🙂

10.30 = 9. Drake Maverick – crowd are shocked. He comes out in AOP gear, he’s got his angry, tough face on, everyone in the ring stops in shock and bemusement…

11.05 = Drake Maverick eliminated by EC3 – (IRL these two are best friends and worked together in TNA in the past, so this is one purely for those ITK…) , EC3 looks on in disgust as he shakes his head at Maverick… normal service then resumes…

12.00 = 10. Kevin Owens – GIANT pop, biggest of the match so far by a long way. It is supposed to be Tye Dillinger as always at Number 10 but he was mysteriously attacked during the kick off show and 2 men were seen running away from the scene… or something like that that explains to everyone beforehand that it wont by Tye at number 10 but a surprise… it was Owens and Zayn as well who stopped Tye from entering at number 10 last year.

12.50 = Big E eliminated by Kevin Owens

13.30 = 11. Dolph Ziggler

15.00 = 3v3 KA/JH/DZ v SJ/KO/EC3 … then 12. Jinder Mahal – he tries his ‘shanti’ stuff on everyone to calm everything down…

15.30 = Jinder Mahal eliminated by EC3/Jeff Hardy/Dolph Ziggler/Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe

16.30 = … lights out then 13. Bray Wyatt – Bray appears in the ring, huge pop, runs wild on everyone.

18.00 = 14. Kofi Kingston

19.30 = 15. Sami Zayn – Absolutely MASSIVE pop as crowd sings along to theme song as Zayn soaks it all in and does his obnoxious heel stuff to lap up crowd … Sami approaches KO and hugs him to the delight of the crowd, they then target Kurt Angle… meanwhile Kofi Kingston nearly goes out, but Sami and Kevin help him stay in, KOfi is wary as they explain to him that he can’t go out yet as he hasn’t done his ‘thing’ this year yet, (Kofi every year does a crazy spot to avoid elimination) so a confused Kofi says ok, they shake hands, Sami walks back to beat up Angle and Kevin walks away, waits until Kofi’s back is turned, and then…

20.40 = Kofi Kingston eliminated by Kevin Owens (Kofi’s increasingly far fetched rumble spots come to an end this year, for the best particularly as Naomi has adopted the pattern in the women’s rumble from last year)

20.45 = Kurt Angle eliminated by Sami Zayn – Angle goes to jump Owens but is dumped out by Zayn instead

21.00 = 16. Seth Rollins – huge ‘burn it down’ from the crowd, Rollins runs wild on Owens and Zayn with help from Ziggler … meanwhile Jeff Hardy and Bray Wyatt staredown which sends the crowd in to loud ‘DELETE’ chants, as Jeff does the delete gesture and Bray does his usual arms out laughing pose…

22.15 – Bray Wyatt and Jeff Hardy eliminated by Samoa Joe – after EC3 squares off with Samoa Joe, this gets ‘TNA’ chants from the crowd

22.30 = 17. Andrade

24.00 = 18. Kalisto

25.30 = 19. Randy Orton – ofc a HUGE crowd reaction

26.15 = Samoa Joe eliminated by Randy Orton

26.25 = Andrade eliminated by Randy Orton … EC3 attacks Orton which gets a crowd pop

27.00 = 20. Drew McIntyre – big pop. Staredown with Orton until Kalisto attacks him from behind…

27.25 = Kalisto eliminated by Drew McIntyre – then Drew and EC3 look at one another and smirk before teaming up on Randy Orton (another TNA link)

28.30 = 21. Rusev

29.15 = EC3 charges at Orton but he dodges and EC3 is eliminated by Randy Orton then from behind…

29.20 = Randy Orton eliminated by Drew McIntyre – huge pop

29.45 = Drew turns around and storms towards Ziggler, hitting him with a massive Claymore as Ziggler went for him at the same time … Dolph Ziggler is eliminated by Drew McIntyre

30.00 = 22. Dean Ambrose. His music starts as everyone looks around waiting for him, but he comes through the crowd with a chair and attacks Rollins. He smashes Rusev with the chair for trying to interfere. …. Owens and Zayn try to double team Drew but he repels them… Dean puts Rollins through the announce table on the outside of the ring, standing over him before slowly making his way into the ring leaving Rollins laid out ringside…

