29/5/2018 – What’s on my mind: Update…

HELLOOOOOOOOOOO EVERBODYYYYYYYYYY! So… you may or may not have noticed that there was no ‘What’s on my mind’ blog yesterday, indeed here it is today. This was for a few reasons; A. it was a bank holiday Monday and I just wanted to chill, and B. I’ve honestly not enjoyed writing my blogs as much as I did at first, I’ve found them becoming more and more of a chore each week, and in particular my reviews of Raw, Smackdown and NXT have become shorter and shorter each week. So from now on I’ll no longer be putting out my week in review blogs. Not the easiest of things to find time to write a blog of that length, as well as have a near-full time job, and to try and have a life as well… And anyway Y’all have Google (I’ll still be more than happy to answer any questions about any WWE show or give my thoughts on any WWE related story’s or wrestling in general).

In terms of what kind of schedule I have with my blog now, I’ll still do a what’s on my mind blog each week but not always on a Monday, and I’ll still do my ppv previews and reviews as well as the same for the NXT Takeover shows. Plus I’ll still do my monthly top 10 blogs, continuing with the one I will be releasing next week which is a real good one; TOP 10 WWE SUPERSTARS OF THE YEAR SO FAR! That blog has been real tough to decide on an order, so I’ve done my best to justify where everyone is on the list PLUS as a bonus I’ve listed also my top 10 moments and matches so far in 2018 in WWE, so look out for that blog out on Sunday (3rd June). So as I say I’m unsure what or when I’ll be releasing blogs going forward outside of the ppv/.takeover/top 10s, I’ll just do what I want, when I want with the blog, until I make money from it I’ll take it at my own pace, this is essentially just my hobby after all! So yeah, whatever I put out going forward I son’t know but keep your eyes peeled.

ANYWAY this past Sunday I attended a Ring of Honor/New Japan show in Doncaster. It was a really fun show, I seriously think every WWE fan should follow wrestling outside of the E too, it will really open your mind as a wrestling fan. I’ve followed wrestling not exclusive to WWE for the past 2 years or so properly, and I’m so much more in love with pro wrestling as a result. Maybe I’ll start to do some blogs about wrestling outside of WWE, but there are only so many hours in a day and the nature and magnitude of all things WWE means there’s always stuff to talk about from them, and also most wrestling fans I know are mainly WWE fans, and until enough people want or ask me to do more blogs on wrestling outside of WWE I’ll keep it to a WWE blog output… we shall see… MAYBE…

SO yes, I think I’m about all up to date really. We are on the road to both NXT Takeover; Chicago 2 and also the Money in the Bank ppv. MITB in particular I feel will be a pivotal show in terms of the landscape of the company going forward, both ladder matches are really tough to call, and if last years are anything to go by we can tell that the winner can be set up for a big push in the case of Carmella (who almost a year on from her controversial win is the current blue brand champion, and her character work has improved ten-fold, her in-ring work is gradually improving too), and last year’s men’s winner Baron Corbin would likely have held the WWE Title at some point last year had it not been for his attitude backstage… so if you win the MITB ladder match, you’re, unless you screw up, set for a big push… as for the rest of the card we have titanic matches including Ronda v Nia, Asuka v Carmella and AJ vs Nakamura which all could go either way, and all could be great or terrible in equal measure booking-wise. Takeover; Chicago 2 as Takerover’s always are I’m sure will be a fine show. Maybe not as blockbuster as some past NXT events, but NXT has a tradition of having a slightly underwhelming card, but then delivering an outstanding show. NXT Takeover; Chicago last year us the prime example of this, so expect another awesome show from the best brand in wrestling… NXT!

So I’ll be back again with another blog at some point, about what in the wrestling world and when I do not know, but i hope you’ll enjoy nonetheless…


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