Entrant Number 1

Now… before we go anywhere if you have zero interest in pro wrestling or cba to read this that’s absolutely fine. Don’t waste your time in reading on.

So… I’ve finally decided to put all my random thoughts and opinions about one of my true loves in to some form of format for hopefully other people to enjoy… maybe…

So yeah… Pro Wrestling. It’s just great isn’t it. If you’ve made the effort to go this far into the blog or (unfortunately for you) I’ve sent you a link to this then you’re aware of the ins and outs, and can tell me your Raws from your Smackdowns, your Brock Lesnars from your Aj Styles’ and your Rowdy Roddy Pipers to your Rowdy Ronda Rouseys* . But whatever here’s the introduction for you.

So I’m going to try and challenge myself with my first post. I’m going to let format and what not take care of itself as I get used to this app etc. (Im writing this entirely on my phone as I dont have a working laptop atm). But anyway Raw tonight, Smackdown tomorrow so with that I’ve decided my first blog post will be about something I see on one of those shows. Who or what I don’t know, it could be a pure review or a match or a segment, it could be 100 or 1000 words, it could be full or praise or criticism… it could simply be a love letter to Asuka, to Charlotte Flair or even to Braun Strowman…. a love letter to them as PERFORMERS or CHARACTERS…… obviously (sorry Braun)…

So let’s see what this week of main roster WWE brings us shall we? And one final thing; this is something I’ve wanted to do for sometime but tonight after seeing both Charlotte and Becky Lynch like a blog about those 2 I’ve decided to finally begin what I hope will be a fun and self-productive at least hobby. And maybe just maybe some other people might get a tiny bit of enjoyment out of it??? Maybe…???

Speak soon


*I’ve a feeling Ronda may feature once or twice in my blogs over the next few weeks… 👀

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