31.30 = 23. Shinsuke Nakamura

33.00 = 24. Rey Mysterio – gets a big pop and runs wild on everyone, until Drew hits him with a headbutt…

34.00 = Rey Mysterio is eliminated by Drew McIntyre (sorry Rey but needs must) … Owens and Zayn try to cheerlead all the heels to stick together, eventually we see Owens and Zayn, Drew, Nakamura and Dean vs Rusev (huge ‘Rusev Day’ chants) as the camera makes a point of showing Rollins is still down ringside… until… Drew turns on Owens and Zayn and…

34.20 = Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn eliminated by Drew McIntyre

34.30 = 25. John Cena. – usual huge reaction and ‘John Cena SUUUUUUUCKS’ chants, he runs into the ring and immediately squares off with Drew until Nakamura attacks Cena form behind, but Cena fights-back, lifts him up for an AA to the outside over the top rope and…

35.10 = Shinsuke Nakamura eliminated by John Cena – staredown with Drew then they fight

36.00 = 26. Elias – immediately runs into a Claymore

36.40 = Elias eliminated by Drew McIntyre

37.30 = 27. Bobby Lashley – Lashley and Ambrose go to fight eachother but Rollins re enters the action to a big pop and attacks them both with a chair, Lashley is able to escape as Rollins focuses on Ambrose, throwing the chair away, taking him down and hitting him on the ground

38.10 = Rusev eliminated by Bobby Lashley – crowd are pissed. Lashley then joins in with Ambrose beating on Rollins, meanwhile Drew and Cena fight

39.00 = 28. Xavier Woods – Claymore…

39.30 = Xavier Woods eliminated by Drew McIntyre

40.30 = 29. Lars Sullivan – everyone in the ring stops and stares at the monster. 1 by 1 they charge at him, 1 by 1 he squats them down.

42.00 = 30. R Truth

43.00 = R Truth eliminated by Lars Sullivan

45.00 = Bobby Lashley eliminated by John Cena – (I was thinking of how I could get Lashley out without beginning a feud and to kind of protect him. So I went with Cena.)

46.30 = Dean Ambrose eliminated by Seth Rollins (big crowd pop, Seth gets his revenge on Dean)

Final 4 of: Seth Rollins, John Cena, Drew McIntyre and Lars Sullivan. I see this a good mix of old and new stars, heels and babyfaces, and of course they’re all big stars with semi (at least) realistic chances of winning.

48.00 = John Cena eliminated by Lars Sullivan – this is how Lars’ monster push begins. BIG crowd pop and Lars poses.

50.30 = Lars Sullivan eliminated by Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins – this is what I came up with to protect Lars.

Final 2 of: Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. Smaller good guy against bigger bad guy. Classic stuff.

53.00 = Really good exchanges, false finishes etc and the crowd is going wild desperate for Seth to win, although some cheer when Drew nearly wins (given how over he is)… until


Seth vs Lesnar at Mania. Has to happen. Should happen. WILL happen.

2019 Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Winner: Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

Sasha Banks: Ember Moon (41 minutes, 10 seconds), Bayley (33 minutes), Charlotte Flair (30 minutes, 45 seconds)

Vickie Guerrero: Zelina Vega (45 seconds), Mandy Rose (50 seconds)

Michelle McCool: Nia Jax (5 eliminations)

Suprises: Lita, Trish Stratus, Toni Storm, Kairi Sane, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch

Entrances & Eliminations:


00.00 = 1. Ember Moon

00.00 = 2. Naomi – 2 solid workers to start the match off hot. –

01.30 = 3. Nia Jax – BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! – Tries to throw Naomi out but Naomi does whatever her yearly spot to stay is going to be and the crowd cheer (as much for the spot than against Nia)

03.00 = 4. Sarah Logan – Logan tries to help Naomi and Ember eliminate Nia but Jax fights all 3 off

04.30 = 5. Nikki Cross – big pop. Runs wild on everyone in the ring.

05.10 = Sarah Logan eliminated by Nikki Cross … Nikki staredown with Ember Moon “nxt” chants

06.00 = 6. Billie Kay – she doesn’t enter the ring as she’s scared of Cross. Instead she wonders around the ring wary of the crazed Scotswoman in the ring…

07.30 = 7. Peyton Royce – Billie looks relieved. They discuss together how to get rid of Cross, then they enter from alternative sides as Cross looks (crazed) on, they slowly enter and are immediately jumped by everyone else in the match…

08.40 = Billie Kay eliminated by Ember Moon & Naomi

08.55 = Peyton Royce eliminated by Nia Jax – after this Cross v Jax and Naomi v Ember are mini matches

09.00 = 8. Sonya Deville

10.30 = 9. Alicia Fox

12.00 = 10. Bayley – she runs in and goes wild. gets a decent pop as she gets the crowd worked up

12.50 = Alicia Fox eliminated by Bayley ; B v SD, NJ v EM, N v NC

13.30 = 11. Lita – Big pop. Runs wild on everyone until she runs into Nia Jax…

14.50 = Lita eliminated by Nia Jax – lots of boos

15.00 = 12. Liv Morgan

16.30 = 13. Mickie James

18.00 = 14. Trish Stratus – v Mickie James

19.30 = 15. Toni Storm – POP!!!

19.55 = Naomi eliminated by Toni Storm – crowd pop out of surprise

20.30 = Liv Morgan eliminated by Toni Storm

21.00 = 16. Zelina Vega

21.45 = Zelina Vega eliminated by Toni Storm

21.50 = Nia Jax attacks Toni from behind and then… Toni Storm eliminated by Nia Jax … she chats shit to her as the crowd boo ferociously

22.30 = 17. Natalya – charges at Nia

23.40 = Trish Stratus eliminated by Nia Jax – boos

23.50 = Nikki Cross eliminated by Nia Jax – a lot more boos, Nia then puts everyone else left in the match down and stands and poses as the boos ring down more so

24.00 = 18. Kairi Sane – HUGE pop. goes face to face with Nia and does all her pirate poses and stuff, she gets some offence in but goes for a springboard clothesline and Nia flattens her and poses. More boos

25.30 = 19. Charlotte Flair – she storms towards Nia. Bayley tries to help but Nia throws her away, Charlotte hits a big boot with Nia laying against the ropes…

26.20 = Nia Jax eliminated by Charlotte Flair – she throws her over and is then hit from behind by Sonya Deville…

26.45 = Sonya Deville eliminated by Charlotte Flair

27.00 = 20. Lana

28.30 = 21. Lacey Evans – takes everyone in the ring down. and then a women’s right to Lana…

29.10 = Lana eliminated by Lacey Evans

29.40 = Natalya eliminated by Lacey Evans

30.00 = 22. Brie Bella

31.30 = 23. Ruby Riott

33.00 = 24. Tamina

33.35 = Kairi Sane eliminated by Tamina – BOOOOOOOOOOO … 4 v 4 heels v faces scrap

34.40 = 25. Nikki Bella – mixed reaction from crowd

35.20 = Tamina eliminated by Nikki Bella & Brie Bella – leads to Bellas vs Bayley and Charlotte – crowd get excited

35.40 = Mickie James eliminated by Lacey Evans

36.00 = 26. Dana Brooke

37.30 = 27. Sasha Banks – HUGE pop … the first “we want Becky” chants

38.30 = Ruby Riott eliminated by Sasha Banks

39.00 = 28. Mandy Rose

39.20 = Dana Brooke eliminated by Mandy Rose – Mandy poses… Naomi comes out to taunt her – Sonya Deville comes back out to attack Naomi as Mandy talks trash at Naomi as she’s getting beat up…

39.50 = Mandy Rose eliminated by Ember Moon (I thought this would keep Mandy a star by not having her wrestle much… sorry Mandy but now is about getting your gimmick over more than your wrestling)

40.30 = 29. Alexa Bliss – big pop but subsides as people realise we aint getting Becky, hence some light boos and they turn into loud ‘we want Becky’ chants

41.10 = Ember attacks Lacey Evans… until… Ember Moon eliminated by Alexa Bliss – pop

41.25 = Lacey and Alexa appear to become pals Lacey looks happy but when her back is turned… Lacey Evans is eliminated by Alexa Bliss – crowd love it … we end up with Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha v The Bellas and Alexa tries to buddy up with The Bellas…

41.45 = Alexa Bliss eliminated by Nikki Bella and Brie Bella … we are left with Nikki & Brie vs 3/4 horsewomen… very loud “Becky, Becky, Becky” chants as the staredown happens

42.00 = Carmella’s music plays but she doesn’t come out. We cut to the back where Mella has been laid out and has officials around her, Vince McMahon comes out and asks what’s happened? He looks towards someone off camera, and yells “you want this? go and get it, you’re the number 30, GO, GO GET OUT THERE GO!” … crowd are by now losing their fucking minds… there’s a brief pause and then the music hits 30. Becky Lynch – crowd lose their mind, one of the biggest pops for a long time; Becky chants, yes chants everything. … Becky comes marching to the ring, goes nose to nose with Charlotte and looks towards Bayley then Sasha, she walks towards the Bellas, nods at them both and appears to make friends with them, turns back to the WWE horsewomen, but quickly turns back towards Nikki Bella and whacks her in the face and knocks her down, Brie goes to attack Becky but Lynch takes her down too, then Charlotte and Bayley and Sasha all join in a 4 on 2 beatdown on the Bellas as the crowd continue to absolutely lose their shizzle!!!!!!

43.00 = Brie Bella eliminated by Bayley & Sasha Banks

43.10 = Nikki Bella eliminated by Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch

Final 4 of: Bayley, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

the 4 horsewomen stare off from opposite corners, the crowd chant “yes, yes, yes”; Bayley and Sasha shake hands, Bayley and Charlotte shake hands, Charlotte and Sasha… just… shake hands

Becky looks on disgusted and then thumps Bayley in the face and kicks away Charlotte

45.00 = Bayley eliminated by Becky Lynch … Sasha attacks her from behind but…

45.15 = Sasha Banks eliminated by Becky Lynch

Final 2 of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

Becky and Charlotte staredown, both talk trash to one another and point to the Wrestlemania sign and then they FIGHT

Eventually both brawl and go through the MIDDLE ropes to the outside, Charlotte gets ‘Ken’ (the kendo stick) but misses hitting Becky with it, Becky gets the stick instead and whacks Charlotte with it and hold sit up in the air as the crowd cheers. Becky rolls Charlotte back in to the ring…

then RONDA comes out via the crowd and then launches Becky into the steel steps (Ronda is wearing her ‘angry face’ today), she then puts Becky into the ring again (crowd is absolutely amazed by all of this)…

Ronda herself goes into the ring and is face to face with Charlotte (who is also wearing her angry face)… and then they FIGHT!!! Eventually Becky comes back and whacks Ronda on the back with the kendo stick and proceeds to destroy her with it until Ronda rolls out the ring…

Charlotte attacks Becky from behind but Becky grabs her and goes for a Bexploder over the ropes, but Charlotte grabs the ropes, she then pulls Becky over the ropes so that both women are stood on the ring apron to the outside… they brawl and kick eachother to the floor at the same time…

55.15 = Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair eliminate one another at the same time.

Both women go back in the ring as the bell rings. They show loads of replays as both women argue that they are the winner, they show the replays on the big screen, referees hold both women’s arms up in the air, the ring announcer says that both women have won the Royal Rumble Match. Charlotte and Becky stare eachother in the ring, they then look to the side of the ring where Ronda is still laying and she looks back at them as they look at her and then to the Wrestlemania sign again. There is a shot of Ronda stood ringside looking into the ring whilst Becky and Charlotte are face to face but look back at her, as the show goes off the air.


^ This is what I came up with to get us to the 3 way WrestleMania match. You could even do a Charlotte vs Becky match at the PPV for the right to face Rousey at Mania and have that end in a funny way somehow. But yes I see a 3 way as a far bigger match than a singles match involving any 2 of the women. Especially if it’s going to be the Wrestlemania main event.

SOOOOOOO…. That was that, It’s all a bit of fun but any feedback I’d appreciate, and hey if any of it actually happens I get to say I told you so. Regardless I think the whole weekend is going to be spectacular. I know I’m certainly looking forward to it!!!


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